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OU football -- my own personal conundrum

(Beware: this is lengthy.) I love OU football...always have. I grew up in the '70s and remember having to take naps on New Year's Day so that my parents would let me stay up to watch the Orange...


Kyle McClellan may be tipping his pitches

I was watching today's game and noticed that McClellan, from the CF view camera, placed the ball in his glove in preparation for his 2-seam grip. When he went quickly after placing his hand in his...

Lee Roy Selmon in serious condition after a stroke


One of my earliest favorite Sooners. He's still alive but is in serious condition.


Pitchers' value

With all the discussion today about a proposed trade for Roy Oswalt I thought I'd take a look at what his actual value might be to the Cardinals as well as what the Cardinals ought to expect to...

The 2010 rotation


My first order of business today is to let everybody know that this will be my final daily post here at VEB. Though I’ve truly enjoyed doing this for the last couple of years or so, I’ve found...



There’s been a lot of discussion of late about whether or not the Cards should resign Matt Holliday, who they should pursue should the fail to resign him, and whether or not Hal McRae should return...

NLCS Preview


The NLCS begins tonight on TBS w/ the Phils heading out west to meet the Dodgers. Needless to say, I’d rather be doing this for the Cards and Phils but here we are. It appears, on paper, to be a...

Looking to own and run a real minor league franchise?


If you haven't heard of this yet, this site is run by some people who are hoping to organize many people to purchase and run a minor league franchise -- probably a minor league baseball team. The members will vote on all the important decisions. This is not a fantasy league -- they (we, b/c I joined) will run an actual minor league franchise. Team player subscriptions will run $5-10 per year, if all goes well. Their hope is to have a team together to begin operations next April. Check out the site and its blog on the sb nation called

It ended as it began


Well, it was a good ride while it lasted – a much better season than most of us expected. We didn’t deserve to win the series. We were outpitched, outhit, and outfielded; the Dodgers were clearly...


NLDS Game 3 Open Thread

Vicente Padilla is criminally insane. Everyone in baseball knows it. Milton Bradley has it much more together than this guy. What's a better kept secret is that he has pretty good stuff. That's...

Once more, for those in the back


Ok, now that we’ve all had a chance to decompress following the 9th inning debacle in game 2 – and the lynch mob has had an opportunity to put the torches away – maybe we can settle down and...

To Hit or not To Hit


Note: I have a job where I get to work at 6:20 a.m. Therefore, I am putting this post together beginning in the top of the 4th inning of game 1. I’ll be finished (hopefully) before this game is....


Game 162 Open Thread

After this, they count. Suppan against Pineiro Bring on the Dodgers.



I’ll say this once and probably one time only – Tim Lincecum deserves the NL Cy Young. It’ll be great for Wainwright or Carpenter to win it but Lincecum’s been hands-down the best pitcher in the...


Game 161 Open Thread

Gonna get started early. Needless to say, last night's bullpen implosion did nothing to assuage my concerns about it heading into the postseason. We're just going to have to get meaningful outs...


Game 158 Open Thread

Carpenter and Wells Cards trying to avoid sweep Aren't haikus grand?

A tale of two aces


In 2001, Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were 1-2 in the majors in ERA finishing w/ a 2.49 and a 2.98 ERA, respectively. Despite the fact that Johnson was quite clearly the best pitcher in the...


Game 156 Open Thread -- Sep 27, 2009

It's Lohse against De La Rosa today. This may be Lohse's last opportunity to make a statement to Tony that he deserves any game 4 starts in the postseason. I hope he does well b/c I really would...


Game 155 Open Thread -- Sept. 26, 2009

It's Wainwright against Jimenez. We're going against their best tonight -- an absolutely terrific pitcher. Lots of K's. Low GB rate. Over the last 11 games, we've only scored 43 runs. Cubs...

What did we learn last night?


Tony did something very telling last night in the 9th, right before McClellan blew the game (btw, why is McClellan in the game there and not Franklin?). He double-switched Julio Lugo into the game...

Thursday stuff

The Cubs lost, leaving us w/ a magic # of 1. This means that we've clinched a tie for the division. God help us if we can't win 1 of our last 10. Smoltz wasn't too bad in his 2nd start since his...


Game Magic #4 Open Thread

Zambrano against Wainwright. Link to Holliday's home/road splits at fangraphs. Lots of numbers. The team intends to add 4 minor leaguers Friday. One may be (gasp!) Allen Craig. One will...


Game whatever open thread

  Dempster Carp No numbers. It's a shame this site has become so hostile to stat-oriented analysis. Hope we win.

Lohse's Lost Season


Conventional wisdom in St. Louis seems to be that Kyle Lohse is truly a much better pitcher than he's shown this season. The truth is that '08's great campaign was the real outlier.

Comparing Cards' Champs


A look at the WAR for the '04, '05, '06, and '09 Cards' teams.


Game 144 Open Thread -- September 13, 2009

  Vazquez Carp 2.80 FIP 2.71 FIP This ought to be a good game. It's our best against their best. No one really appreciates how good Vazquez has been this season but he's been...

Franklin's making me want to have some franklins!


Ryan Franklin's inability to locate the strike zone of late could be a source of concern as the Cardinals enter the postseason.


Game 143 Open Thread -- September 12, 2009

  Hudson Lohse 2.27 FIP 4.43 FIP Tim Hudson's been sensational in his first 2 starts since returning from Tommy John surgery. Of course, it was just 2 starts against the Marlins and...

Prelude to Postseason Production


The Cards' offense has been a lot more productive in September than in August but will need more out of Ryan Ludwick in the postseason in order to advance.


Cards' stuff. Ks are better than "pitching to contact."

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