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Grant on drafting Lindor (FanGraphs)


Boiled down to the belief that he'll stick at short. The article also includes some general insight into the Indians' scouting process.

Tomlin interview on FanGraphs


"Having conviction on every pitch can make somebody successful even if they don’t have good stuff."

Brantley vs. Marte


Baseball Prospectus article (free content): The Disparate Paths of Andy Marte and Michael Brantley Acta on Marte: "It's about consistency, whether you get 10 at-bats or 100 or 200, you have to take advantage," Acta says. "(His struggles) have been consistently at the plate, basically." Marte on Marte: "(I need) to be more consistent," Marte says, echoing the sentiments of his manager. "I know I can hit up here. I need to be more selective at the plate and get better pitches. Everything comes from there. If I do that, I'll have good success." Brantley on slugging: "I believe so," Brantley said when asked if he expected to generate more power in the future. "I think you'll see a little more in 2010. I make no guarantees, but I feel a lot stronger and, mentally, I'm tougher than I've ever been in my life."

AL Central payroll roundup at BP


OK, I'll fan the flames of the burgeoning LGT class war! My apologies to the poor non-subscribing bastards. This is a brief, forward-looking article on the payroll situations around the division. It offers a relatively rosy take on the Tribe, avoiding the temptation to exaggerate the albatross-ity of Hafner's contract. But there's nothing new on the Indians here -- it is more helpful for its info on the competition.

Moniker Madness


Cirilo Cumberbatch and Darling Read represent the Tribe in MLB's minor league name tournament. Cumberbatch looks good to get through his region, as he is the top seed -- but watch out for Benito Beato in the final four. Sadly, it appears Delvi Cid didn't have the résumé for an at-large bid.

Moneyball III: Moreyball


Off topic in that this is about basketball, but this article was written by Moneyball author Michael Lewis. It casts Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey in the Billy Beane role and explores his work to move beyond traditional stats to gain an edge on the competition. Shane Battier is the main example of an "unappreciated" player who helps his team win despite putting up mediocre numbers in the categories normally used to evaluate players' talent.

Pittsburgh signs Indians


"The Pirates are committed to creatively adding talent to our organization," general manager Neal Huntington said in a statement. "By adding these two young men, we are pleased to not only add two prospects to our system but also hope to open a pathway to an untapped market. --- An update to millionairesrow's "scouring the globe" link. Did anybody see this coming?

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