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Game 138 Open Thread -- September 6, 2009

  Pineiro Maholm 3.07 FIP 3.91 FIP I've said all I have to say about Pineiro in the previous thread. I'd like to see him get back to getting the ball down more consistently but it...

Miscellaneous Sunday Ramblings


The Cards have faced relatively easy competition so far this season and their baserunning's been slightly above average.


Game 137 Open Thread -- September 5, 2009

  Boggs Ohlendorf 3.94 FIP 4.95 FIP Boggs has a great opportunity right now. We've got a big lead and Boggs can go out there and pitch w/o -- hopefully -- having to look over his...

We have an answer, and I'm not Ryan!


It seems as though the Cards have finally found their long-term solution at shortstop. He's a guy they had all along and his name is Brendan Ryan.


Game 135 Open Thread -- September 3, 2009

  Parra Smoltz 5.05 FIP 0.63 FIP Smoltz pitches for sweep The brooms do more than build lead Keeps jerseys tucked in

The best pitch one can throw


The main factor in the Cards' pitching staff's success this year has been their ability to throw strikes. Ryan Franklin, Joel Pineiro, and Chris Carpenter have led the way.

10 Game Lead Victory Thread


We're up 10 over the Cubs. We're even w/ the Phils and a game and a half behind the Dodgers but we've got to keep playing well. We're not just playing for the division. We're playing for home...


Game 132 Open Thread

  Mock Wainwright 4.40 FIP 3.35 FIP For the second time this morning, the preview applet here erased all the work that I put in so I'm just going to say that...

Right handed relief


First of all, I apologize for yesterday. My computer was basically inoperable as I spent most of the day trying to remove viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, netware, adware, and underwear. ...

Game 129 Overflow thread


1 run lead again. Let's hold on!


Game 129 Open Thread -- August 28, 2009

  Moehler Carpenter 4.62 FIP 2.77 FIP 2 games, 2 1-run wins and the Cards go for the sweep this afternoon w/ Carp on the mound. Carp's attempting to tie...

Breaking down the Cy


Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright are 2 of the top 3-4 contenders for the NL Cy Young award.

Game 128 Overflow thread


Live by "pitching to contact." Die by pitching to contact. We really should have a bigger lead if not for that misplay by Skip.

Game 127 Overflow thread


I sure am glad we're getting great pitching tonight. It's also to have a CF who can make good plays in the OF. That's twice he's held Bourn to 1 base less than he should have gotten.


Game 126 Open Thread -- August 23, 2009

  Smoltz Carrillo 4.94 FIP 11.49 FIP Is it me or does there just seem to be an insane amount of hype about this game? I should point out that I've always been a...



Only 7 pitchers in the big leagues have 3 pitches that are 5 or more runs above average this season. These pitchers are among the most dominant pitchers in baseball.


Game 125 Open Thread -- August 22, 2009

  Carpenter Correia 2.77 FIP 3.95 FIP We've got Carp and they've got an offense averaging 3.85 runs per game. Collectively, they're 82 weighted runs below...

Anatomy of a Streak


The Cardinals offense has gotten a big boost from the insertion of Matt Holliday, Julio Lugo, and Mark DeRosa into the lineup.


Game 122 Open Thread -- August 20, 2009

  Pineiro Stauffer FIP 3.00 FIP 4.17 Didn't we just do this? The Cards got to Stauffer for 7 hits, 3 walks, and 4 runs in 5 innings last Saturday. Holliday...

May the Smoltz be with us


John Smoltz should be a pretty good addition to the Cardinals' staff. There are many reasons to believe his results will be better than they were in the AL.

Game 121 Overflow thread

Let me get this straight -- Tony went w/ LaRue over Yadi b/c LaRue provides "veteran leadership" (Yadi's not a veteran and doesn't provide leadership?); went w/ Ankiel over Rasmus after his homer...

Game 120 Overflow thread #1

Knuckleballers! Sheesh!


Game 119 Open Thread -- August 16, 2009

  Richard Lohse 4.58 FIP 4.38 FIP Two of Lohse's last 3 outings have been good ones, going 6 innings w/ 1 ER around being bombed by the hapless Mets. Hopefully...

Great Trade Deadline Acquisitions


The Cardinals have had a lot of success w/ trade deadline acquisitions over the last 25 years. This list counts down the top 10.

Game 118 Overflow thread


4-2. I feel like we should have a larger lead but hopefully we can make this hold up.


Game 118 Open Thread -- August 15, 2009

  Stauffer Pineiro 4.09 FIP 2.94 FIP What more needs to be said about Pineiro, except that he's almost become the forgotten man in the Cards' rotation as everyone...

On Defense


Skip's transformation to 2nd base has been a success. Allen Craig deserves a shot at the 3rd base job next season. And more teams should use the infield shift as the Reds did recently against...

RHRUI v. St. Louis Cardinals


The Cardinals have a hole in right handed relief that needs to be filled if they're really going to go for it. Either John Smoltz, Justin Speier, or Eduardo Sanchez would be better than Kyle...

Quick Notes


Just a few quick things while we wait for today's main thread. There's been some made about Bill Hall's being DFA'd by the Brewers. Isn't he better than Joe Thurston? I'd like to think so but...


Corner OF positional adjustments

I'm going to start this fanpost by saying that I'm a Cards fan who was drawn to this subject since the team traded for Matt Holliday. Holliday has been known as an above average LF since he...

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