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Sometimes I wish I hated sports.

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Why I LoveTheMets

LoveTheMets. Despite expectations from that the Mets would be somewhere around a 70-win team this year, including doucheKay's even worse prediction, I still found myself extremely excited for the...


Quick question regarding ISO

I've just been wondering- is there a reason why ISO is the preferred and accepted statistic to measure a batter's power-hitting ability without taking batting averages into account? My own issue...


A WIN METHOD Analysis of the Current State of the Mets

Our 2012 Mets have been utilizing the WIN METHOD quite well this year, as evidenced by their 20-16 record while they sit 2.5 games back of the Nationals. While this isn't a shocking win total, it...


Dillon Gee's 2012 Outlook

So far this season, Dillon Gee has presented us with pretty mediocre results, sporting a 4.50 ERA through 5 starts (excluding tonight's, 5/9; I will be excluding tonight's from the rest of this...

Sheriff Dickey takes care of business, taking on the noted villain Dicktorino.


Sheriff Dickey takes care of business, taking on the noted villain Dicktorino.

for today's fail


for today's fail

click here to embiggen


click here to embiggen

Akinori Iwamura DFA'd


Any reason for the Mets to look into picking him up maybe? The Pirates would pay most of the salary on his deal. He has a .211 BABIP this year; his career BABIP is .330.

Ump costs Galaragga perfect game


Pretty sure all of you know about this, but I personally want to hear what you guys think about this and for those of you who somehow missed this. Ignoring the "integrity" of the game, I would call the runner out on a borderline call in an instance such as this if I was the ump, for my own reputation. If the runner is called out but is really safe, it'll just be perceived as a good break for the pitcher and a natural human error. If the runner is called safe but is really out, then the ump would be considered a goat for a long time to come.

Mets Release Kiko Calero


Looking Closer at Jose Reyes's Offensive Struggles

  In 146 plate appearances and 32 games this year, Jose Reyes has a slash line of .215/.267/.289 with a wOBA of .260, far from his career line of .284/.335/.429 coming off an injury-plagued 2009. ...

Reyes Back To Leadoff


Flip-flopped with Pagan (batting 3rd now).

Feliciano eyes Mets' eighth-inning gig


uh...? hopefully it means that jenrry isn't in the bullpen, though. Note: The original title of the article and FanShot was "Feliciano wins Mets' eight-inning gig". It has since been changed in both places to the less definitive and more accurate title.

Niese Closes In On 5th Starter Spot


Nieve for bullpen? 8th inning?


What catcher should the Mets now pursue?

Now that we know that Bengie won't be a met, who do you think would be their best primary catching option? Torrealba, Barajas, or some other guy? If it's an internal option, who would it be?

Mets Have Interest in Josh Willingham



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