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I was born and raised in Owensboro, Ky. I've been in Cincinnati since coming up here for grad school in '86.

Kentucky will always be "home".

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Cincinnati Reds
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL Green Bay Packers
  • NCAAF Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
  • Golf Anybody but Woods
  • NASCAR that's a sport?
User Blog

Reds Fans Upset UK to be Honored at Tonight's Game

Last night, Cincinnati's local ESPN call in show was full of Cincinnati vitriol against honoring UK's Basketball Championship team. Callers callin' in and heaping some hate on Kentucky. Blog sites...

Top Ten College Media Football Markets

This small article (on the lower right hand side of the link's page) lists the ten largest college football markets by percentage of folks who say they regularly follow college football on TV and/or radio. Mostly Big Ten / SEC schools. One exception is number 10 -- Univ of Missouri's market. Well, now, ain't that intriguin'.


Full UK Basketball Television Schedule Released

2011-2012 UK Basketball Schedule A few Notables: Five games on CBS 16 games on ESPN family of channels      at least three on ESPNU      and one, Penn St,. on ESPN3 -- internet, only! ...

Kansas goes all Copy-Cat

KU will hold an NBA Pro Alum game in September. That's cool, wished we thought about that first :) Now I have two thoughts about this 1. I like the quote "Tickets go on sale soon for $20, which isn't so bad. I wouldn't be surprised if the event nearly sold out." Yeah nearly sold out. What a success LMAO but 2. I like the fact their proceeds will go toward charity. I never really heard about that with our games. There had to be a profit somewhere, that could have gone to charity. What was the charity?


Save the Rupp

We've seen "Save the Whales"  and then "Save the Humans".  Sometimes I'm not sure about the survival of either species but let's move on. With more confidence,  I want to introduce "Save the...


Goodbye Columbus -- Tressel resigns

Jim Tressel has reportedly resigned as the Buckeye coach today. What does this mean to UK fans -- why waste your time here at ASOB? Well, for...

Karen Sypher to Report to Jail on Wednesday

Just an FYI: Sypher's latest appeal has been denied. She has been ordered to report to federal prison (in Florida) this Wednesday. I know we have much more important things to discuss, but I just thought some of us living outside of Kentucky may not have heard and might have at least a passing interest. We can now return to our regularly scheduled programming

How Do You Spell Paradise?

Hat Tip to Matt Jones' radio show. This is just a cool little ole song. But how true......

There's No Place Like Home -- Distance matters

Add another factor to seeding / placement... distance to home.

College Baseball gets a new bat

And Now for something completely different -- a Baseball post. Division I baseball has introduced a new, "deader" aluminum bat. I've always thought the aluminum bat was more for the fan and the self-esteem of the hitter. Not for his development as a professional hitter. If you are still thinking about baseball this time of the year, this may be an interesting read.

Bleacher Report has an interesting analysis of the NYT's Kanter article

Nothing new, but it makes for a concise of synopsis of, " Pete Thamel: WTF?"


What's Cookin' Kentucky

I'm  pretty sure many of you are like me -- I've got special foods I cook before UK football and, especially, basketball games. During basketball season I like to slow cook a pot of chili.  I've...

The World is Blue

er, Green An ESPN poll asking who will win the Basketball SEC this year. Apparently Mississippi's educational system is worse than reported. Note to ESPN -- why use green to denote Ky? Oh, yeah, you're ESPN. At least they didn't use red. :) Tip of the cap to Wildcat Blue Nation

ESPN Poll: Is Cal Good for Kentucky?

Of course, it's not scientific; but some of you folks might find it interesting. The Poll is on the right side.

Kanter Scores 34 at Nike Hoops Summit

Very impressive. (This is a youtube video)


National Championship Winner? A Poll

National Championship Winner? A Poll I added a fifth option.  There is a similar poll on another blog site.  It did not have the "I no longer care" option but had many comments, as such.  P...

Transforming Lucas Field

I thought some of you guys and gals might find this interesting. I'm thinking they open the roof if it's a nice Spring night?

Calipari overpaid?

I think Forbes is leaving out the intangibles. Thoughts?


Calipari focuses on seeding in the Dance -- all else is a means to that end?

Perhaps he has a point. Seeding began in 1979 (31 instances) National Champions: 18#1 Seeds 5 #2 Seeds 4 #3 Seeds 1 #4 Seed (1997 — Arizona, umm… Derek Anderson injury?) 2 #6 Seeds (Kansas in...

Sean Sutton Arrested

His old man had some issues with addiction and apparently it's been passed down. This is sad. I wish him well. Thanks to WildcatWorld for the link


96 teams in March Madness...

Take a look at this First off, I am trying to do the “Que Sera,...

Excellent article: Hoops for Haiti and Cal

As UK1972 said in the threads this is well worth the read.

What's wrong with this?

The video is worth watching, but heh.

Pearl, We've got weapons

He is an idiot. Geese louise, he is an idiot

Cal's postgame

in case anyone is interested this one's more complete than JohnClay's site

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