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Smith did not deserve what he got (or) Did Mauer get Smith fired?

Smith did not deserve to get fired today. I never thought I would type those words. Not only because I have been a big critic of Smith but I never though he would actually get sacked. However he...

Write up of the Surge of Rosario & Sano


E-Town Pitcher Todd Van Steensel gives a nice inside perspective on the Mashing done by Sano and Rosario. These two are young and in rookie ball so it will be several years before we know how they turn out, but right now they look like future all stars.

Hardy Har Har


If "battled injuries" and "couldn't stay healthy" are justifiable reasons to trade / DFA someone, shoulldn't Bill Smith trade Mauer and Morneau? Maybe the Royals have a Single A reliever who can throw the heat. I'll be they could use Mauer. Do you think Bill Smith should throw in Morneau with Span so we could entice the Nationals to trade Storen?

Sano HR


In the quest for positive feelings toward my fav organization i had to dig into E-town videos Here is one of Sano hitting an HR Looking forward to watching him develop

Lost in Yesterdday's Hubub Twins sign all top 15 draft picks


As usual Bill Smith procrastinated and fantasied about trading Span for relievers before he finial settled on trading Delmon for another future reliever. Once he got that out of the way he could focus on signing the top three picks which he did in the nick of time Levi Michael Travis Harrison Hudson Boyd Welcome to the fold Too bad Burdi couldn't be had

Gibson to have elbow looked at


Uh Oh Keep Slowey Keep Slowey Keep Slowey

Jeff Passon on Bill Smith

Minnesota Twins, whose eagerness to fill their bullpen at the expense of their lineup is so antiquated, so backward, so very silly that the idea they almost did it twice in a row makes GM Bill Smith look like he’s in over his head. Turns out his insistence on the inclusion of Storen torpedoed the deal, which, funny enough, makes the Twins winners. Sure, they didn’t get rid of Jason Kubel(notes) or Michael Cuddyer(notes). With just 6½ games separating them from first place and a lineup of underachievers they’re hoping will break out, Minnesota didn’t need to. Can't say I disagree

Hendricks at AAA


I didnt even know he got called up but i checked the box score and it turns out he pitched today. Looks like he did well.

Sickels Free Associates On Joe Mauer


Calls Mauer Injury Prone, calls all MLB players overpaid, complains about the Media and says the press should lay off Mauer. And somehow he lumps Ayn Rand into it.

Oswaldo Arcia playing for the Miracale?!?


Did he get promoted right after coming back from injury? Any chance this points to Hicks moving to AA

John Sickels Reviews Twin's Draft


One of the best Minor League / prospect analysts reviews the Twins Draft. He gives a player-by player review of the top Ten Picks. "Overall, I think it is a solid class though not ground-breaking." He reviews the rest of the AL central too, check it out: http://www.minorleagueball.com

What the hell was Bill Smith thinking?


Pat Neshek's last 10 games: 11 IP 13 SO 1 ER 6 BB He has been up and down between the Majors and AAA but that has more to do with NL teams needing more bench help. Dumping Neshek when the Bullpen was a major weakness remains one of Bill Smith's dumbest blunders. Right up there with the Delmon / Garza / Bartlett trade. Would the season be different if Smith did not do this? Probably not, but it might mean one or two more wins and less Jim Hoey

Anyone else looking forward to a Rain Out tonight?


It would be nice to give the infirmary ward one more day to clear out. Go Rain!


Outdoor Baseball in Early April

April 8th is coming fast.  Yikes.  Twins have a good but not great rotation, nice looking offense, lots of questions in the Bullpen, another question mark at SS and a weak defensive OF.  But...

Mackey Posts Video of Liriano's first Outing


PMac is kicking out the content at 1500's website. If you want constant updates, video, pictures go there. Way better than the Strib. Its awesome to see PMac doing well. If they would just get rid of that Garage Logic garbage, I would never listen to KFAN

Rock Cats have their own YouTube Channel!


Pretty cool. Lots of interviews and fun to see/get to know some of the guys who many of us only know as Stats. - Too bad they are playing so poorly this year.


Neshek to AAA - Is Crain or the Dr.'s to blame?

Jesse Crain and the Twins shoddy medical staff strikes again.  Neshek was declared healthy, activated but then he was optioned to AAA.  Gardy is obviously still bitter that Neshek had the audacity...

Toby is at AAA!


Toby Gardenhire is now one call away. While Benson, De Los Santos, & Parmelee were sent down to A Ball Too bad Santos is on the 40 man while Slama has to wait


Mijares almost ready

Barring any setbacks, the Pioneer Press reports that Mijares could be back on the big leagues by Monday. Mijares has shown that he has stopper stuff and came up big for the Twins last year.  Most...

For Early May this is a big Series


Det is 1 game behind, they are the hottest team in baseball and Twins have some major injuries. Time for the Twins to step on their throats and sweep.

Gibson threw a one hitter complete game today!!


He has the 5th most SO in Advanced A I expect him up a level after the All Star Break

Nathan to have Tommy John


Bummer, but expected. I hope Slama gets a fair chance.

Sid wrote exactly what I was thinking…


He wrote about Mauer is one injury away from losing at least $100,000,000, went through his injury history and even question the wisdom to signing him to a long term contract. Am getting stupider or is someone else writing his articles?


The Rene Tosoni of Twins Blogs

Yours and mine fav spot for commiserating the loss of Joe Nathan, and wondering about Joe Mauer was ranked #9 out 62 twins blogs. Though it might be better to be Sano/Hicks/Gibson, I think its...

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