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FanPost for a BHGP get-together for the 1/25 game at Northwestern; ticket deal info included!


Bartending recipes (Extremely off topic. Or possibly completely on topic )

As many of you know, I took a bartending class a little while ago. As part of it, we had to learn how to make over 50 drinks. Many of them are your standards that you don't need a recipe, but...

The Losses of Dan Gable


If anybody outside of Iowa will appreciate and understand this, it's you guys. I am still pissed that there won't be an Iowa - PSU dual this year.


Hamsterdam is sure Superman is a dick

In honor of the new Man of Steel movie coming out, I was reminded of an old time sink (one that I've linked before) showing covers and images of golden and silver age comics of Superman being a...

Kirk Ferentz Could Learn a Lot from Urban Meyer


From B/R. Point being, put your talent in a position to succeed, don't just try to shoehorn it into your system. I can't argue with him.

Marvel and Russell team up


From Dr. Saturday. Hopefully this means we can get some cool Captain America / Herky stuff.

OT: Junior Seau dead - CTE?


As the link says, he appears to have killed himself in the same manner of Dave Duerson. Unless there is a note, there's no way to know if he wanted his brain checked for signs of CTE, but I hope his family will allow it. I don't think it would surprise anybody to find that somebody who played as hard as he did to show signs of it. RIP

OT: Matt Bowen on NFL bounties


Protip, they happen. And probably will continue.

B1G division names to stick around


Because why wouldn't they. I really want to know who the 57% of surveyed people were so they can be punched in the face

McGloin punched by receiver


More drama at PSU. Holy hell, the hits just keep on coming over there.

Big East says screw it, tries to invite everybody else


The Big East, tired of being raided for their teams, apparently has a possible plan to join with the WMC and C-USA to form a 28-32 team league. This is just getting funny. And sad.

Adam Weber turning heads in Denver


Specifically, the Tebow-child, who is apparently now looking over his shoulder as Weber makes a charge for the 3rd string QB spot.

The onion pre-season top 10


Really, there's nothing more I can say

Expansion rumor (SEC)


First off, I don't believe this for a second. At all. Ever. That being said, Missouri to the SEC? HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH...*deeeeep breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH *hunches over laughing* Whew. Oh, I needed that sort of laugh today. You ever get the feeling that Missouri is that kid that everybody says they're going to invite, then gives them the wrong address for the party?


See Brad Banks, get your football fix and support a good cause.

There has been some talk of the AFL around here this year, since Brad Banks joined the Iowa Barnstormers.  As a season ticket holder for the Chicago Rush, anything that drums up interest I see as a...

Way OT: List of neologisms on The Simpsons


In the one of the many Tressel related threads, therealCatnuts posted a picture from the Simpsons about Homer's BBBQ, which led to me wandering around online looking at Simpsons quotes and videos. I also found this, the List of neologisms (a newly coined term, word or phrase) on The Simpsons. Yes, I had to look up what neologisms meant, but I see it's a perfectly cromulent word. Then I spent, not wasted mind you, a chunk of the afternoon going through the list.

Big Ten to pay players?


My god. They're talking about it, and Jim Delany and the NCAA seem to think it's a good idea. I'm stunned. In a good way, I think this is something that's long overdue. We're not talking huge sums, but something to cover normal expenses makes complete sense to me. In my mind, it also may have the unintended effect of eliminating some violations. I can't wait to hear more T/F/J MGoBlog

Our Armani clad overlords hate fun


And by fun, I mean chain restaurants and possibly seeing cleavage. The Tilted Kilt is a real threat to what Evanston stands for, per the mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, "We are proud of (our) diversity and are sensitive to anything that would stereotype or demean us". Do not stereotype us, she had her butler explain as she was entering her Bentley. Bosoms have no part in civilized society. Said resident Damien Flynn, "This is sexual entertainment masquerading as an eatery," "The conversations I have with my two sons about why I find this offensive are the same conversations I would have with them if a strip club opened in downtown. Actually, I would have much more respect if they were trying to open a strip club because that is at least honest and authentic." In related news, Damien Flynn's two sons hate him, and can't wait to move the fuck out of Evanston

OT: We hardly knew you, Flav


Flav's Fried Chicken is closed. I know, I know, I'm at a loss for words, too. Seems like there was a business dispute, if that's what you call not paying your employees, between Flav and his partner, so Flav took the steps he felt were necessary because "I have to do whatever possible for me to save my name. And the only way that I can save my name is to shut the business down because Nick Cimino is not running the business right." That's right. He has to save his name, so no fried chicken for you, Clinton

Oregon, Auburn both lost money on their trip to the MNCG


We saw this with UConn, as well as others. The bowl system may start to collapse under its own weight before a playoff gets here. At some point, the cost to the school for the lessor games is going to stop schools from accepting, or there are at least going to be radical changes to the number of hangers on that are allowed to go just to cover the cost of "guaranteed" tickets. (H/T to Tom Fornelli at the all seeing eye)

Lane Kiffin (while at TN) and more NCAA violations


Color me shocked. Wait, no, what's the opposite of shocked.

OTish: Metrodome collpses due to snow, Bank to host NFL game?


The dome collapsed due to heavy snow (The video is fucking amazing). Per Fox during the Lions/Green Bay game, the Vikings wanted to play their game against the Giants at TCF Bank, but the stadium wasn't ready for a game, since it's seen shut down for the season. Their game this week is being moved to Detroit. The Vikings next home game is next Monday night against the Bears, will they be forced to use the Bank?

Iowa's All Time Leading Receiver D. Johnson-Koulianos busted for possession


Stupid. I don't know any other way to put it. This season keeps getting worse and worse [ED NOTE: Full Details from the Iowa City paper: "According to Iowa City criminal complaints, police found marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs inside Derrell Johnson-Koulianos’ residence during a search Tuesday afternoon. Police said Johnson-Koulianos admitted to using the drugs and a urine test indicated a presence of drugs in his urine. Johnson-Koulianos also allegedly had electronic media showing him in possession of drugs." Translation: the DJK era is over in Iowa City, and his career ended in a flameball of fail in the same way that the 2010 Hawkeye season did.]

Not the Wannstache!


It's a sad day for fans of collapses and manly facial hair.


Thank You for Being our Guest at Ryan Field

I'm just getting over the pain of being at that game.  Well, I was just getting over the pain.

Herky as Captain America isn't the only one with a comic book. I was looking for a picture of the...


Herky as Captain America isn't the only one with a comic book. I was looking for a picture of the Big Ten coin (which only turned up 1 picture, a sadly unsuccessful search. Thanks a lot google), but I did come across this gem. I had no idea that Kinnick was still enough popular enough of a story to be the lead in a comic book. OT: Also, HFMR will be happy to know that the magic potato pictures show up on page 6 of the "big ten kinnick coin" search. Way to be immortalized!

TCU to the Big East?


I'll believe this when I see it, but it certainly wouldn't hurt the Big East's credibility.


The good stuff is coming

Templeton Rye, batch 4 is going to be released soon.  As we all know, there are many fans of the Good Stuff on this site, but for those of you who aren't on their mailing list, there is very...

Video Essay: Catching up with Cubs' ballhawks from Yahoo


If this was already linked, sorry, I missed it, but I just saw it on Yahoo.

Pac-10 to change name


Oh, look at me with my counting and accuracy. Bah!

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