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After 20 years, no longer a Clipper fan

I spent the entire weekend commenting and answering questions to friends and family about Donald. In addition, I listened and read a tremendous amount of comments regarding the incident. I myself...


Team Award Predictions

Knowing how long I have suffered throughout the years cheering for this club, most of my friends been really excited to gain more insight on our beloved Clippers from me. One of these conversations...


Anaheim Clippers?

I know this topic have been brought up on numerous occasions, but with a lack of court action and the surprising (to me at least) news of the Kings remaining in Sacramento, I thought what the hell. ...

Stern is entertaining the idea of eliminating some teams.


...and who do you think will be the first team name thrown out there. Hoping it doesn't come to this.


#24, #7, and #15 authentic home Clipper jerseys for sale

Long story short I'm riding the Club Optimism cloud, feeling like our club is finally going to shut a lot of people up. Forget rookie game, Blake's gonna be an All-Star, Baron is going to get some...


Quick question in regards to our new jerseys...

When both the home and away jerseys are formally introduced on Monday, will they be immediately available for purchase online at NBA.com? If not, how long does it usually take for the NBA store to...

Curry>Gordon (not my statement, directly taken from source)


updated material for those that wish to continue the Gordon debates... "Reporters were allowed to watch the final 20 minutes of practice, and we can tell you from that small sampling that Stephen Curry looked a whole lot better than Eric Gordon, who he is presumed to be battling with for a spot on the final 12-man roster. Gordon briefly ran the point and had his pocket picked by UConn point guard Kemba Walker, leading to a breakaway, and he nearly botched a simple pick-and-pop pass to Kevin Durant on the following possession. Curry, meanwhile, stroked one 3-pointer and had a terrific 60-foot underhanded hook pass to Andre Iguodala ahead of the field for a breakaway dunk. (As long as we are singling out Walker, a member of the U.S. Select Team that is practicing against Team USA, we should also mention that Florida State forward Chris Singleton displayed a nice shooting stroke from NBA 3-point range.)"


For those that care....more logo tweaks.

So yesterday during the draft, our slightly tweaked logo was finally confirmed. FYI, during the last few weeks of processing the decision and final results of the "logo change", I'm very happy with...

Thibodeau to the Bulls


And the pool gets smaller.....he was one I was hoping we would get, but I'm going to try and remain positive, as I know there is still some pretty good choices still available. Lets just hope the powers that be don't wait too long.

Chad Ford: I've heard Hayward may have the nod in LA


When asked who would end up being the better pro....Henry Hayward, or Babbit "I think that's the exact question both the Clippers and Jazz are asking right now. Hayward has the most upside, but he's also the furthest away. Henry already has a NBA body and is probably the best shooter of the three -- but he's a bit one dimensional. Babbitt has really exploded up the charts the past month thanks to great athletic measurements, NBA readiness and ...??? I like Babbitt, but I'm not sure he's worth a Top 10 pick. But more and more GMs seem to be convinced he is. I've heard Hayward may have the nod in LA. I have the Jazz taking Greg Monroe in my mock, but I wouldn't be shocked if Babbitt ended up there."


New logo and website revealed

Credit to Citizens Lawler 4ever and Takebb909 for the discoveries.  Logo looks like official change, but definitely a minor tweak. If your all for preserving the Clipper brand that we all are use...


Poll - Evan Turner or John Wall

via www.woodenaward.com So I asked this same question in a comments section and realized it might be a little more appropriate here. I know, I know, there is little to no chance we will have to...


Could the answer in getting rid of Sterling lay in The Nation?

I don't know if my frustration is blinding me from reality, but I feel strongly that we can make history by getting rid of our owner. How do we do this? Boycott.  I heard people suggest this...


Can a player have part ownership of his team?

With so much attention on free agency and talk of potential restructuring of the NBA business structure, i was wondering under current league rules, as an attempt of luring a prospect player can a...

No Clipper Curse, but certainly "Clipper Karma"


Despite his recent improvements in basketball decisions, this "curse" is all Sterlings' fault In the wake of Kaman's unexpected injury, freak water leaks, Blake's current status, & a 73 to 36 half, many writers, experts, & fans are crying curse. I for one agree with Phil's recent comments (which is a hard thing to do)....call me superstitious if you want, maybe not a "curse", but certainly karma. Sell the damn team you prick!

Update of Blake's scan


After not having any solid idea of his prize rookie's progress, Dunleavy finally gives a general date (still not exact) of Blake's scan.


Forgetting Christopher Zane Kaman

I'm one of those quiet citizens that reads numerous articles and post, with my constant responses only being heard by my Apple imac.  But, I have to get something off my chest.  It's a tragedy how...

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