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Breaking rumor from David Falk's daughter: Maloofs are selling to Chris Hansen

Not a direct Portland concern, but Seattle is blowing up with this twitter post: http://twitter.com/TheHungryFan/status/288743131694911489 Says the Maloofs are selling to Chris Hansen. Could...


Seriously...Marvin Webster, RIP

In lieu of a distracting previous post, let me offer a fond memory of Marvin Webster, who passed away today. I was a 20 year old Seattle native when Marvin Webster came to the Sonics in 1977....

Ha Seung Jin remix. Just like real life, only better.

Ha Seung Jin remix. Just like real life, only better.

You have got to make 3/4 of your free throws

A fresh New York Times article considers the incredibly constant overall rate of free throw percentages, over a time period that essentially covers all of modern basketball. “It’s unbelievable,”...


Zach's Suspension: UPDATE (2 games)

Update:  it's two games.  Thanks, engineerscotty for the update. If this is a two game suspension...man, what does it take to get 3?   A small diversion before the trade deadline. Here is a...


Moneyball, NBA Edition

While you're waiting for the game, here's a must read article from today's New York Times magazine. If you're a fan of Michael Lewis (Moneyball, the Blind Side), here's the NBA version you have...


Yet Another Durant Post: The Bill Simmons Edition

I need your forgiveness, in advance.  I'm not to looking to start up another Do You Wish We had Durant discussion, well handled in a thread a few days ago, many others by this point. Instead,...


Guess what? Among rookies, G.O. is presently #2 in PER

The link to the PER tables on ESPN is here. Scoff, if you must.  And, yes, Marreese Speights is #1.  And Greg's margin above #3 JaVale McGee is slight.  (Yep, the JaVale McGee from the Wizard...


Clyde to MJ: "S-NAP"

Couldn't ignore this passage from an ESPN interview with Clyde. Lace Lewis: Other than MJ...who gave you the most problems as far as competing on the court offensively?   Clyde Drexler: MJ was...


David Thorpe, Durant, and Oden redux

Yes, this is a dead horse.  But the subject is starting to come up again, now that Durant is really going nuts, and I want the right perspective on this. David Thorpe is not an Oden hater, and...


Devin Harris and Kevin Pritchard

Devin Harris went off for 47 points tonight.  This is just the last in a marvelous string of performances that has to place him in the Paul/Williams/Nash point guard stratum. You may recall the...

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