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Where will the Astros trade Harrell?


An analysis of the potential trading partners if the Astros decide to trade Lucas Harrell.

Looking at Astros hitters' luck


A sabermetric view of Astros' hitter BABIP.

Why has the Astros' rotation improved?


Sabermetrics points to BABIP.

Appel Signs With Astros


Astros set press conference for Appel signing.

Captain Ahab pursues Tejada


A look back at the Astros' efforts to pry Miguel Tejada from the Orioles.

Sabermetrics and Shifting Fielders


The impact of defensive shifts on the Astros' advanced fielding metrics.

Random Astros Questions and Saber Answers


Inquiring minds want to know about the Astros

Humber out; Gonzalez in


Veteran pitcher Philip Humber is DFA'd and replaced by Edgar Gonzalez.

Darin Erstad links the Astros and Angels


Darin Erstad was a 1-1 draft pick of the Angels who would later play for the Astros.

Projecting the Astros' minor league walk deities


Does the Grossman-Fontana type hitter profile translate to the major leagues.

Astros contributed to the Bronx Zoo


Astros-Yankees History: Cliff Johnson was traded to the Yankees.

Mike Hampton, Ex-Mariner


We look back at the pitcher who got away from the Mariners, becoming an Astros stalwart.

Getting insights from stats...


Talking sabermetrics examines what we can learn from two advanced metrics.

Wednesday 3 Things


The Astros, their prospects, and the starting pitchers.

What are the odds of young Astros breaking out?


How many young Astros major leaguers will break out as either average, star, or elite players in the near future?

Can the Astros improve in extra innings?


Bo Porter can look at one facet of last year's W/L record to get a quick 4 or 5 game improvement.

Another round of cuts.


Astros cut 10 from spring camp.


Best In Astros History According To Hall of Stats

The web site "Hall of Stats" uses a sabermetric approach to evaluate the the Hall of Fame worthiness of every player. The methodology is based on an adjusted version of WAR (wins above replacement)...

Talking Sabermetrics: Acquiring Sluggers


The Astros have shown a proclivity for acquiring low batting average home run hitters. A sabermetric look at the strategy.

Astrodome Scoreboard article


Baseball Prospectus has a nice piece about the old scoreboard in the Astrodome.

What's in store for J-Max?


Justin Maxwell was a great waiver claim; will he produce in 2013?

Are the Astros due for a change in luck?


The Astros likely face a bad W/L record in 2013, but it may not be as bad as some think.

Talking Sabermetrics: Astros Pitchers


A different angle on Astros starting pitchers 2012 performance.

Earl Weaver and the Astros...


The late Earl Weaver was a sabermetric genius; what can the Astros learn?

Alan Ashby Returning As Television Broadcaster


Ashby will take over Astros' television duties.

Sabermetrics: Humber and Veras


Talking Sabermetrics looks at the Astros' recent pitcher acquisitions.

Sabermetric discussion: relievers..fielding stats


A sabermetric view of Astros' relievers, plus some musings about defensive metrics.

What does BABIP tell us about the Astros' hitters?


We can use x-BABIP to evaluate whether Astros' hitters over- or under-performed in 2012.

Sabermetrics: Astros pitching BABIP


What should we expect from Astros pitchers in the future?

Talking Sabermetrics--starting pitcher control.


Can the Astros reduce the injury risk for their rotation by favoring control pitchers?

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