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Game 90 Overflow thread


If we win this one, we can worry less about trying to hit Randy Wells tonight. C'mon Kyle. Get us through!


Game 90 Open Thread -- July 12, 2009

  Lohse Zambrano 4.07 FIP 3.91 FIP Game 1 of the doubleheader brings Lohse back to the mound after missing about 6 weeks. He hasn't pitched in the majors since...


Futures Game Open Thread

Brett Wallace bats 3rd and plays 3rd for the U.S. team today. Daryl Jones is also on the team, though not in the starting lineup. They're unquestionably our 2 best prospects and are both players...

First Half Relievers


The Cards' pen hasn't pitched nearly as well as the rotation during the first half of the season. Today's thread compares each NL Central team's pen over the season's first half.

Game 89 Overflow thread


Hopefully we'll see this scene repeat itself in an hour and a half or so.


Game 89 Open Thread -- July 11, 2009

  Thompson Lilly 5.07 FIP 3.92 FIP I guess it's fitting that we're sending up our worst starter against the Cubs' starter most likely to give us fits. It goes...

First Half Pitching


Starting pitching will be a key to who wins the NL Central this season. The Cardinals' starters have been the division's best in the first half.


Game 87 Open Thread -- July 9, 2009

  Pineiro Parra 3.05 FIP 5.09 FIP Going w/ a lefty in game 3 may be just the tonic the Brewers need to get 1 game closer to the Cards b/c we are simply awful...

Current Batting Splits


The Cards' team batting splits are categorized according to how they compare w/ the rest of the NL.

Game whatever overflow thread


This just in -- the Cards' medical staff seems to be about as good as I am at diagnosing injuries and Colby Rasmus is pretty good. We're halfway home!


Game 84 Open Thread -- July 5, 2009

  Carpenter Arroyo 2.60 FIP 5.98 FIP In Carp's last start, he was beat around pretty well, garnering a game score of 25 -- the only start of the season in which...

Whither Ludwick


Ryan Ludwick has struggled mightily this season. He seems to be overanxious at the plate and, as a result, isn't squaring up the ball the way he did last year.


Game 83 Open Thread -- July 4, 2009

  Thompson Owings 4.77 FIP 5.39 FIP If Micah Owings were in our starting lineup, his wOBA would be the 2nd best among our starting 9. As it is, it'll probably be...

Put me in, coach


Colby Rasmus isn't playing enough. The Cards' trade for Mark DeRosa may end up making winners of both the Cards and the Indians.


Game 81 Open Thread -- July 2, 2009

  Cain Wellemeyer 4.00 FIP 4.84 FIP I'm out of town so if Wellemeyer's been bumped from the rotation, I either don't know it or can't change this. Dare to dream!...

The NL All-Star Team, according to chuck


This is a look at who belongs on the NL All-Star team this season.


Game 77 Open Thread -- June 28, 2009

  Liriano Pineiro 4.75 FIP 2.96 FIP Yippee! Another lefty to go against our anemic offense! Liriano hasn't been very good so far this season but lefties haven't...

More Holliday Chatter


Some possible trade options for the Cards to pursue rather than attempting to trade for Holliday.

Game 76 Overflow thread


Let's hold on! It's Albert 4, Twins 3.


Game 76 Open Thread -- June 27, 2009

  Slowey Wellemeyer 3.92 FIP 4.84 FIP I'm tired of writing about Wellemeyer so I'm not going to except to say that, w/ Lohse getting closer to returning, he's...



Brendan Ryan has been one of the majors' best shortstops this season. This is a result of his tremendous defense and his ability to hit line drives.


Game 74 Open Thread -- June 25, 2009

  Carpenter Santana 2.77 FIP 3.61 FIP Ordinarily, the matchup between Carp and Johan would look like a dream matchup on paper but New Yorkers are concerned about...

Reversal of Fortune


While Wainwright and Wellemeyer have regressed, Joel Pineiro has picked up the slack and had one of the best first halves in the NL so far.


Game 70 Open Thread -- June 21, 2009

  Wainwright Meche 4.03 FIP 2.88 FIP Meche has turned into a damned good pitcher and, though he's been overshadowed by Greinke, he belongs on the All-Star team. ...

Do not speak of this!!!


Ryan Franklin has been tremendous for the Cards this season, and a big reason why they're in first place.


Game 69 Open thread -- June 20, 2009

  Carpenter Bannister 2.85 FIP 3.85 FIP Carp has yet to give up more than 3 runs in a start so far this season, but he's given up 3 in each of his last 2 starts. ...

Walking Pujols


The Book tells us that it almost never makes sense to intentionally walk Albert Pujols and that managers are really just adding to the Cards' win expectancy when they do.

Game 67 overflow thread


Can we hold them at 4 long enough to get 1 or 2 more?


Game 67 Open Thread- 17th June, 2009

  Porcello Pineiro 4.84 FIP 3.01 FIP If I were a cynic, I would say that today's starting pitchers reflect the guy the Cards didn't want to give $7 M to against...

Revisiting the projections


A few key Cards have underperformed their projections but, on the whole, the Cards' offense hasn't played that much worse than we should have expected.

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