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QB Power Rankings: 80's Movie Edition

These rankings are my prediction on how each quarterback will perform this upcoming season.

Adjustment to the Madden 15 Cover


I think Earl and Kam add a little more oomph to an otherwise uncreative cover.


Richard Sherman on the Cover: Mario Kart 8

Richard Sherman is currently in the final round of voting to be on the Madden Cover… which is fine… but I feel like Richard should be on other video game covers, like Mario Kart 8. Richard...

My New Favorite Gif


Behold its glory

Super Bowl Perspective


I've kind of been in shock since last night. This is the first video I've seen where the weight of the situation has hit me. Seeing a Seahawk victory among all the previous winners is incredible.


Who's Got (Their Name On) My Back?

I am not a huge fan of wearing jerseys. I only own one. I got it right before the Super Bowl XL season and it says Hasselbeck. I did end up wearing that #8 jersey quite a bit. I wore it to every...


Week 3 Power Rankings according to the comments

Most rankings are pieced together by some self-indulgent sports analyst. My power rankings are created by the fans.


Seahawks as Superheroes

NFL.com is currently promoting a story comparing NFL players to superheroes. Whoever wrote that article did a pretty terrible job. Bill Belichick as Professor X? Sean Payton as Iron Man? Larry...

Improving the Wes Welker Depend Ad


No offense to Field Gulls' sponsor, but I think their new ad could be localized a little bit.


Power Ranking for fans with low team-esteem

Some fans are not satisfied by their own belief in their team; they require more recognition from others to validate their beliefs. They have low team-esteem and I would like to soothe their...


The Seahawk's Evolution via Pictures of Muscly Men

I'm a visual learner. I find that pictures are the best way for me to discern information and share information. With that in mind, I would like to share with you how excited I am for the 2013 S...


Percy Harvin (Marvin) Gaye - Got to Give it Up

MARVIN GAYE Got To Give It Up (via Youtube) This is how I image the scene looks down in Renton today. But the late, great Marvin Gaye raises a great question. Percy Harvin is costing the S...


Who would you want as a backup?

Let's all assume for a minute that Matt Flynn will be traded. Maybe he will, maybe he wont... but if he is, who do you want behind Russel Wilson on the depth chart? Option #1 - The Grizzled...


How do you move Heaven and Earth?

Russell Wilson escapes the pocket, rolls left and lofts it into the end zone; right into the hands of Larry Fitzgerald. Touchdown. Dear God, Thank you for Russell Wilson. I know that I was...


Time for Playoff Beards

The Seahawks are excelling in almost every aspect right except for one: beards. Where are the beards guys? I know playoff beards are more of an NHL thing, but don't tell that to Brett Keisel... or...


NFL Playoff Schedule Question

A couple months ago I was fortunate enough to survive the mad dash free-for-all to get tickets for "The Book of Mormon" at the Paramount Theater in Seattle... unfortunately I had to just get...


Hey... Guess what

The Seahawks can clinch a playoff spot with one more win. I was let down last night after the Patriots wasted a ridiculous comeback and let Kaepernick and his Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson delivery...


Terms and Phrases that the Sports World Needs to Stop Using

"Your Peyton Mannings, Drew Breeses, your Tom Bradies of the world." What the heck? Do you mean to say, "The upper echelon of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady?" I know...


Instant Overreactions: Seahawks vs Dolphins

Seriously. Fuck. That. Shit.(Warning. It's gonna get vulgar) We can still make the playoffs. All of our main competitors lost today.... we just can't lose again. But fucking hell if we should...


Dear Mr. Wilson

I owe you an apology. For the last few months I have been doubting your readiness to be the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. I saw the way our defense was shutting down the other team...


Flynn's last two starts vs Wilson's last four starts

Matt Flynn:55 of 81 (67.9%) for 731 yards | 9 tds. | 2 ints | 8 sacks | 0 yards rushing | 2 fumbles lost Russell Wilson:60 of 100 (60%) for 594 yards | 4 tds | 4 ints | 8 sacks |80 yards...


Instant Overreactions: Seahawks vs Rams

WARNING! CONTAINS GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF VULGARITIES!!!! If you want to put this lose on anybody else besides our quarterback, you are a stubborn old fuck. open your eyes and stop lying to...


A Prophecy for the Seahawks vs Rams

I had a dream last night. A terrible no-good dream and I fear it may be a sign of things to come. In this blanket tossing display of unconscious wish-fulfillment, the Seahawks were facing hard,...


Instant Over Reactions: Seahawks vs Packers

We stole this one. Wow. Grade 'A' Baloney. I feel pretty rotten about this. We did not deserve this. Wilson played like crap. The refs played like crap. I actually feel bad for Green Bay. When...


Instant Overreactions: Seahawks vs. Cardinals

I don't like Russell Wilson. Even in my instant rage I can understand that in the future he could be good, but he should not be starting right now. That was a mistake.


We are Going to Win with Either QB

After rewatching some of Russell's plays from last night, my only concerns left are his short to intermediate throws; they seem to sail high and require the WR to make a great play.


Flynn Vs. Wilson = Politics: You are tearing me apart Lisa!

This time of the year is the worst. All of us want the same thing and yet we are all divided into two camps. The later into Summer we get, the farther and farther we push away from one another. We...


What the Madden 13 Demo Thinks of the Seahawks

My favorite part about a new Madden game is finding out how EA Sports thinks the Seahawk roster will shake out and how the players will rate. For instance, last year some guy at EA said, "This Doug...

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