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Have a happy birthday, Melo!


Have a happy birthday, Melo!


A whole lotta nonsense version 2

We've been having over a week's great weather here in Denmark. When I say great, it usually means over 20 degrees Celsius and with several days of sunshine. On this side of the earth that usually...

Who's your favorite NBA team?

Who's your favorite NBA team?

No words, just watch.


No words, just watch.

How long should a scarf be?


How long should a scarf be?


Knick Pride 5.0: Spread the love

Told you all how boring my summer is going to be - so here's more from me. I love how our guys show their appreciation for each other - the hugs, the jumping (a.k.a. butt bump) and the smiles. And...


Updated Knicks Pride 4.0: The funny and derpy!

I mean, we LOVE our Knicks. We love them so much that we love how they sometimes make us laugh. Where to start? I don't know - just cruising here. You all know the drill - this is TOTAL...


Updated Knick Pride 3.0: Eye candy for the ladies (Men, enter at your own risk)

Just to tone down the testosterone level here, I am obliging a request to feature our GORGEOUS Knickerbockers. Swoon-worthy, sway, yummy, loveable, adorable - pick whatever adjective you want and...


Updated Knick Pride 2.0: Bocker Bench goes bonkers

More nonsense - Knick Pride - whatever. I am on a roll here; besides I have to use my summer on something else besides catching up on chores at home, following the Grand Tours in cycling and...


Updated Knick Pride 1.0

Now that we're all into speculating who's going to be in this team or not in the fall, I would like to share gifs of how our guys celebrate good shots. This is of course TOTAL nonsense - just...

Shump and Boom Diddy getting high - on BUBBLES!


Shump and Boom Diddy getting high - on BUBBLES!


A whole lotta nonsense

Since I'm pretty dang tired of all the MLE, cap and "hypothetical trade" talks going on, here's something about how funny basketball is in my part of the world - which is the tiny Scandinavian...

Suddenly realized the bench would probably look different next season.


Suddenly realized the bench would probably look different next season.


Off-season newb checklist

Well here it goes: Read up on the basics of basketball - really need to. Learn the lingo - 'cause honestly when the veterans/old knickers/non-newbs start posting in b-ball rune, I am lost. Get...

I volunteer at a YMCA-YWCA children's club here and today we fooled around with old shirts and...


I volunteer at a YMCA-YWCA children's club here and today we fooled around with old shirts and spraypaint. This was my shirt. None of the kids really understood what it was all about, so they had a crash course in basketball, NBA and the Knicks. I finally figured out which company in Denmark sold Knicks gear - unfortunately, they only had Melo and Amare jerseys. More research then...

B. Diddy's sway shoes.


B. Diddy's sway shoes.

LEGO is as Danish as you can get - and this Jeremy Lin montage just makes me smile.


LEGO is as Danish as you can get - and this Jeremy Lin montage just makes me smile.


Is he ready? Are we ready?

Being the Knicks fan newbie I am , Game 4 was the first play-off win I have ever experienced. Incredible. Wow. The team needed this win so much - we all did. But with Boom Davis' injury all the...

Shump taking shots as usual.


Shump taking shots as usual.

Just because I can't stand his flopping.


Just because I can't stand his flopping.


What do you REALLY feel about and think of Jeremy Lin and Linsanity?

I always think emotions sometimes brings the worst in people , but it also sometimes brings out their real feelings. So many times during the latest game threads, I've been reading hints and doubts...

Tyson the Bison


Tyson the Bison

The silver lining.


The silver lining.


This must be how it feels

In what now feels like ages ago, I wrote A Fanpost about being a newbie her at P&T and asked you guys what I should expect during the play-offs. Latrell chokewell wrote : "I guess you should...


How it feels being a newbie in the P&T U-Knicks-verse

I have never laughed as much than I have since I joined P&T - in all honesty. As one of many newbie fans, in my case, by way of Linsanity, I'd like to say "Thanks" for the wonderful reception and...

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