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Blue Ribbon Preview


Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook preview, courtesy of ESPN

NCAA sanctions on USC


Not as toothless as I thought. It's no death penalty, but it is something.

Paul Burmeister doing Arena league play by play


That's right. And color from Kurt Warner. Let's be honest, they need all the support they can get. So watch! See each team score more than the basketball team last year.

As if angry Iowa knee hating god needed any help


We have a deity who openly attacks the knees of our players. So apparently we've just handed him another axe to use. H/T EDSBS

Big 10 Men's Basketball bracket


We have to play Michigan again? Are you kidding me? How many times do we have to do this?

Pete Carroll Seahawks new coach/president


I gotta say, I didn't expect this. Hey...any recruits want to join the defending Orange Bowl champions?

Ol Ball Coach is sorry, again


Steve Spurrier and South Carolina left embarrassed by what the coach described as a "sad, sad effort." Again.



Maybe the fans, but Georgia Tech's football team ranks at the bottom of BCS bowl team graduation rates.


Firmly in the armchair, and hating every minute of it

I keep thinking about the play calling at the end of the Iowa - OSU game.  I can't help it.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

All of the writers have now pulled out the pre-written articles that they had stashed away for our demise.  The luck has run out, they weren't really that good, we all knew it would happen. Ignore...

Big 12 Bowl Proposal (6 win and in)


Like you can find 5 teams in the Big 12 ranked in the Top 25.


OSU vs PSU, what is better for the conference?

The Big 10 is down this year, the pundits continue to tell us.  And while there's been plenty of debate over whether or not this is true, the fact remains 1-6 in bowl games last year, 3-5 in 2007. ...

That is bitchmade


Gentlemen, this is a challenge.

Well doesn't this sound familiar


Good to see that Rivals considers this a "crazy" finish, even though it's now happened twice so far this season, not that our case is mentioned. Excellent reporting as always by them. Point is, coaches are going to have to find some way to teach this point, but it's next to impossible for a player to know in the split second after a block.

New polling concept


Our friends over at BSD point this out, it's an interesting attempt to remove bias in the polls. Seems like a good idea, don't know how it'll work out though.

EDSBS joining SBN


Uh oh, there's a new kid in school. And he's cool and smart and funny. Well, maybe not cool. Let's shove him in a locker!

Why Ron Zook Can't Coach


The headline says it all. 1 issue, and I think the gents over at the Rivalry nail it.

OT: Iowa high school coach shot and killed


I know there are a lot of ex-Iowans around here, if you haven't already heard, Ed Thomas, coach of the Aplington-Parkersburg football team was shot and killed this morning during weight training workouts this morning. This is a guy who has been a tremendous positive force for a lot of kids, not to mention to town, in which there has already had too much tragedy recently. It makes me sick.

JoePa calling Bobby


Sure, there's no secretary, but this made me laugh. Your move OPS.

Indiana subtraction by subtraction


Hlog weighing in on Indiana releasing their best player. Wooo!

KF talking spring ball


I think the key thing to take away from this is...Tony Moeaki is hurt again. Still. Whatever. Seriously, how can be be hurt again?


Your best Cubs gift?

I had a very Cubs Christmas this year, getting a new hat, t-shirt and Santo jersy.  But the best part was the cornhole (or bags, whatever you want to call it) game that my dad made.  1/2" plywood...


All your dome are belong to us

(Because I would much rather remember football then basketball right now)

Fry Fest!


HFMR, your calling has arived.

I believe our honor has been besmirched


Not a decent blog? Them's fighting words! Have they forgotten J Leman? And Old Testament Hep? Or...umm...the wrestling...umm...coverage. And don't forget all the swearing and bad grammer! It's an outrage.


Northwestern at Wrigley

Seems the NU AD has had a brainstrom  He's seen hockey at Wrigley.  He's seen NIU vs Iowa at Solder Field, and now he wants into the action, proposing a game at Wrigley with Illinois.   

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