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One Theory on the Collapse


Citizen Zhiv wonders if maybe it was just time for this Clippers season to be over -- if the league and maybe even the citizens needed this to be done with at least for now.

Zhiv's Clipper Free Throwfesto


Citizen Zhiv went into All-Star weekend taking a casual glance at some of the details of Clipper free throw shooting. We've only just managed to dig ourselves out of that statistical rabbit hole....

Three Elite Players, Two Injuries and Ballhandling


Perhaps Durant and maybe even Griffin have joined LeBron as the very best players in the NBA, but was the leap accelerated by injuries to the two best point guards, and is big man ballhandling the...

A Few Thoughts on the Loss to Orlando


Citizen Zhiv has taken the Orlando loss hard, and he wants to know the moral of the story. Is there a moral to this story?

Shakespeare was a Clippers fan


Clips Nation's literary laureate Citizen Zhiv tells us why Shakespeare's Sonnet XXV is speaking directly to Clippers fans. And you guys thought Shakespearean references in previews was a bad idea!

The Clippers Zhiv Hard: What Was That?


The Doc Rivers era in Clipperland began with a whimper, not a bang. What are we to make of this funky turn of events? And where would the Clippers be without Byron Mullens?

A Few Thoughts on Clippers-Blazers


Citizen Zhiv shares his thoughts on the Clippers' pre-season opener in Portland.

The Bruin Clippers


Old man Zhiv finishes his pre-training camp series by linking the Clippers' Bruin alumni to the birth of one brand of basketball fandom in LA.

Of DeAndre and Doc


Citizen Zhiv is the eminence grise of Clips Nation -- he's been a citizen longer than anyone. From time to time he graces us with his wit and wisdom, and lately he's been on a roll. Today's topic...

DC Mania: Zhiv's Favorite New Clipper


The illustrious Citizen Zhiv is apparently excited about the upcoming season, as he checks in with a second post in a matter of just a few days. He's very excited about Darren Collison, his...

Byron Mullens and Quirky Clipper Big Men


Citizen Zhiv notes how Byron Mullens is promising and might even have an ineffable appeal to a certain element of the citizenry accustomed to cheering for Quirky Clipper Big Men.

Pondering Lamar Odom's Status and Choice


Citizen Zhiv weighs in on Lamar Odom.

Chris Kaman Signs with the Lakers


Former Clipper Chris Kaman has agreed to a one-year deal with the Lakers.

Zhiving the Doc Rivers-Bill Simmons Feud


Citizen Zhiv weighs in on the Doc Rivers-Bill Simmons Feud.

Zhiving the Clippers at the Trade Deadline


It's entirely possible that the best deal for the Clippers at the trade deadline will be no deal at all. Chris Paul isn't going anywhere, and the team has five more years of Paul and Griffin, so...

Zhiving the back to back wins


Citizen Zhiv on the back to back wins over the Lakers and the Warriors and just how good Chris Paul really is.

Club Optimism Opens Tonight!!!


Yes, yes--we've heard the clamoring outside the doors for some time now. But the Club likes to keep tabs on its sister institution, Club Reality, and you know the way things are over there. They...


Where would Aminu and Bledsoe be in this year's draft?

Does anybody have a guess?  The incentive to study the draft carefully is gone, because the Clippers don't have a pick.  And they obviously have plenty of young players to develop, the entire U23...


Mo vs. Bledsoe update

The game against the Wizards provided some interesting new evidence in this new little parlor game.  My first headline would be that Williams remained mixed.  He didn't contribute much at all...

20wo30 intact: Clippers win in 2 OT


Yeah, Eric Gordon had a bunch of miscues but hit a huge shot to tie the game and send it into double OT.  Yeah, Blake Griffin spun at the free throw line to find Randy Foye open for a wide open 3,...


Mo vs. Bledsoe

Have to say, it's kinda sad and boring to be a Clipper fan right now.  Lots of reasons, most of them obvious.  I thought that getting Eric Gordon back, with a healthy Chris Kaman, would be exciting...

Requiem for Baron Davis: Say It Ain't Mo!


It makes sense, but it's not the way it was supposed to work.  Baron Davis playing for the LA Clippers was set up to be an LA fairy tale, an NBA Hollywood blockbuster.  It was only a few days ago,...


Hollinger's Bad Trade Idea

Mikey P had the chat item down below in a fanshot, but Hollinger elaborates on his stupid, anti-Clipper idea in an insider article about "5 trades that really should happen," or whatever it is. The...


The Silence on Kaman

I was out for a couple of weeks, missing Gordon's injury, although I was back just long enough last week to watch the Clips lose two games in Texas.  So I've been a little out of the loop, but I...

Win #15: Can the Nation Handle Success?


SP has family, virus, and perhaps the schelp back and forth to Staples:  who knows?  But come on, let's get a post up to talk about the victorious Clippers!  This game was  sweet for all sorts of...

Doing Nothing


I don't know about you guys, but I don't have a lot of plans for today.  Sounds like a classic Core Philosophy opportunity.  Too late now to rally up and get the early start at Mt. Baldy, where...

Loss #23: Oh well. Utah disrupts Clipper momentum


Kind of frustrating.  A bad third quarter, which we've seen too many times before and might have hoped was a thing of the past, along with a failure to defend the home floor.  This was an important...

A Couple of Things


As long as I'm hanging out here keeping the home fires burning, I thought I might hit one pet topic of my own, and also speculate on the primary preoccupations in the comments on this morning's...

Win #10, 5 out of 6: Clippers beat Kings


Again, oh so Clipper.  But the team is playing well and the ball is certainly bouncing their way right now, as evidenced by Evans' potential game-winner, after his missed free throw, coming out of...

Four Out of Five: Clips beat the Suns


Okay, so the second half and the 4th quarter looked quite... Clipper.  But still.  All the highlights one could ask for in the first quarter, followed by a fair amount of steady play, along with...

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