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Mark Stein Snubs Eric Gordon: Are You Kidding Me?


  Steve Perrin will get mad at me for not mastering a simple link yet, and I was going to just do a fan post.  But I started to lose my mind there for a second when I went over to ESPN, and I...


Mikon Debut: Ralph caught in traffic

There's a thread about SP's copyrighted phrases, U23 and Posterphobia.  I was commenting about the exchange between Marv Albert and Steve Kerr about Clipper Nation (Marv:  There's a Nation?), and I...

No Game Thread? Clipper Victory? Happy Birthday Clipper Steve


No problem.  The Clips and Blake Griffin came through on the birthday of our fearless leader, and delivered a satisfying home win against the team with the best record in the league once again....

Okay, let's take a breath here.


As one commenter said so eloquently, "I've never been so excited following a game thread."   What do we know now, at halftime of a meaningless preseason game?  I think we can safely say the Blake...

What happened to that game thread?


Hey!  I'm reading box scores, taking a look at the Wizards and the Cavs and Boston and New Jersey and the general preseason chaos and confusion (Yi Jianlian!  You go, big fella!), and I see that...

It's called Optimism


I got in the car at 720 last night to head down to Long Beach for the big preseason ClipsNation politburo meeting, complete with Lebanese food.  And I realized that I could listen to Ralph and Mike...


Slow Start: Lakers or Clippers?

With Bynum out until December something, and Kobe shutting it down in London after 6 minutes and the TWolves having their way in a meaningless game, I was wonder if there was any chance that the L...


Baron Davis is in pretty good shape

Baron Davis is not in bad shape, or out of shape, and he's not fat.  He's a beast of a player and he's strong and quick.  The thing is, he plays in the NBA.  And he's not getting any younger. ...


Early October PreSeason Roadie: Port, Sac, GSW

Looking around for camp invitee, par Monsieur Perrin, DJFoster over at, getting some Fri 9/24 info from "LACx3."  Maybe that's him, maybe it isn't.  I didn't know that DTS has an...

"The worst is not while yet we can still say: this is the worst"


This quote from Shakespeare (King Lear, I think) should be remembered by all Clipper fans.  It comes in handy.  It doesn't make things better, but it provides a thumbnail guide for the possibility...


SL game #2: Unleash the Beasts!

I registered more than mild disappointment after the first game of summer league.  Club Optimism was prepared to open its doors, even after a blank and uninspiring FA sequence.  But inside the Club...


Classic Clipper Disappointment: A Few Thoughts

I can't believe that I was so bummed out after a summer league game.  But hey, I know what to expect:  it's the Clippers, after all.  Still, it's just summer league, and things are going to be...


Clipper Matchups with New Heat

So let's assume this happens.  Is the New Heat a superteam?  Sure, why not.  They're built to match up with the Lakers.  Gasol/Bosh, Artest/Lebron, Kobe/Wade.  The Lakers happen to have Bynum, LO...


Anybody else psyched for summer league?

Getting close now, and with FA musical chairs winding down and the Clips hiring a coach, it's time for a little summer basketball.  I have to say, I'm pretty excited about the roster. B...

Wha Hahppen? VDN gets the nod


SP doesn't seem to be around this evening.  So I'll put it up on top:  the Clips have apparently reached an agreement for Vinny Del Negro to be the next coach of the storied franchise.  Reports are...


Pierce signs: Good luck with that one, Boston

I love it when the elite teams have to pay full price and get subjected to the same market forces that challenge the other, also-ran teams in the league.  When I went on a Celtics site or two a...


DTS and the Lebron Proposal

My sense is that the Clippers and Olshey will be well-prepared to answer any MDSr. questions in the interview with Lebron.  In the first place, it's just too obvious a stumbling block for them not...


A Few Thoughts

It's a real pleasure to see that the Clippers have some interesting storylines this morning.  There's a lot to think about and analyze, and topics for discussion, even if no one in the media is...


Mock Drafts: SP/Clipper pick approaching

Thought I would move this approaching suspenseful moment up to a FanPost, as the SB Nation mock draft started up yesterday and it's moving towards SP's pick.  It's over at Ridiculous Upside, as was...


The Fredo Corleone Move

I've just been reading a little bit about the recent turn of events with LeBron James.  The Most Intriguing Summer Ever, for us Clipper fans as well as all sorts of other NBA followers, is...

It's the Clippers...

37 of course they let New Jersey, a fine young group of hard-working ballplayers, get their fourth win of the season.  We all knew that this would happen.  Eric Gordon in a comeback game.  Kaman...


Korolev in the D League   KA put up YK's season profile yesterday, and it seems to be a juicy Cliptidbit.  He's all of 22 years old now and...

As Funky as it Gets: Breaking: Griffin out for the Year


I wasn't even able to deal with last night's funky funky game, when I got an email with the news that Griffin is going to have surgery. Citizen Chuck has it up over at a FanPost, but this will put...


Bring on the Funk!

Who knew that the 3rd meeting between the Clippers and the Memphis Funk would be a big, exciting, critical game?  The informed citizenry of ClipsNation, that's who, well aware that our friendly...


Did anybody go to the game?

Does anybody have a citizen's-eye-view report of the Clipper win over Utah?  Maybe not.  Monsieur Perrin is conserving his energies for the regular season and keeping the soccer squad tight.  DJ...


Good Self-Analysis by Dunleavy

Just saw this elsewhere, Dunleavy from EPincus' Media Day coverage:  "As far as I'm concerned, the indictment on me is that I may not be a very good coach when my players are injured.  Give me a...


Some Kaman Thoughts

Beloved Clipper Chris Kaman is in an interesting position going into the season.  Let me say upfront that my hope is that Kaman 2.0 shows up, ready to play, and he leads the team to glory.  I love...

NBA Offseason Buzz: L.A. Clippers


Hollinger and Bucher on Clips. Maybe somebody with Insider can describe for us the beauties of this article on the Laughingstocks.

A Little Summer Forecast Analysis: The LA Laughingstocks


ESPN's "Summer Forecast" gets in some nice early shots at the LA Laughingstocks, despite adding the presumptive RoY and dumping the Worst Newcomer.

Rasual Butler traded to Clips


A little mid-August breaking news. Need to study this myself, but I thought I would get it up on the board here for thoughts and comments. ...

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