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DBD 5.20.11 Put on that RED Shirt!

Note:  I wrote this after the Bull's won game 6 of the Atlanta series, but due to a flood of DBD's never had the chance to post it.  If you want you can read over the match-up stuff and see what I...


DBD 3.10.11 Humorous Heat Stuff

 One of the main storylines over the past week and a half of national sporting news has been that of the Miami Heat.  The Heat's repeated late game failures combined with a prolonged losing...

Nat'l Article on Cal's Recruiting


Nothing new was really written, but I felt that if a national media outlet decides to write a piece on Cal, I should support it, with the hopes of more to come. Yea, that should be more than one sentence, but I'm over it.


DBD Interesting Facts 2.2.2011

Well, it is too early to go to bed, but too late to start anything of substance, thus I'm bored right now.  I have since confronted this boredom by googling "interesting facts".  This link popped...

Most popular sports in America


NBA finishes fifth to the NFL, MLB, CFB and Autoracing. I found the dramatic decline from 1998 surprising (I knew there were some rough years, but never thought fandom was halved). I also wonder if the NBA's place among other professional sports merely peaked in '98 thus returning to its normal position, if this was lockout driven, or if there was another driving force.

Top Spending Schools regarding College Football


Two top ten lists of which bowl-bound schools spend the most money on football. Half of the top 10 overall spenders are in a BCS bowl this year, and 40% of the top 10 per undergrad student spenders are attending a BCS bowl.


Bulls Animated Gifs

I'm in LA right now.  It has been raining for 3 days, with another 3 days of non-stop rain to come.  This relates to you because I have become bored.  To kill my boredom I have created some...

The Death of the Pac-16? ESPN to Pay Texas 12 Million a year to Broadcast the Longhorn Network


Apparently, Texas is circumventing the conference it dominates to make a direct deal with ESPN to broadcast Texas sports. The contract is worth 12 million annually for the next 10 years, this money is in addition to the conference money potentially netting Texas 30 million dollars annually.


DBD 10.14.2010 Timekilling Trivia Quizzes

I actually had a busy day yesterday, and I didn't have free time until about 9:00 last night.  I then rummaged through the DBD to see if any interesting Cal related news stories were posted. ...


DBD 10.6.10 Trolliscious Topics

  Some trolliscious statements and points, and no I don't agree with all of them.


If BYU goes Independent, should the Pac-12 coordinate with them for Bowl Games

The question of whether or not BYU becomes an independent should be answered sometime today or tomorrow, and all indications point to them remaining it the Mountain West.  But..... that is no fun...


DBD 7.30.10: Pac-12 Basketball: Round Robin or Tournament?

I thought about having this be a stand alone fanpost, but considering I don't actually have any facts to support what I say, I decided to make it a DBD.  That and this isn't necessarily a new idea. ...


DBD 7.14.10 Can Best Outrun a Shadow?

It has been mentioned several times on this site, that my favourite pro sports franchise are the Chicago Bulls.  Over the past free agency period, the Bulls tried to lure many free agents and...


Cal Football Players as Futbolers

Okay, so a completely hypothetical and cliched post about how I would deploy current and former Cal football players if they chose to play soccer all their lives instead of football.  Based on...


Which of your favorite College Players should the Bulls target to fill spots 10-12?

More of an open question than true basketball discussion, which of your former favorite college basketball players should the Bulls target?  We all have our favorite college players, many of...

New Pac-10 Logo?


New Pac-10 Logo?


DBD 7.2.10 Colour Flavours

Flavour colours, y'know the flavours of colours.  Every colour has a flavour, what is your favourite.  Given a choice of colours for a slushy, otter pop, candy, or popsicle which colour do you...

Bidding war over the Pac-10’s TV rights is already developing


To sum up the article, ESPN, Fox, and potentially Comcast may be bidding, AND all three are willing to help the Pac-10 develop its own conference network. Of course, the author stating the conference windfall may approach ACC like money is a bit disconcerting as the ACC is not a financial juggernaut.


DBD 5.13.10 Expo Pavillions

The world expo at Shanghai is ongoing, and I found a nifty article at showing the different pavillion designs.  Well, actually let me take that back, they snap a single photo of the...


DBD 5.7.10 Retirement Plans

Lately I've been preoccupied with retirement, in fact I've been preoccupied with retirement since I was 14.  This is a bit disconcerting considering I'm not even 30, nor do I currently have a...


DBD 26.4.10 Cyber-Road Trip Part I, the preparations

Over the summer, I'm going to be bored, yet unable to take advantage of this downtime to participate in new and exciting activities, as I will pretty much have zero money by June 6th.  Therefore, I...


DBD 4.15.10 My Recommendation to Mr. Scott

My recommendation to Larry Scott.  


Demographics and Revenue: a revue of current data dictating Pac-10 expansion.

  The Pac-10 expansion debate, it is old and exhausted, and not as imminently likely as the blogging realm may assume. I am tired of hearing the same regurgitated arguments filled with inaccurate...


DBD 3.3.10 Crappy Sequels to Movies with Great Characters

Recently I began to think..... to most this is a bad idea, and I should probably stop writing this dbd.  But, I began to think about movies nonetheless, specficially movies with characters I...


DBD 2.09.10 Cal Football Crossword Puzzle

A Cal Crossword puzzle.  All players and names are from the Tedford Era. *curses* I have to reach the 75 word minimum.  Just to clarify all first and last names are needed, and the Tedford Era...

Arizona punishes itself for recruiting violations


2 year post-season ban, lose of a scholarship, and reduced contact between recruits and coaches. 20% of the Pac-10 is now barred from the post-season in basketball.

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