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About me... I found the SBNation pages around about the time that Tubby Smith left Kentucky. I landed at A Sea of Blue and have been delighted to find a home for reasoned discussion of all things Blue. I was born in 1978 and my dad did all he could to try and name me after "Goose" Givens... luckily mom won out on that one. Dad won one later on, my brother is named after Kyle Macy. I still have small scars on my knuckles from scraping them on the ceiling while celebrating Sean Woods' shot in the '92 Duke/Kentucky game... you know the "other" winning shot in that game.

I've tagged SBNation blogs for the Boston Celtics because of their penchant for signing lots of Kentucky players and the San Franciso 49ers page. I know, I know... living in Kentucky how did I end up a Niners fan? When I was in 5th grade, my class was all a-twitter about the (relatively local) Bengals getting ready to play the 49ers in the 1988 Super Bowl; mainly just to be contrary I decided to root for the other team and it just stuck. My all-time favorite NFL player is Steve Young. When the Niners were down, it was hard to follow them from all the way across the country, so I formed an attachment of sorts to the more local teams like Indy and Tennessee. With their recent resurgence and my discovery of NFL Sunday Ticket, I am once again able to follow the team from the middle of the Bluegrass State.

Personally; I am dealing with answering "mid 30's" when filling out profiles that ask for age, I'm originally from the Elizabethtown area and have returned to my old stomping grounds where I opened up my own chiropractic practice in 2006. I attended undergrad during the glory days of sports at Murray State University... the gridiron was coached by Houston Nutt (later of Arkansas and now Ole Miss fame) and the basketball by the much maligned Mark Gottfried. Nothing quite like watching a top 25 nationally ranked team (in the days before it was fashionable to make Drake a top 10 team) in a pit of an arena that only sat about 4,000 fans and I swear you could see clouds forming around the rafters by the end of a sweaty game. After undergrad, I attended chiropractic school in Davenport, IA.

I married the love of my life in 2009, in 2010 my son was born, in 2011 we built a house... on New Year's of 2012 I asked her what she had planned for that year and the answer was "Rest."

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Kentucky Wildcats
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
User Blog

Former Gillispie player suffers horrific leg injury against Washington.


Former Gillispie player suffers horrific leg injury against Washington.


If Bobby Knight challenges your behavior... you must be scraping the bottom of the barrell Coach Cal.

So I'm sure this will be a hot topic of conversation.  In a speech to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Bobby Knight questions why Calipari is still allowed to coach.   "We've gotten into...


Former Gillispie target Rotnei Clark sets SEC record for 3 pointers

Rotnei Clark hits on 13-17 threes as Arkansas wins 130-68 over Alcorn State.  The former Gillispie recruit and Willie Warren chum scored 51 points.  Pelphry has a gem in that one.  I remember...


Big Blue Madness televised where? (Please tell me not ESPNU...)

I'm almost positive that I heard on ESPN radio last night that BBM is being carried on ESPNU.  Please... please... please tell me this isn't true!  In years past, I have watched it live on WAVE 3...


Observations on the first half of South Carolina/NC State

The likelihood of beating South Carolina has been the topic of much discussion around this website for the last few days.  Quite simply put, beating South Carolina has the potential to mean the...

Gary Parrish Updates on Duke/Maggette Case


WildcatfaninDC (or some such) linked this article in one of the threads, but I thought it was worth its very own fanshot. Many of us here have referenced the case of Corey Maggette and Myron Piggie in light of the recent Memphis brew-ha-ha. I was unaware of any articles more recent than 2004 on the subject. Parrish updates us and compares the situation with Maggette's eligibility with that of Derrick Rose.


Woodson competing for Giants roster spot

The Elizabethtown News Enterprise had an interview with Andre Woodson in Sunday's paper (he's from just up the road in Radcliff).  I looked for a link online today... but no such luck. More after...


Tebowgate Resolved! Our long southeastern conference nightmare is over.

http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=4352863 Steve Spurrier has confessed that he was the one who did not include Tebow on his first team ballot for All-SEC and subsequently sent sports...


Repeat the ninth grade... but still gain early acceptance to Duke?

So much for the vaunted "higher admissions standards at Duke." Riddle me this... How can a young man that had to repeat the 9th grade gain acceptance after his junior year to one of the most...


Jordan Crawford dunks on LeBron... Nike confiscates the evidence

I heard about this story on The Herd with Colin Cowherd at lunch today.  According to this article:   During a scrimmage Crawford was matched up against LeBron James...and dunks on him. High...


Harrison Barnes does not have nice things to say about us...

