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A hard working military man in the Coast Guard stationed in Alaska that loves Chiefs football since he was a kid...it's my favorite past-time and being surrounded by either Seattle fans or (strangely enough) Miami fans I always got my team, even when they don't do good, to pick up my spirits. Go Chiefs!!!

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  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
  • NCAAF Missouri Tigers
  • NCAAB Kansas Jayhawks
  • NHL Toronto Maple Leafs
User Blog

The Curious Case of Matt Cassel

I know that haters gonna hate and all that...but I want you to at least read what I have to say before passing judgment. I know a lot of people in the Chiefs fan base has a hard time with Matt...

Aiello on NFLRA talks: "There is no such thing as close" | ProFootballTalk


Here's the real scoop of the talks between the League and the Refs...

Rumors fly of Friday negotiating session between NFL, officials | ProFootballTalk


I hope this is true...I hope this is true....I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope this is true...

Chiefs try out DT Shaun Smith - AFC West Blog - ESPN


Hope we pick him up...we have sorely missed his fire and passion along the defensive line.

Poll: Is Matt Cassel good enough? - AFC West Blog - ESPN


It's a pretty interesting split right now between people who think Cassel can be good enough and those that think he won't. What do you all think?

Report: Raiders agree to deal with Tyvon Branch | ProFootballTalk


I know this isn't Chiefs related but...this gets me hopeful and sad, that Dwayne Bowe has no deal yet...I hope it happens, but I doubt it does.

Ranking the AFC West linebackers - AFC West Blog - ESPN


I like the ranking of the Chiefs here...what do you all think?

Daboll cites QB wins as reason to believe in Cassel | ProFootballTalk


Interesting...not like we haven't picked it apart already, but to get PFT's opinion on it (like we really listen to it, but it does bring some funny talkback from us AP'ers) and see what you all think.

Chargers pass on Banks; Chiefs up next - AFC West Blog - ESPN


I don't really trust Norv Turner now that his defensive staff has been picked apart (if I'm wrong on that then please correct me) and I hope Gibbs and Romeo can see a good quality project in this guy...he deserves the chance, at least...what say all of you?

Ricky Stanzi could be rising up the ranks | ProFootballTalk


This backup QB battle is getting national media attention now...

Chat wrap: Down on San Diego? - AFC West Blog - ESPN


I like the question asked about the Chargers...if you read Bill's answer, he doesn't really answer it, but just tells the guy not to look into people's expectations too much. That's not what they guy asked...lol

Twitter / WesWelker: I signed my tender today.


Hopefully Bowe can follow suit and work on the new season with the rest of his teammates in OTA's and let his agent handle the business end of things.

AFC West Blog - ESPN


Getting some AP love, especially for BJ Kissel! Good to read stuff like this on a prominent site like ESPN.

Ryan Clady appears to be regressing | ProFootballTalk


Love seeing things falling apart on the Donkey's...especially on Manning's blind-side. He REALLY should've thought of coming to K.C. or face being crushed and beaten to death by Tamba Hali and Justin Houston...the stuff nightmares for QB's are made of.

Chase Daniel reflects on his status as Saints’ No. 1 quarterback | ProFootballTalk


Not Chiefs related but good to see some love for a former Mizzou QB. He says all the right things and I hope someday he gets that starting job...

AFC West draft grades: Chiefs clean up again; Broncos gamble - NFL.com


Don't know if this was posted already...if so, then go ahead and delete it...if not, enjoy another draft grade of the AFC West!

2012 mock draft, take four | ProFootballTalk


Wow...look who they have us taking at #11. I really don't know what to say about it, but, for some reason I can't argue with it. I just see it happening if we trade back and get some more picks. What do you all think?

Quick Question...


Did we switch blocking schemes from zone-blocking to power-blocking? I never read anything on that and if it's true then can someone pass on the link to the source that says that? I read on Profootballtalk about the signing of Eric Winston and they said the slight concern is Eric leaving the zone-blocking scheme he did in Houston to the power scheme that Kansas City uses...I don't know, but I don't think thats right...

Mike Tolbert will still visit the Chiefs - AFC West Blog - ESPN


So Mike Tolbert is still coming to K.C. for a visit...if getting both Hillis AND Tolbert...that's a dynamic backfield!

Manning is "making it up as he goes" | ProFootballTalk


Everyone is getting pissed off that Kansas City hasn't asked him to come visit yet...but maybe it's because Pioli knows that Peyton is just making it up as he goes and nothing is really planned too far ahead. We can jump in at any time...it's a good read to explain the likely actions of what's going on in Peyton's camp.

Burfict says he’s "misunderstood" | ProFootballTalk


He can say some good things...not great, but good things....but is there some truth to all this and can he pick up his game and play outstanding in the NFL and be a steal in the draft for KC? I know a lot of us were big on him early on, but maybe there's more to the guy than we originally thought and can be coached up by one of the best, coach Gibbs, and have an amazing career in Red and Gold? I guess we'll find out come draft day...



I am away from any television so does anyone know where I can watch the Chiefs vs. Packer's game? Is there a site that might have it or even a replay? I don't have money so just the free sites please....thanks again!

Week 7 inactives - ESPN


Right up top is Kansas City vs. Oakland and it looks like Baldwin will be suiting up and playing...or at least suiting up in Heremy Horne's place. I want to see what Baldwin will add to the three B's already out there with Bowe, Breaston, and Battle...hopefully we upgrade with Baldwin to become...THE KILLER B'S!! Unstoppable!!!!

Seahawks shopping Aaron Curry | ProFootballTalk


Maybe we can pick him up as another ILB to step up behind Belcher or take over for DeMario when his contract is up and spot DJ on some plays...just a thought.


It's now a fight...

I live in Florida and don't get to watch the games every week, so when Directv was showing a free preview weekend for NFL Sunday Ticket I pounced on it to have a chance of watching this and I got...



Some minor eye-brow raising, but nothing really surprising.

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