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Nine Two Nine Twenty Ten junk tacular

                                  this is a poem i wrote: Brandon Roy. Oden, the Wanderer! O! Hark! It's Buster Posey, Savior of the San Francisco Giants   /fin.   pretty good, no?

Rumor has it NCAA 11 is going to be the best NCAA Game in some time. Here's OSU's top 7 players.....


Rumor has it NCAA 11 is going to be the best NCAA Game in some time. Here's OSU's top 7 players.. a little weird seeing James and Paea over quizz. This game apparently LOVES the offensive line though. Phillip is 87 overall as a sophomore


JUNK 6/30

I'm not sure who the hell I was listening to yesterday on SIRIUS, but they were discussing their favorite "summertime jams".   This seems like a naturally good topic for a JUNK DRAWER, so: What are...


6/23 Junk -- World Cup GDT

I'm of the belief that any true fan of sport can learn the rules of any sport and eventually  enjoy watching the games, no matter how boring it seems *cough*bowling*cough*. To prove my point: this...


Junk Drawer April 28th, twenty ten

As I watched the Blazers get grilled last night, I realized that the greatest season of the year is coming up soon: BBQ Season! Once the weather gets nice, everybody will move their grills out into...


April 11th JD -- Epic BRP vs Mortimer Smackdown now LIVE!

There are literally minutes left until the epic brp (boston) vs mortimer (atlanta) faceoff begins. Vegas originally had the line at this one at mortimer -14.5, but there was far too much action on...


1/29/2010 JD (Oden's) Junk: Potent Potables

So three days ago, what I'd argue to be the funniest story I've ever heard of about a Blazer, pics of Greg Oden's junk were released to the world wide web. I'm sure the situation was extremely...


Are Oregon and Oregon State ready to Challenge USC every year?

Ugh, I'm still kinda mad over the result of the game tonight, so I'm trying think of topics that will make me feel better. This column by Ken Goe, as well as listening to Joe G call the game on CSN...


How to Attract Attention to Your JD by Engineer Scotty (11/19 JD)

Exciting game last night, eh? I like it when the team that I root for scores more than the team that they are playing against. Today's Junk Drawer "topic", although JDs really don't need topics, is...


10/24-25 Junk Drawer -- Attempt Deux

Here we are on the night of the 24th, just 3(!) days away from the start of the NBA season. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to sleep on Monday night, in anticipation of the season opener....


Reasons to be Optimistic about Saturday

I'm trying to convince myself that Oregon State has a good chance to beat USC on Saturday. Here is what I have so far: 1) Oregon State is damn good coming off of Bye Weeks. 2) The Beavs always seem...


Junk Drawer of October 6th, 2009 A.D.

Everybody loves (to hate) a good villain. Darth Vader, Hannibal Lecter, Ivan Drago, Dr. Evil, Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Kobe Bryant, the Wicked Witch of the West, Ernst Stavo Blofeld, the Alien in...


July 10th(PM)/July 11th(AM), 2009 -- JD: Junk de Bump Edition

What up BEDGE!?!?!?? How's everyone doing tonight? I'm doing swell, as I just saw my first ever no hitter by a Giants pitcher [insert baseball sucks here yadda yadda yadda].  The topic for this JD:...


June 11th, 2009 AD, Junk Drawer: Super Crazy Sports Superstition/Ritual Edition

Ah, sports. We all love em (and even if you claim you don't, you do). And, when "rooting" for our teams in these sports, we all have our rituals to guarantee victory for our team. For instance,...


6/3 Junk Drawer: "She had her Kicks" edition

Kicks, Kicks, Kicks! I like Kicks. As a male HUMAN BEING, Kicks and Lids are about the only things I like shopping for. I love Nike, Lids for Less, and Foot Locker; but I hate every other store in...


KP's Master Plan?

Back in Nov. 2008, one of my buddies (can you have "internet buddies"? What's the jargon here for someone you converse with over an anonymous internet forum and generally agree with most of the...


Why I love Eric Maynor (in a totally manly way).

Over the past week or so, I have been touting Maynor as the PG that Portland should target this offseason (unless KP can get Rubio or Jennings...). I honestly think he is the 7th or 8th best player...


5/16 JD - One Armed Man Edition

I love TV Land for forever and ever after today. I couldn't sleep and felt like crap, so I ended up waking up at 7:30 in the AM. Flipped through the TV Channels and found The Fugitive playing on TV...

Bill Simmons on Media-Player Relations


in a way he kind of points out how lucky we were that Quick made that "Behind the Locker Room Door" series. Most fans in the league aren't given that kind of access to the team that we were (even if sometimes we were given a little too much access). Thank You, Jason Quick.


Deconstructing the Przybilla Myth

  The easiest mistake for General Manager Kevin Pritchard to make this offseason would be to talk himself into another year with Joel Przybilla as the Portland Trail Blazers’ starting Center....


4/28 JD - Make Me a Playlist

So I have become pretty bored with my current collection of songs on my iPod, and now I want some new songs. However, I am too lazy to look up songs that I might like, so I'm leaving up to you, the...

B Roy the Future of the NBA?


the guy even compares him to Jordan and Kobe.


Lots o' Love for OSU on College Football Live

Basically they said that there will be 3 challengers to USC in the Pac-10 this year; OSU, UO, and Cal. They went over the schedule issues (at USC, at Cal, at Oregon) but Brock Huard picked them to...


Who is more clutch?

From Freeman's Postgame article: In a happy-go-lucky Blazers locker room after the game, Roy and Outlaw went back and forth in a friendly debate wondering who was more clutch. Both made cases...

Watch the Baseball game at Tennessee here


Not sure if they will broadcast the other games in the series.

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