The number one player in the country expresses some very real concerns about the state of the Kentucky program in this interview. How has the departure of John Calipari from Memphis to Kentucky...

Harrison Barnes talks after the Jayhawk Invitational where he played against KU commit Royce...


Harrison Barnes talks after the Jayhawk Invitational where he played against KU commit Royce Wooldridge.


ESPN Radio discusses Vegas odds for next year

I was listening to Eric Koselias this morning on ESPN radio and he was going over the Vegas odds for next season. He said that MSU, Kansas, and UCLA are all at 10-1 (which he said would be a good...


2009 is over. Who was the team of the decade?

Now that the 2009 tourney is over, I have a topic of discussion. Who is the team/program of the decade?  In the 90's, it was pretty much a toss-up between Duke and Kentucky.  Who is it for the...

Meeks 2nd Team AP All-America


I know we're all caught up in Calipari fever... but I thought Jodie deserved a nod. Well done young man, well done.


Debunking the South Carolina being "more talented" argument

I have seen over and over the argument that "South Carolina is a more talented team than Kentucky" and I'm tired of it. Rivals 2005 team ranking  Kentucky doesn't show up here (its the Jared...

Obama poster... Gillispie version


Obama poster... Gillispie version

SprtsNation Poll: Which slumping team is more likely to turn things around?


Options are Georgetown, Kentucky, Maryland, and Notre Dame.

Bogans traded to Bucks


Part of the fallout of Jameer Nelson's potentially season ending injury. The Magic need a point guard... Bogans was their bargaining chip.


Pat Summit goes for victory #1000 tonight. Does she belong on a list with coach Rupp? Settle a debate for me...

My girlfriend and I have a somewhat heated debate that has cropped up a few times in the last week and I would like some input. Recently, ESPN has been really hyping this 1000th victory and will...


Retiring Jerseys at Rupp

While sitting in the cathedral that is Rupp Arena on Wednesday night, I took some time to look up in the rafters.  It'd been a while (about 3 years) since the last time I was there, so I had...

The "Dancing Old Man" from the Auburn game. I recorded this with my camera. Yes, yes, I was...


The "Dancing Old Man" from the Auburn game. I recorded this with my camera. Yes, yes, I was almost close enough to reach out and shake his hand. Who wants to touch me?!!?


Thoughts from the Auburn game

Its after 1 AM... why I'm sitting here at the desk in my office instead of across town in my bed, I'll never know... but something drew me here to upload pics to my Facebook and share my experience...

Kennedy's Sex Life damaged by cabbie's accusations


"Taking applications for someone capable of dissuading Kimber Kennedy (13), wife of Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy, from filing her you-cannot-be-serious lawsuit in Cincinnati last week against the cab driver and valet who alleged that Andy Kennedy struck the cabbie and directed racial slurs at him last month. Andy Kennedy was arrested, and Kimber Kennedy's suit alleged that the trauma resulting from the arrest has led to a "lack of consortium." Or, in plain English, it's damaged the Kennedys' sex life. The Minutes' press secretary would gently try to convince Kimber, "THIS IS NOT HELPING." Call a sex therapist, hon. Do not give even more ammo to every student section in the SEC. (In fact, The Minutes has been apprised of a potential sign when Ole Miss visits rival Mississippi State later this month in Humphrey Coliseum, known as The Hump. "Hey Kennedy, glad you came to Hump. We heard it's been a while.") '' I can't stop giggling about this as I sit at my desk.


Root for the Cardinals??? Really?!!? I guess so...

As we all know, the Niners are currently tied with the Cowboys and Steelers at 5 Super Bowls a piece.  The Cowboys have obliged us quite nicely by suffering complete meltdowns in some seasons,...

NCAA rules 7th graders as "prospects"


The NCAA is doing this to make them ineligible for "Elite Camps" that many schools are creating. I'm not sure how this effects the camps that Coach Gillispie ahs been conducting. Hat tip to BigSkyCat who found the story as well.


Zero ranked SEC teams. A reason for concern?

The newest poll is out over at ESPN.com. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/rankings?pollId=2&seasonYear=2009&weekNumber=10&seasonType=2 It confirms what I was afraid of last week after UT lost to...


SEC Predictions

With the Vandy game around the corner, I got to thinking that now would be a good time for some of us rank and file posters here on ASOB to chime in with our thoughts on how the season will play...

USC's Rey Maualuga dances "with" megababe sideline reporter Erin Andrews after the Rose Bowl...


USC's Rey Maualuga dances "with" megababe sideline reporter Erin Andrews after the Rose Bowl victory. You gotta love the swagger of this guy to just saunter up there and have at it!

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