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College football junkie. I love the draft and offseason because it offers such a wide range of options and unpredictable outcomes.

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User Blog

Top 10 Reasons Why Ricky Stanzi Will Not Play This Year

I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason why Ricky Stanzi isn't playing this year...but I can't think of it, so try these: #10. Has been placed on double secret probation. Will not appear again...


Rebuilding: Offensive Coordinator Candidates

*Notes: (1) All considerations are based on the results of previous polls. Because the AP community has chosen Schottenheimer, Cowher and Singletary, they are the presumed hires. (2) I do not...


Rebuilding: Defensive Coordinator Candidates

*Notes: (1) All considerations are based on the results of previous polls. Because the AP community has chosen Schottenheimer and Cowher, they are the presumed hires. (2) I do not assume that...


Rebuilding: Head Coaching Candidates

Results of the GM Rebuilding Post: Marty SchottenheimerWith Marty now in control of the Chiefs, we have to move forward to the Head Coaching position. Clearly this team has had some problems in...


Rebuilding: General Manager Candidates

It is pretty evident now that the Chiefs need a drastic change in culture at 1 Arrowhead Drive. Last night's embarrassment featured ineptitude on offense, defense, and special teams. There was...


Mid-Season Draft Board Rounds 1-3

As we hit the midway point of the 2012 season, it is looking as though the Chiefs will be back in the top 5 of the draft order. There isn't much to like about this team right now, and there are...


Trading For Tony Romo...A Short-Term and Long-Term Plan For Success

Let me start by saying I don't believe this trade would ever actually happen. Both front-offices are just way too stuck in the belief that they are right in order to make this happen. That...


Moving Forward

Is this premature? Yep. Could the Chiefs still turn this season around? Yep. Do I care? Nope. I'm writing this because I have seen a trend. The last two seasons have started out absolutely...


The Part-Time NFL Officials and The Full-Time NFL Idiots (Fans, Media, Players, and Coaches)

Wow, gotta say that the hating on the replacement refs is getting ridiculous. How about we talk about the players and coaches that are PURPOSEFULLY trying to get away with more than they...


Benching Tamba...Working Through A Setback

Relax, I'm not talking about an entire season. However, shutting down the sack machine for Week 3 of the preseason might be the best way to prepare our defense for Atlanta.


Should The Chiefs Prepare To Move On From Dwayne Bowe?

As the contract situation goes on, we are going to hear more and more about Bowe sitting out the season, or the Chiefs trying to move him. Is there anything to that talk? Who knows, but both...

2011 NTs continue to dissappoint


Lot of arguing about NT during last year's draft. Well, it appears that Pioli may have made the right call with Jerrell Powe. Phil Taylor - Injured (torn chest muscle) and will miss at least half the season. Kenrick Ellis - Just plea bargained out of a Malicious Wounding charge (90 days for Assault and Battery). Just kind of interesting how that has turned out so far.


The Poe Poll

To be honest, I'm very surprised at the reaction of Arrowhead Pride over the drafting of Dontari Poe. It seems that just two days ago, virtually nobody wanted this guy. People were calling him a...


Bragging Rights: Make Your Official NFL 1st Rd Mock Draft Predictions

More draft predictions. Did you just wipe the floor with the rest of AP when it comes to knowing the Chiefs? Well, how well do you know the rest of the NFL? It's just another challenge for all...


Bragging Rights: Make Your Official Chiefs 7 Rd Mock Draft Predictions

In the crazy world that is the Official Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft Boards, there is no shortage of "experts". We all (oh yes, myself included) like to think we know the keys to bringing the...


10 Names That May Interest The Chiefs IF They Hit the FA Market

Let me start by saying that you will notice that none of these players, except Sammie Lee Hill, are on the current FA lists. That's the point, and the reason why this isn't simply placed under...


The "Expert" Mock: What The Outsiders Are Saying

Rather than just a repeat of every other mock draft. I want to take a look at what the guys who make money on this thing are saying. Let's see what the people removed from the situation think of...


The Road To The Playoffs: Week 14

That's right, we're not out of it yet. In fact, as long as the Chiefs manage to keep winning, there is a decent chance for us to make the playoffs. The division and the Wild Card are both still...


What If The QBOTF Isn't There?

As we begin to accept that the Kansas City Chiefs will probably miss the playoffs and will be drafting in the top 15 next year, there is a lot of talk about who the Chiefs should be taking...OK,


Missing In Action: Where Missing Key Players Really Hurts

A lot of people have been talking about how the Chiefs injuries are overstated.  Fans and analysts don't like for things to be that simple.  Simple answers don't generate conversations.  They don't...


Leadership...It's What We Don't Have That Is Hurting The Most

Comparing a football team to a military unit is one of the oldest cliches in our society.  The athletes are called "warriors".  They "prepare for war" every Sunday.  QBs are "field generals" taking...


"Suck for Luck" vs "We suck, so why not Luck?"

It's the obvious hot topic around here.  Should the Chiefs throw away the rest of the season in an attempt to snag an untested rookie QB?  Should we give another untested rookie QB already on the...


Pause. Catch your breath. Relax. Now let's take a look at what we got.

Jonathan Baldwin...nope, none of us saw this coming.  Not the Taylor fans (like me).  Not the Carimi fans.  Not the Sherrod fans.  Not the Ayers fans.  Not the Reed fans.  There were a few calling...

Draft 2011 War Rooms: Kansas City Chiefs


Pretty cool feature on NFL.com. They're also pulling comments off of there for "Path to the Draft". A chance to get an "expert" to tell you what they think of your ideas.


With the news on Phil Taylor...anybody else changing their minds?

I've been about as firmly in the Phil Taylor camp as anyone, but the info coming out about his feet is enough to change my mind. h...


Is Jamaal Charles running track a good thing?

Athletes do a lot of different things to keep in shape.  The really good ones like to push themselves.  They challenge themselves to be better every day.  I include Jamaal Charles in this...


Free Agency - The Other Side Of The Coin

Well all love to speculate about who the Chiefs should go after in the offseason.  It's fun to speculate and pretend for a second that we're qualified to be NFL GMs.  I'm sure many of you play...


It's Never Too Early To Plan Ahead

With the 2010 Regular Season coming to the end, it's time to look to the future of the Chiefs.  I'm sure some of you will say it's way too early for that, but I'm fairly confident that Scott Pioli...


Best Players vs Best Connection

Now I won't even attempt to make a case for Matt Cassel as the best QB in the league.  Nor will I make the case that Dwayne Bowe is the best WR in the league.  Simply put, I don't believe either...


The Safety Dilemma.

Early on, this offseason showed quite a bit of promise for the Chiefs.  We were active in Free Agency, had what many experts called a very smart draft, and had almost 100% attendance at OTAs and...

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