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Forbes ranks Bulls as the 37th most valuable sports franchise


Per article: The Bulls are one of the NBA's most profitable teams every year thanks to five straight years of league-leading attendance and payroll restraint.

Phoenix willing to trade 1st round picks for 'Star'


Could this be a potential landing spot for Deng?

ACLs and why they never heal


NYT article on ACLs and why they never heal. Also, the reason why I think Rose' ACL injury will not impact the next few years of his career, but the final few years (once repaired, the ACL only deteriorates).


Any takers for a Game 1 meetup in San Francisco?

The playoffs are here, and that means it is time to take fandom up to a playoff level intensity. For me, that means no more shitty internet feeds (I don't have cable TV), thus I am hoping to find...


A Bullsentric NCAA Tournament: Who of this year's Tournament Field would look good in red next year?

The time of year has come where the NBA is briefly overshadowed by its collegiate counterpart. Although, I don’t much care for the college game, and I rarely believe the best team wins the...

Thibs ball killing the NBA Gunner


An investigative report on where the NBA scorers have gone concludes Thibs' is responsible.

Watch Maryland Field Hockey, Live Now!


If you have Cox, Brighthouse or Time Warner just log-in. Ranked #1.


Question about the Pac-12 Networks

I thought the online content was going to allow for access after the initial broadcast, but thus far I have been unable to find this access (i've been using the Stanfurd - Santa Clara game for...


My favorite Moments from the 2011-2012 Season

Last week I asked for help in determining the best moments from the 2011-2012 season. This week I have compiled a list of my favorite moments.


2011-2012 Favorite Moments: Help Me Out!

I just spent $650.00 on upgrading my massively outdated snowboarding gear which means two things: 1) I can't wait for winter 2) I have extra free time on my hands for the next week or so as I...


Which Bulls may be able to improve this offseason?

For each Bull currently on the roster, a look at which can make some incremental improvements to their game in the offseason.

Ohio State removes scholarships from two senior starters


"Both players had been charged with obstructing official business after police in Delaware, Ohio, said they were urinating on a building and fled when confronted by officers. They pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct."


Big Ten - Pac-12 Scheduling: A Pick-Your-Own-Opponent Draft?

I have a few thoughts about various ways Cal football and/or the Pac-12 conference can improve college football. The first references the Pac-12 – Big Ten scheduling alignment by trying to...

"[Miami is] the biggest flopping team in the NBA," Vogel told reporters at Thursday's practice in...


"[Miami is] the biggest flopping team in the NBA," Vogel told reporters at Thursday's practice in Indianapolis. "It'll be very interesting (to see) how the referees officiate the series and how much flopping they reward.

Says Frank Vogel

New Goals for this Post-season

Well, Derrick is out for the rest of the post-season, and I don't need to explain why that alters the Bull's chance of attaining their goal of a championship. Unlike Thibs I don't believe we have...


Playoffs: Which non-Miami Teams are the Best and Worst Match-ups?

The 2011-2012 basketball season is nearing the All-star break, and the playoffs are vaguely taking shape. Chicago and Miami appear to be the best in the east and awaiting another June show-down to...


DBD 11/16/11 Christmas lists

Hey its almost Thanksgiving, which means it is almost time for Christmas.  Although I have certain Grinch tendencies, which lead to my preference of Thanksgiving as a holiday over cute little baby...


DBD 10.13.11 Thursday the 13th! The old Pac-10 as horror villains

It is October!!!  My favorite month of the year.  Of the many reasons is Halloween and the slew of horror movies that correspond to it.  Not coincidentally, we have our own horror shown as we play...


DBD 9.28.11 Name that Movie!!!

Can you name the 7 different movies these quotes are from

Projections on the Pac-12 Network's Worth


Bud Withers of the Seattle Times' Interviews the newly anointed president of Pac-12 Enterprises, Gary Stevenson. The conservative figure $12 mill per school by year 4.


22 Cities ready for NBA Expansion, maybe not

According to The Business Journal 22 different cities in the US and Canada have the accumulated wealth to support an NBA franchise:   On Numbers focused on 57 metropolitan areas that do not have...


DBD 8.3.11 Let's get excited!

Its August and fall camp is just around the corner!


DBD 7.21.11 A Social Convention I want Changed

Why is forcing food down your guest's throat acceptable?  For some reason, it is considered polite amongst society, while I view this as nothing more than a giant hassle.

Bryce Treggs verbals to Cal


From the Article: "I'm going to commit to Cal," Treggs told "Just my relationship with coach (Ron) Gould, he's a great guy and I can see myself being around them for four years. "The Cal area, I can see myself living there for four years not only to just play football. The education was a big factor, it's the number one public school in the nation. It just felt like the right place so I figured I might as well commit."


DBD 7.6.11 Name that movie!

What movies are these quotes from (Lebowski free):


DBD 6.29.11 Geocaching

Yesterday, I was researching Thomas A Edison Lake and the Vermillion Valley for an upcoming camping trip I'm taking.  I was looking at this website for basic information about the area and to see...


FanPost: Off-Season Homework Assignments

[From the FanPosts. I'm apparently on a vacation (not intentionally, maybe just a little burnt-out still post-playoffs) and this was one of several quality posts from the holiday weekend -ed.]In...


DBD 5.20.11 Put on that RED Shirt!

Note:  I wrote this after the Bull's won game 6 of the Atlanta series, but due to a flood of DBD's never had the chance to post it.  If you want you can read over the match-up stuff and see what I...

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