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So....we have 3 of the worst contracts in the NBA


8. Andrew Bogut: two years, $27.35 million 7. Andris Biedrins: two years, $18 million 6. Richard Jefferson: two years, $21.2 million Hold on, we have to wait for the Warriors fans to stop screaming. (Couple more seconds.) (Couple more.) And we're good. This was a dramedy of errors that, collectively, seemed very Warriorsish. First, their decision to amnesty Charlie Bell (over just buying him out) so they could give DeAndre Jordan (no. 27 on this list, mind you) an overpriced offer sheet was unfathomable, especially when they had Biedrins (three years, $27 million remaining) doing everything short of carrying a "PLEASE AMNESTY ME" sign into games. Their decision to turn Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh into the Bogut/Jefferson contracts wasn't indefensible — just super-risky — and so far it's failed about as badly as any trade that doesn't include the words "Andrew Bynum." Bogut looks like he's physically breaking down, and that's being kind. But here's the real killer. Multiple sources have told me that, when Oklahoma City's Sam Presti decided to shop James Harden, Golden State was his first call. He wanted Klay Thompson and a pick. The Warriors would only consider the trade if Oklahoma City took back Biedrins or Jefferson for 2013 expirings, knowing they'd get crushed by the luxury tax in 2014 with Harden's extension plus Steph Curry's extension plus David Lee plus Bogut/Jefferson/Biedrins.13 At that point, Presti went to Washington (offering Harden for Bradley Beal, and unbelievably getting turned down), then Houston (where the shopping heated up). Presti never ended up calling Golden State back. Really, the Warriors were felled by New Owner Syndrome. I like Joe Lacob — in the long run, he'll be fine. But when you give competitive billionaires an NBA team, they're rarely (if ever) patient. They want to win right away, and they're always going to plow ahead with a couple of risky/splashy moves because they don't know any better yet. Wyc Grousbeck, Mark Cuban, Ted Leonsis, Dan Gilbert … name a new-wave owner who wasn't a cheapskate (I'm looking at you, Robert Sarver) and I guarantee they battled New Owner Syndrome. For Lacob, the DeAndre/Bell and Bogut/Jefferson moves were his N.O.S. moments. Remember, Dr. Jerry Buss once made Mitch Kupchak the highest-paid forward in basketball — that was one of the original N.O.S. moments. You can't fight it off unless you're an unredeeming skinflint of a cheapskate. (Again, staring right at you, Robert Sarver.)


The Warriors will be judged by their next 15 games

Today from the Lakers onwards we face Utah, Philly, Boston, LAC (x3), Memphis, Portland, Denver, Miami, San Antonio, a little breather in New Orleans, OKC, Chicago, and Milwaukee. That is a cringe...


Harrison is the Key to the Offense

Alright hear me out here. I know that this is huge responsibility to put on a rookie, but this was one of the majorp roblems I had with the offense going into this year. In our theoretical starting...


Ty Lawson received a 4 year 48 million dollar extension.

Ty Lawson received a 4 year 48 million dollar extension. Curry shouldn't receive much more than that. Ty is a proven scorer, both driving and shooting, and is a good defender. This sets a precedent...

Kirilenko gets 2 years 20 million


DAM He isn't worth 10 million year

Shaw, Malone Withdraw From Consideration For Magic Job


Yes, two down, one to go. Portland don't hire Malone. TY.

Warriors Unlikely To Sign Curry To Extension


Well I can see why they wouldn't want to, but they should nonetheless for about 7-9 million a year.


2012 NBA Draft - Kings

Half of the NBA season is over and the NCAA season is also ending very soon. The lowly Kings are following the OKC model, and in my opinion excelling and doing better than OKC at it. All you guys...


The NBA Draft and more- Jazz As all of you know, the Jazz probably have 2 picks in a really deep draft. Right now its the 10th and 12th, but that will probably change by the end...

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