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We only play 9 games against winning teams the rest of the season...

Reds and braves are the only teams. Rest against brewers, stros, cubs and mets. 23 games. Great things can be achieved over the next month. Gotta go get em. With the addition of some pitching...


Gregory polanco has a CANNON

Was at the power game tonight. Our pitching was crap and we played terrible defense. However, on a quasi shap single to center, cf polanco who is really tall and really skinny and really young,...


Sooo, love this trade, but now...can we get....

A good lefty releiver for Presley and Correia? We realy need another solid lefty in the pen, have all year. Cruz is not the answer, but I think Leroux could potentially make up for the loss of...


Correia = useful starter, useless reliever

I believe Kevin to be a very useful starter, in that, his usefulness comes from his ability to manage to keep teams from scoring a lot of runs over roughly 6 innings. He however, always gives up...

Our new right fielder....


This is a legit option for the Bucs in my opinion. Cheap, can flat out play the outfield, and has a history of hitting for a bit of power. Definately an upgrade over what we have been throwing out as corner outfielders.


(Brad Lincoln > Kevin Correia) & (Rodriguez > Maholm)

In watching the game last night, I realy dont see why we need Correia next  year. Lincoln is at worst, a younger version of Correia, with slightly better stuff who costs almost nothing. If there...


Random ramblings.

  1. I feel realy good about our starting pitching for next year. I have been very very impressed by charlie morton's ability to shed off a couple of bad starts, a coupel of times this season and...


Doumit at first.....

im sure that this has been discussed, but I was Just curious, how bad is he defensively at first? Seems like if we could get a legitmiate backup catcher (i think we gotta roll with the fort you can...

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