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I generally try to give Twins management the benefit of the doubt. But when they make what seem to be obvious mistakes, I call them on it. An example was the Bartlett/Castro position. If two players are demonstrably the same, I think you should take the younger player with more upside and athleticism. And I thought Bartlett was much better than Castro, especially in the field. So it made no sense to me to hold him back in favor of an aged utility player with no track record as an everyday player.

I also believe in a balance of numerical analysis and scouting. Unfortunately, we don't have access to proprietary scouting reports. So I rely more on numbers than scouting. Still, if I find people trying to demonstrate stuff with numbers that only constitute partial proof, I'll call him out. And I make claims that rely on my scouting eye, such as it is. I long for the day when the MLB runs its scouting like the NFL, opening up information on prospects to the general public. We as bloggers could make much more informed positions if they did.

If you want to know more about me in real life, read my LinkedIn profile. Briefly, my real name is James Mathewson. cmathewson is an homage to my father, who's first initial was C. He was a huge Twins fan, and I became a fan of the Twins in the '60's by listening to the radio with him in the back yard or on his sailboat on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. He didn't know much about the game (when he coached, he taught all the players to slide into first). But his passion for players such as Cesar Tovar and Kirby Puckett was infectious. The fact that my nome de plume is also the initials of the greatest pitcher of all time not named Maddux (and a shirt-tail relative) is just a bonus.

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Santana likely done for his career


Poor Johan. He tore his anterior capsule in his shoulder, the same one he had surgery to repair in 2011 (the same surgery Rich Harden received). If he comes back from a second such surgery, he will be the first pitcher in history to do it. In any event, he's out for this year at minimum. BTW: Has any pitcher ever signed a long-term $20+ million-per-year contract and given their team the value they paid for?

Deduno injured


From LENIII Apparently, Deduno strained his groin in the wet conditions in the final game. He could be out a while. Then he'll have to build up arm strength again. I'd say it'll be May before he can be an option for the rotation.

Twins look to add two proven starters


Terry Ryan confirms pretty much what I have been calling for since September.

New coaches


Twins add Bruno (hitting), Bobby (bullpen) and Steiny (bench and catching) to coaching staff.

Santana Injured Again, Done for the Season


After he threw the no-no, I wondered on this blog how he would recover. The answer is not well: 3-7 with an 8.27 ERA since throwing a career-high 134 pitches in that game. This isn't the first time a major injury has followed an excessive pitch count.

Looks Like the Nishi Experiment is About to End


Terry Ryan has some candid comments about the error-prone infielder.

Twins Trade Danny V to the Red Sox for GCL Prospect


Jeremias Pineda is a 21year-old "prospect" with great numbers in the GCL. He might be the oldest player in the GCL, so his numbers, which are quite good, need to be tempered some.

Twins Option Parmelee, call up Deduno


Joe C. confirms what we have been speculating predicting around here all week.

The Next Twins Starter: Sam Deduno?


He's got a great track record and is the best starter at AAA. I say he's worth a shot in lieu of Blackburn. Your thoughts?

Twins Sign Dominican Prospect Amaurys Minier


Courtesy of LEN III. The signing bonus is $1.4 million for the 16-year old. Apparently, he's similar to Miguel Sano: A power-hitting shortstop who's expected to become a third baseman in time. The main difference: He's a switch hitter.

Twins Sign Top Pick Buxton


According to the Strib. Welcome to the Family Byron!

Hendiks likely to start on Saturday


The next time the Twins need a fifth starter, it will likely be Liam Hendriks.


Poll: How long 'till a Trevor Plouffe DFA?

We are watching the unraveling of a once promising prospect. Trevor Plouffe's line through 5/16/2012: .124/.274/.210 with numerous errors and misplays in the field. He is now incapable of doing...

Opening Day Line-up


Ryan Doumit in RF and batting sixth, Chris Parmelee at 1B and batting eighth. No surprises here.

25-Man Roster set


Via LENIII: The Twins reassigned Dozier, Dinkleman, Towels and Fien to the minor league camp, leaving 27 active players, two of whom (Baker and Marquis) will start the year on an inactive list.

More cuts: Benson and Manship among them


Joe C. is on top of things as usual. One note from the report saddens me: The Twins cut both Matt Bashore and Ben Tootle from the minor league camp. Both were high draft picks who suffered injuries early in their careers and never recovered enough to warrant second and third chances, apparently.

Ryan: Parmelee could start at first base on Opening Day, with Morneau as the primary DH


That is one way to avoid needing a third catcher, since Doumit would just be the backup catcher with Morneau DHing.

Morneau feeling good


Everybody breath in through the nose, and out through the nose. Four seconds for inhale, four seconds for exhale. In with relief, out with panic.

Mauer Looks Forward to Healthy Spring


I've been saying this stuff all winter, but it's worth repeating. Having Joe Mauer healthy going into spring training is huge.

Rob Neyer on Scott Baker


Why do the Twins underappreciate Scott Baker? Because he's a fly ball pitcher.


OT: does not want your business

This is just a short rant about the Strib's recent policies. First, they require you to subscribe to the digital version of the paper. You are allowed to use the home page, and to open up to 20...

Twins sign Zumaya


Not yet confirmed. But it looks like a done deal. Hopefully, the Twins can keep him healthier than the Tigers could. When healthy, he can dominate. Update: Joe C. Confirms

Some Good News on Morneau


It's no exaggeration to say that how good the Twins are in 2012 hinges on Morneau's recovery from post-concussion symptoms. As he said, he won't know how he's doing until he starts seeing live pitching. On a related note, 38 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Joe C. confirms: Twins in the hunt for a right-handed reliever


Apparently, rumors of the offseason's death have been greatly exaggerated. Joe C. makes the case very well. They have room in the payroll. They obviously have need. And they have opportunity. My bet: Dan Wheeler, as has long been speculated. But I wouldn't mind seeing Michael Wuertz in a Twins uni either. Place your bets in the comments.

RT @Twins: #Twins add OF Oswaldo Arcia, RHP Carlos Gutierrez, LHP Tyler Robertson to Major League...


RT @Twins: #Twins add OF Oswaldo Arcia, RHP Carlos Gutierrez, LHP Tyler Robertson to Major League roster. Outright Bromberg to Rochester.


Former Twin Charlie Lea dies at 54


He pitched for the Twins for one season--1988. It was fun listening to Herb Carneal call games when Lea was on the mound. Herb had a way of making him sound like a good third starter behind Viola and Blyleven. Looking at the numbers, I know now he was no great shakes. But he was a guy you loved to root for.

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