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Game 114 Overflow thread


It's 1-1 and we can't hit Kip Wells. Awesome!


Game 113 Open Thread -- August 9, 2009

I'm a little under the weather today so I'm just going to put up a game thread early and go back to bed.   Pineiro Duke 2.91 FIP 4.24 FIP I don't know about...


Game 112 Open Thread -- August 8, 2009

  Wainwright Morton 3.42 FIP 4.04 FIP Wainwright's moved to 10th in the NL in FIP. Remember back in April when he was walking batters all over the place and...

Right here, right now


As I alluded to Thursday, I’m a little concerned about the right side of our bullpen. Of course, many people here know me as the resident pessimist but, now that our offense seems to be improved...

When did Kyle Lohse become Todd Wellemeyer?


I’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong w/ Kyle Lohse. Anyone have any ideas? I can’t help but wonder if he’s (still?) hurt. Gathering my information from fangraphs, I noticed that his...

An Attempt to Capture Catcher Defense


A couple of weeks ago I put something together over at VEB about catcher defense in the NL at the All-Star break and was invited to extend my analysis to all major league catchers over here. As...

Game 109 Overflow thread


This one's for good luck -- and for some good pitching and fielding.


Game 108 Open Thread -- August 2, 2009

  Norris Wainwright 1.39 FIP 3.48 FIP Norris is a 24 year old rookie making his first start in the big leagues after 3 really nice innings in relief the other day...

Too early to celebrate, but...


Chris Carpenter has pitched far beyond anyone's expectations of him heading into the season.


Game 107 Open Thread -- August 1, 2009

  Rodriguez Carpenter 3.62 FIP 2.73 FIP This just in: Chris Carpenter is pretty good. After missing roughly six weeks earlier in the season w/ a side injury,...

Big Boggs Man


Mitch Boggs's start was important for the Cards b/c they're going to need a 5th starter down the stretch and this tryout may give him a leg up on the role next season as well.


Game 105 Open Thread -- July 30, 2009

  Kuroda Lohse 3.47 FIP 4.44 FIP Lohse had a decent start on July 20 against the Astros but hasn't had a really good one since May and was awful against the...

And for my next trick...


Mitch Boggs needs to replace Wellemeyer in the Cards' rotation. Jason LaRue is not, I repeat -- IS NOT, Wellemeyer's personal catcher. And Colby Rasmus is too young to do all the things that...

Game 101 Overflow thread


3-2. Hopefully Joe Blanton will keep us in it.


Game 101 Open Thread -- July 26, 2009

  Wellemeyer Blanton 4.95 FIP 4.56 FIP Out of 50 NL starters qualifying for the ERA title, Wellemeyer ranks 44th in FIP and Blanton ranks 39th. These are 2...

The Deadline Approacheth


The Cubs, Astros, and Brewers are likely to all be buyers as Friday's trade deadline approaches.


Game 100 Open Thread -- July 25, 2009

  Lohse Lopez 4.46 FIP 2.41 FIP Don't sweat Lopez's 2.41 FIP. He has just 17.1 IP so far this season. He's had 3 good starts but he's still basically the same...

Deal of the Century


Matt Holliday was 4-5 w/ a double last night. Therefore, the trade was a tremendous coup on Mo’s part. Thank goodness, Holliday has arrived to solve all of our offensive woes and the price we’ve...

Game 98 Overflow thread


4-0 after 4. I thought we might have to have a makeup game for the makeup game!


Game 98 Open Thread -- July 23, 2009

  Wainwright Balester 3.64 FIP -------- Balester makes his first start of the season after putting up a 5.11 FIP for the Nats in '08. Prior to being called up,...

Lugo and the Lefties


The acquisition of Julio Lugo for Chris Duncan should be a good one for the Cards. The Cards significantly upgraded their left handed relief by exchanging Randy Flores and Ron Villone for Trever...

Game 96 Overflow thread


I hate getting beat by these fuckers and, with Oswalt looming tomorrow, there's a fairly decent chance we'll be swept! At least we'll have Carp on the mound. Do we seriously have no better...


Game 94 Open Thread -- July 19, 2009

  Petit Pineiro 7.20 FIP 2.97 FIP I've been out of town for a few days and, while I was gone, the D-backs swapped Petit and Haren in the rotation. Considering...

The Glaus Experiment


The Cards are considering trying Troy Glaus in LF for the last 2 months of the season. Considering how bad Duncan and Ankiel have played this year, it's an option worth exploring.


Game 92 Open Thread -- July 18, 2009

  Petit Wainwright 7.22 FIP 3.63 FIP Wainwright has climbed to 12th in the NL in FIP after a shaky start. He really didn't get much rest at the All-Star break...

Pujols's First Half IBBs


Have managers made the right decision in choosing to intentionally walk Albert Pujols 32 times in the first half of the season? The results suggest that it's paid more dividends for the Cards than...

First Half Catcher Defense


An attempt to measure the impact of catcher defense on runs prevented. Yadier Molina has been the best defensive catcher in the NL in the first half of the season.

All Star Game Overflow Thread, Part Deux


Pujols finishes 0-3 w/ an error but Yadi has a big 2 out single and Franklin pitched a scoreless inning. Hopefully the NL can pull it out and get the Cards, I mean the NL, the home field in the...

Game 91 Overflow thread


I have to mute the TV so I don't listen to Joe and I'm too scared to watch us against Wells. I can understand being unable to hit people like Lincecum or Billingsley. Not being able hit people R...


Game 91 Open Thread -- July 12, 2009

  Wainwright Wells 3.66 FIP 3.32 FIP Wainwright's thrown 17.1 innings in his last 2 starts and was over 120 pitches each time. Needless to say, I'm glad that the...

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