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I have been a true Utah Jazz fan since I started paying attention to the game. I was probably eight or so. I am currently in graduate school in North Carolina and I have NBA league pass so that I can see all of the Jazz games. I am a big fan of Deron Williams and Ronnie Brewer.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Utah Jazz
  • NFL Oakland Raiders
  • NCAAF BYU Cougars
  • NCAAB Duke Blue Devils
  • Tennis James Blake
  • Soccer Salt Lake Real
  • General Utah Blaze
User Blog

Is There an Underpaid Jazzman?


A look at overpaid and underpaid Jazz players

Channeling Our Inner Miss Cleo - The Downbeat #857

Fun With Season Predictions

Financial Options for the Utah Jazz


The ins and outs of the financial future of your favorite team

The Downbeat #851

Life Off, Season On

The Downbeat #845

Kyrylo Fesenko Doesn't Pay Much Attention to the NBA

The Downbeat #840

Five Crazy Predictions for the Jazz: The Fake Bleacher Report

The Dowbeat #839

If the Jazz are going to become a much better team and eventually contenders, I think we can all agree that the team needs to improve defensively. Depending on which statistical database you use,...

The Downbeat #835

Four weeks from tonight, the Utah Jazz will be back together playing organized basketball against the Golden State Warriors. The team will reconvene for training camp as soon as September is...

The Downbeat #830

I've confirmed with sources on twitter that assistant coach Scott Layden has taken the assistant GM position with the San Antonio Spurs. I don't want to talk about what this means or why it...

The 5 Biggest Storylines of the Upcoming Utah Jazz Season - The Downbeat - #825


How good will the Golden State Warriors be? It was fun and then really depressing to keep tabs on the Warriors last year to see how good or bad they would be. Of course the Warriors will owe the J...


Trade Proposal From a Jazz Fan

Hey Loud City, thanks for the warm welcome. I like to visit opposing team's sites and talk about how their fans perceive their own team and what not. I just wondered how desperate you guys think...

The Utah Jazz are Perpetual Winners of the Kwame Brown Lottery- The Downbeat #820


I have secured some secret video footage of Derrick Favors' offseason workouts. While his teammates are working on their games and physiques in Santa Barbara at the P3 Gym, Favors is honing his...

Jazz Fans and the Need for Constant Approval


I'm fascinated by the psychology of sports and sports fans, specifically. Why do we care? When you think about it, 10 men bouncing a ball and trying to shoot it into a basket, even in planned,...

The Kids Might Just Be Alright - The Downbeat - #815


The NBA off season went and got crazy on us last week with the blockbuster NBA trade that sent Dwight Howard to LA, Andre Iguodala to Denver, and Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia along with other...

Paul Millsap Turned Down a Maximum Contract - The Downbeat - #810

As you may have heard by now, the Jazz have reportedly offered Paul Millsap a maximum extension and he has in turn refused the offer and will most likely become an unrestricted free agent next...

Nothing Runs Like a Young Deere - The Downbeat - #805


Where to start, where to start? How about with the starters? It's a topic among Jazz fans and certainly one we can chat about until the season begins on Halloween night. Who should be the...

The Days of #47 Parade


Welcome to the 163rd annual Days of '47 Parade. I'm your host Craig Bolerjack along with my left hand man, Matty Harpring. How are you doing Matt? Matt: I'm great Boler, it's good to be back in...

Heading North by Northwest - The Downbeat - #800


There is obviously a lot of off season yet to be played, but from the looks of things, I am going to declare the Northwest Division the best division in the NBA. Oklahoma City will be the best...

I was a Psychology Major, But Please Don't Ask Me What You're Thinking Right Now - The Downbeat - #795


Most of the time I can tie in the songs I share with you into the downbeat. Not today. You just get to enjoy music I like, because I'm nice and I like to share. Just as a note, the Boyz II...

Good Offseason! Let's Start the Season Now- The Downbeat - #790


You've probably heard the news by now. The Jazz are buying out Raja Bell. Let's dedicate this downbeat to our friend Mr. GQ, starting with this beautiful song that the Boyz II Men wrote for this...

Rebreaking News: Utah Jazz Make Jeremy Evans a Millionaire


Multiple Reports have the Utah Jazz signing forward Jeremy Evans to a 3 year, $5.5 million deal today. NBA.com's David Aldridge broke the news on Twitter. This is great news for a great guy in...

Mo Williams, Mo' Questions- The Downbeat #785


Well the Jazz officially acquired Mo Williams into their Traded Player Exception over the weekend. From what I can tell, I think most Jazz fans are excited about the trade. I'm pretty lukewarm...

2012 Draft Grades

You've seen probably one or two or five or 25 draft recaps with grades attached to them. I think the idea is sort of silly. Grading the draft the day after is sort of silly. Who knows what will...

The Fake GM of the Jazz Explains Himself - The Downbeat #784


Good Morning Jazz fans! This is your favorite GM of all time, the fake Kevin O'Connor here to let you in on some of my drafting strategies and what went right and what went wrong last night. You...

Mocks, Rumors and Databases - The Downbeat - #780


We've been having some fun with the draft, making a mock draft as a community and spreading rumors and sharing trade scenarios. More than likely there won't be any huge trades with any teams,...

Mock Draft: With the 9th Pick the Detroit Pistons

Things are moving along as we prepare for the NBA Draft on Thursday. With 36% of the votes, we drafted Weber State Point Guard Damian Lillard to the Toronto Velociraptors. Now we move a 4 hour...

Mock Draft: With the 8th Pick the Raptors select

We voted the Golden State Warriors to select some integrity with the 7th pick, but I forgot that he withdrew himself from the NBA draft about 28 years ago. So we'll give the Warriors Perry...

Mock Draft: With the 7th Pick the Golden State Warriors select


I apologize guys. But I've been tanking this mock draft stuff. Not giving my best effort. We'll do a couple a day, so we can finish the lottery before Thursday night. With 54% of the...

Mock Draft: With the 7th Pick the Golden State Warriors select


With 53% of the community vote, we selected Bradley Beal to the Portland Trailblazers with the 6th pick. Portland would be absolutely ecstatic if Beal fell to them, as he may be the 2nd best player...

Days of 47 - The Downbeat - #775


"It's good to let you use me, cause I've used you so many times before." - the Mother Hips Besides just really liking this song and wanting to share it with you fellow Jazz junkies, the above...

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