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Imagine a genetic experiment fusing George Washington, Adam Reposa, Wick Sollers, and Polycarp of Smyrna. Who is a Penn State fan. That's what I want to be.

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I'm Football-talk Starved and I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore

It's late April. The Blue-White Game is in the rear view mirror, but we've got a solid 1/3 of a year until football season. That's a long time and it sucks. The BSD staff has tried to fill our...

Yeah so we're CBI-ing


This is what happens when you don't show up to the first several minutes of Minnesota games. Beat Hampton.



Building on last week's great fashion success, PSU decided to do the same thing again. Only this time, they spent probably twice as long designing it and took into account the constructive criticism given by the BSD commentariat.

Louis Freeh and Cynthia Baldwin are not yet disbarred. Meditate on this.


A detail of the whole mess, but it's yet another thing that does make very clear that anyone who puts faith in the words of Louis Freeh is, in fact, a moron.



There's been a lot of, shall we say, outrage-ish stuff poring and pouring out of the BSD proletariat over the prospect of PSU switching up the UVA game with URI. We now know it isn't happening,...



Since we're apparently being lazy with this, I took it upon myself. Bob Szajna played football at Penn State in the early 50s. According to Nittany Anthology, he wore #26 against Rutgers...


2/2/10 neverforget

"Sadness surrounds us, isn't that right, Err?" "SADNESS IS FOR POOR PEOPLE" --An exchange between those two fictitious prophets of the modern age, the Mooninites (Ignignokt and Err), on Aqua Teen...


An odd request [update]

A Fera jersey.  I can't find one. Does anyone know where I could get one? The backstory: as most of you know, I do not hail from PSU country.  Defiance, Ohio is pretty much equidistant from Ohio...


How each BCS league did on opening weekend so far

It's the opening weekend.  Lots of cupcakes and lots of new faces.  That's the grain of salt for what you are about to see.  That being said, it was real college football.  So how did each league...

K&E with Bodog's B1G odds


Bodog's 2011 Big Ten odds. I don't gamble, but these things are interesting. I'm currently debating whether or not putting $100 each on everybody not named Nebraska or Minnesota to win the Legends Division can really be considered gambling.


What wins Big Ten football games? pt 2: Turnovers

Coaches preach taking care of the football.  There are a couple reasons. The first is that regardless of the relative talent level of the teams in the game, the turnover battle is the easiest...


What wins Big Ten football Games? pt 1: Homefield Advantage

BSD: Bumped for effort... So I was thinking about the 2010 Michigan State game for some reason.  In that game, Penn State had over 60 more yards, fewer turnovers, more points off turnovers, and...


Phil Steele's All-Big Ten Teams and Reading Way too Much Into It

Phil Steele has released his all-Big Ten projections for 2011.  I did some analysis-like stuff based on what I saw in it.Image and tea leaf reading after the jump.


Real Record and PSU's Case for the NCAA Tournament

How exactly does one go about judging a team's NCAA Tournament resume?   Most established bracketologists (especially Bracketology 101) are extremely accurate.  Jay Coleman's DanceCard algorithm...

Computing QB Efficiency


Excellent post from a Cal blog about computing QB efficiency and the means to do it. Personally, I still prefer the NFL formula, even if it's a better measure of the effectiveness of a team's passing game than it is a measure of how the QB played. As if you didn't know: neither McGloin or Bolden played extremely well last year.


So you're telling me there's a chance?

Penn State Basketball has a chance to get an at-large berth in the NCAA Tournament.  A probable chance? A realistic chance?  That's what I'm trying to find out. Assumptions: --16 or less wins gives...


Automatic BCS Bid Scenarios

Thanks to the football gods' hatred of Indiana, PSU's chances of winning the Big Ten's automatic BCS went from "this could really happen if PSU just wins out" to awful on Saturday, but the...


Maybe we can be decent?

Penn State is 5-3.  All three losses have come against teams in the Sagarin top 26.  All 5 wins came against teams ranked lower than that.The following is a list of teams ranked in the AP Poll who...


Assuming this is the end

...of conference realignment (and it seems to be for the time), let's examine the winners and losers: The Clear Winners: The Big Ten, Nebraska, Texas, TAMU, Oklahoma These are the groups that...


Any Penn Staters in Iraq?

I'll be headed to Iraq for approximately one year starting in early September in support of GWOT Contingency Operations, and I'd just like to know if there are any other Nittany Lions (or Big Ten...


Comparing Conferences by Draft Picks

Since it was brought up in the comments of my last post, I decided to compare leagues based on NFL draft picks.  Data was available on for the years 2008-2010 and not earlier, or I would...


Intraconference Variety at the Top

I was thinking about the Pac-10, and how for the past decade it's been USC and 9 teams named Fred (or so it seems).  So I decided to compare each conferences' performance in the last decade...


Selection anger

I have a vague idea of what criteria the selection committee uses to determine what teams get into the dance at best.  What I do know is that Notre Dame got a 6 seed, which means they were very,...


Maybe we will be awesome soon?

 Data and Charts with MS Paint drawn trendlines.  Let's do this.  The following are the KenPom ratings for each PSU basketball team in the ED Era (2004-2010), with a 2 year running average...


Line for the Michigan Game

As of right now, according to this website: Nittany Lions are 3 point favorites at Michigan.On one hand, I think that's a...

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