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About me... I found the SBNation pages around about the time that Tubby Smith left Kentucky. I landed at A Sea of Blue and have been delighted to find a home for reasoned discussion of all things Blue. I was born in 1978 and my dad did all he could to try and name me after "Goose" Givens... luckily mom won out on that one. Dad won one later on, my brother is named after Kyle Macy. I still have small scars on my knuckles from scraping them on the ceiling while celebrating Sean Woods' shot in the '92 Duke/Kentucky game... you know the "other" winning shot in that game.

I've tagged SBNation blogs for the Boston Celtics because of their penchant for signing lots of Kentucky players and the San Franciso 49ers page. I know, I know... living in Kentucky how did I end up a Niners fan? When I was in 5th grade, my class was all a-twitter about the (relatively local) Bengals getting ready to play the 49ers in the 1988 Super Bowl; mainly just to be contrary I decided to root for the other team and it just stuck. My all-time favorite NFL player is Steve Young. When the Niners were down, it was hard to follow them from all the way across the country, so I formed an attachment of sorts to the more local teams like Indy and Tennessee. With their recent resurgence and my discovery of NFL Sunday Ticket, I am once again able to follow the team from the middle of the Bluegrass State.

Personally; I am dealing with answering "mid 30's" when filling out profiles that ask for age, I'm originally from the Elizabethtown area and have returned to my old stomping grounds where I opened up my own chiropractic practice in 2006. I attended undergrad during the glory days of sports at Murray State University... the gridiron was coached by Houston Nutt (later of Arkansas and now Ole Miss fame) and the basketball by the much maligned Mark Gottfried. Nothing quite like watching a top 25 nationally ranked team (in the days before it was fashionable to make Drake a top 10 team) in a pit of an arena that only sat about 4,000 fans and I swear you could see clouds forming around the rafters by the end of a sweaty game. After undergrad, I attended chiropractic school in Davenport, IA.

I married the love of my life in 2009, in 2010 my son was born, in 2011 we built a house... on New Year's of 2012 I asked her what she had planned for that year and the answer was "Rest."

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Kentucky Wildcats
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
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Mouthpieces go a'flyin at the Liberty Bowl!


Mouthpieces go a'flyin at the Liberty Bowl!

ESPN Chat with Gillispie


Basically like a transcript of one of his call-in shows. But its always entertaining. I also would like to see him with a ESPN commercial, but he's probably not a big enough name for it. (Not recognizable to the average sports fan that is.)

Katz: Gillispie has full faith in Liggins


There's a lot of good stuff in this article. Gillispie has some interesting comments on scheduling, the Big East/SEC challenge, and where he sees the team. Worth a read.

Porter declares himself healthy enough to play


I'd prefer if he sat a game with his history of concussions... but he's certainly not the first 21 year old to think he's invincible.

More fuel for the fire: ESPN doesn't include UK's 2009 class in the top 25


While Scouts and Rivals both have Kentucky's incoming class ranked in the top ten, ESPN's ratings seem to have UK somewhere between 26-30. (They list the class of Orton, Hood, and Villarino as "On the Cusp.") I know there's a lot of disparity in recruiting evaluations, but this just seems egregious to me.


What was the final tally on Hansborough vs Duke comments from Dickie V?

I know there were a handful of people who were keeping tabs on how often Dickie V was mentioning Coach K, Tyler Hansborough's "passion," and Ashley Judd's kissing prowess.  (Thank God Donna Smith...

Dana O'Neil: The Gray Area of Recruiting


A few digs at Gillispie here... and the actual dollar amount paid to Daniel Orton's dad. (Hint: It makes the $1000 in the Emory Express envelope look cheap.)

Bilas, Forde, Gottlieb pick Patterson 2nd Team All-American


And in other news... Dick Vitale hasn't been paying attention to what's been going on in Arizona. He's the only one on the entire panel to put Chase Buddinger on his First Team... and only Mark Slabach even bothered to put him on the Second Team.

Gary Parrish: "Texas and Ohio State are better programs than Kentucky"


I don't think I need to waste my energy even typing a rebuttal to the sheer ridiculousness that is this drivel. Clearly, he's just trying to increase his hit count on his page by spewing a little vitriol in our direction. Its the same guy that acknowledged that Kentucky fans dominate the internet. Previous link: http://www.sportsline.com/collegebasketball/story/10906544

Fulmer Out After This Year


Apparently, it won't require a loss to UK to get Fulmer to leave. Unfortunately, this makes our game against Tennessee as Fulmer's last game as UT head coach. Crap. Just what we needed... sentimental BS to fire up the team.

Even the refs hate Spurrier's QBs


Even the refs hate Spurrier's QBs

Rich Brooks is Number 10 "Whiniest Coach"?


The SEC is disproportionately represented methinks.


Kentucky/UNC to cap off Hoops Marathon on ESPN

I gotta hand it to ESPN, they're definitely shoving college basketball down our throats pretty heavy to kick off the new season!  November 18 looks to be a busy day.  They're starting at Midnight...

620 Pound Track Meet in the UK/UofL game


620 Pound Track Meet in the UK/UofL game


Lone returning IU scholarship player out 10 weeks

IU player injures knee Honestly, the NCAA might as well have given this program the death penalty. Its probably one of the saddest conclusions to a relatively minor recruiting violation that I've...

UK comes in at #4 on ESPN's "Most Prestigious" list


Duke, UNC, KU, UK, Arizona for the top 5. About what I'd expect. I did find it interesting to have all the information regarding Final Fours, National Titles, All Americans, etc in one convenient comparision. (Duke with 25 All Americans since 1985? East Coast Media Bias ftw)

John Wall: Oregon, Oklahoma State, and Baylor?????


I saw this mentioned on another message board... last I'd heard it was KU, UK, and Memphis. 17 year olds... who knows????

ESPN counting down Top 50 College BBall since 84-85


Based on their scoring system, I would assume it will be Duke and UNC at the top with Kentucky and Kansas in there at 3 and 4.

Can you name all the BCS schools in 12 minutes?


I hit 67/73. I won't say which ones I missed, so I don't give any hints! But lets just say I hate the Big East!!! I also missed one from the ACC.

ESPN piece on Travis Ford at OSU


Nice little fluff piece over at espn.com about our favorite short white point guard.

Indiana hit with ANOTHER charge


The NCAA has decided to hit the school with a "Failure to Monitor" violation in addition to all the stuff we already know. Apparently, its not as bad as "Lack of Institutional Control" but it still carries its own recruiting restrictions and other penalties above and beyond what has already been discussed. Morale of the story: If you know someone's a cheater... don't hire them!

Tayshaun to "Go For Gold"


Thanks to NYCCat in the Euton thread for pointing this out for us. It looks like everyone's favorite bean-pole with a wingspan 6 inches longer than he is tall will be taking his special brand of team ball to China! Way to go Tayshaun! Bring home the Gold!

Tiger Woods has stress fracture in his knee...


I bet Gillispie's tough practices are to blame.

ESPN rates top 25 recruiting classes for next year


Cats make the grade. Louisville is surprisingly low based on what I've heard about their guys... Mr. 40yrcatfan will be disappointed, Minnesota is only number 25. (Still good for the Tubbster.)

Darrell Arthur's college eligibility for KU questioned


Are there any clean players out there at all any more?

Darth Vader Attacks Jedi Church


This has absolutely nothing to do with UK basketball... but it was so funny I had to share it.

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