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Born and Raised San Franciscan, and proud of it. I bleed for my alma mater Penn State Nittany Lion (although I have a soft spot for the UCLA Bruins). I will fight to the death for my teams, even if it means I'm in the strong minority (I was in Pennsylvania, amongst Phillies fans during the 2010 NLCS). Even though I'm from melo California, I am a sports fanatic and die-hard in everyway possible. Loyal till the end.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Golden State Warriors
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
  • NCAAF Penn St. Nittany Lions
  • NCAAB UCLA Bruins
  • NHL San Jose Sharks
  • Boxing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Saul Alvarez, Andre Ward, Ricardo Mayorga
  • FIFA Mexico National Soccar Team
  • Serie A F.C. Internazionale Milano
  • La Liga F.C. Barcelona
  • EPL Tottenham Hotspur
  • MLS San Jose Earthquakes
  • Winter Olympics United States
  • Figure Skating United States
  • Wrestling Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin
User Blog

Bring back King of the Ring

One Cagsider makes his case for bringing it back as a mid-summer PPV, with an added wrinkle. Read on to find out what that is, and let him know if you agree or disagree.

Youth infusion should be chasing mid-card titles

One Cagesider makes the case for the current youth infusion in WWE to chase the mid-card titles before they head off to the main event scene.


A Case for Bringing Back "Long-Term" Champions

This Cagesider kicks it old school to make his case for a certain someone to conquer the WWE Championship scene, and reign over it for a long, long time.


Would You Trade Gio Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera

Assume you'd get Adam LaRoche and Masahero Tanaka, would you trade away Gio Gonzalez and Miguel Cabrera. Keep in mind that both Gio and Cabrera are your keepers. I don't know if LaRoche is a...

A case for bringing back the European championship

One fan believes the European championship needs to make a return. See his argument right here and tell us if you agree or disagree.


Looking for that ACE

Though I am not the smartest or even most experienced fantasy baseball owner, I am someone who has played. The last few years, I have been able to pick someone up mid-season who has come through...


Need a little help with this Yahoo League

Hey Guys! Brand new to Fake Teams. I am a newer guy to fantasy baseball, Ive played before but never really sniffed the top end of the standings anytime i've played. Usually, I have poor luck with...


Looking to sell my tickets for tomorrow.

Hey guys! I have a pair of tickets for tomorrow's game for sale. I have to go to work last minute and no one I know can go. Anyone interested in buying? LB 130, row 18, seats 15 and 16. Selling...


How WWE Should Deal with Daniel Bryan's Injury

I just read the horrific news about Daniel Bryan having to get neck surgery and miss some time. I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I hope this doesn’t lead to...

The night John Cena turned heel

One fan argues that John Cena actually turned heel at WWE "Extreme Rules" last night (May 4, 2014) in New Jersey.


Little Help, Crazy Wrestling Fans!

Hey guys! So I have a big favor to ask. As some of you remember, I mentioned a while back about how I just recently returned to watching wrestling after ending my time watching in 2000. So, in...


All is Lost: Finding Passion in the WWE

My cousin came over. He lived in Cottonwood, California, which was a six-hour drive towards the Oregon border from my home in working class San Francisco. We were so close growing up, but because...


Wow! That was bad!

Some of the consequences of me getting back into wrestling in the last four months have led to me re-watching old wrestling pay per views. In my endlessly empty days (thank to my cut hours at...


King of the Ring

So yesterday, the WWE released their 2014 pay per view schedule. I honestly expected to see the same lame ass schedule we had this year (including the current PPV shit show we're in). However, to...


WHC question

So, as I've mentioned before, I took a long hiatus from watching wrestling between around 2001-2012 (or so). I completely missed the Invasion story and though I heard about the acquisition of WCW...


Eye Opener!

Hey guys... I wanted to post this interview that I did with Mike Wallace, the former cornerback. I don't mean to advertise my podcast (trust me, this isn't about that)...but this interview was...



For anyone who remembers, I wrote a post a few weeks ago about podcasting and whatnot. Most of you said you'd be down to listen. i am a little worried to actually post this, because I don't want to...


Sorry, I'm new here...

So this might get lots of trolling, however, I wanted to ask a few questions. I was a big WWF, ECW, WCW person from 1996-2000 (or so). I stopped watching for a few reasons, but the main one has to...


Looking for a mass amount of opinions on a question...

So, I have a serious question, but first a few things before i get to said questions. I am not someone who posts often or comments regularly, but I am a avid reader (been reading BSD stuff since...



Hey Guys, So, this is such a noob thing to do, but I have a question for who ever reads this. I am a huge soccer/futbol fan, always have been. However, because I live in the states I am rarely...

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