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Blame the "Wide Nine"

Even Tennessee is doing it! Under former head coach Jeff Fisher, defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil and defensive line coach Jim Washburn, the Titans employed a scheme focused on pressuring ...


TY Cardinals, How much should DeSean get now?

Larry Fitzgerald gets $50 million guarantee from Cardinals in a $120 mil, 8 year (15 mil per year) deal. h...

Bears cancel practice because ... LOL


"Only days after Bears chairman George McCaskey explained that the team’s uses grass at Soldier Field because it’s safer than artificial turf, the Bears were forced to abruptly cancel an annual Family Fest practice at Soldier Field, because the grass was deemed unfit." Only about 275 days too late... 1st round bye, more time to prepare for Green Bay last year.. who knows... I know not everyone blamed the turf for Eagles loss last year, but it's obviously a problem.


Asante Samuel trade or no trade?

Asante does NOT need to be traded to stay under the 2011 salary cap: HR in his conference stated Eagles are under the cap currently Vick is set to make 16+ million on franchise tag Jackson is set...


Kerry Collins Retires - Kolb value goes up?

Titan's backup/freeagent/starting/??? QB Kerry Collins announced he is retiring today.  He previously had verbally stated that he was willing to come back to the Titans this year. h...


Players vs. Owners Lockout Media Coverage

An ongoing debate on BGN has been the question of which side to you support?  The obvious answer is neither side because we are fans and they are rich people fighting over our money.  But when it...


Giants vs. Eagles Monday 5/23/11 2:45 EST NFL Network

This is #3 in my list of replays I've been waiting for this off-season.  I'm not sure if I missed an earlier one, but I'm not going to miss this one!  I'm sure you can guess what #1 and #2 are. NFL...


Eagles trade Kolb for Arizona's 1st round pick?

Okay, so nobody thinks this can happen because of the CBA but I don't see why not.

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