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I generally try to give Twins management the benefit of the doubt. But when they make what seem to be obvious mistakes, I call them on it. An example was the Bartlett/Castro position. If two players are demonstrably the same, I think you should take the younger player with more upside and athleticism. And I thought Bartlett was much better than Castro, especially in the field. So it made no sense to me to hold him back in favor of an aged utility player with no track record as an everyday player.

I also believe in a balance of numerical analysis and scouting. Unfortunately, we don't have access to proprietary scouting reports. So I rely more on numbers than scouting. Still, if I find people trying to demonstrate stuff with numbers that only constitute partial proof, I'll call him out. And I make claims that rely on my scouting eye, such as it is. I long for the day when the MLB runs its scouting like the NFL, opening up information on prospects to the general public. We as bloggers could make much more informed positions if they did.

If you want to know more about me in real life, read my LinkedIn profile. Briefly, my real name is James Mathewson. cmathewson is an homage to my father, who's first initial was C. He was a huge Twins fan, and I became a fan of the Twins in the '60's by listening to the radio with him in the back yard or on his sailboat on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. He didn't know much about the game (when he coached, he taught all the players to slide into first). But his passion for players such as Cesar Tovar and Kirby Puckett was infectious. The fact that my nome de plume is also the initials of the greatest pitcher of all time not named Maddux (and a shirt-tail relative) is just a bonus.

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User Blog

Do the Twins Need a Roster Overhaul?


Top Jimmy thinks so. I agree with his assessment of the FO: They could use another talent evaluator with some power. I don't agree that the Twins need a major roster overhaul. Most of this season can be chalked up to injuries. Shortstop, backup catcher and bullpen do not constitute a roster overhaul. Your thoughts?


The fact the Delmon sucked is on Delmon, not the FO

I posted this in another thread, but I thought it merited its own fan post. So here goes: In all of the talk about the Delmon Young trade, everybody blames Bill Smith. I am as guilty as anyone. My...

Twins Sign Top Picks


From the Strib: Just under the wire.

On the Ineptitude of Drew


A shocking display of offensive weakness, as demonstrated by SB Nation's best and brightest.


Why didn't we see this coming?

This started as a muse with my brother Stu about why the Twins are in the tank. After last night's fiasco, I have to write it down or I'll blow a gasket. The short answer is the bullpen, as anyone...

Slowey to DL


Episode 382 in our ongoing saga of the Twins medical staff: 1. Medical staff looks at MRI, "finds nothing wrong" 2. Organization rips player for faking it. 3. Player gets second opinion with specialist 4. Specialist finds acute injury, recommends rest/treatment 5. Player goes on the DL 6. Organization trades player for whining after forcing his value down by ripping him?

Liriano Throws No Hitter, Beats White Sox 1-0


This is just too big to wait until the game recap.


Dear Bert: Please watch the play before saying, "He left the ball up"

This is just a quick rant. I am sick and tired of Bert saying the pitcher "left the ball up" after a guy gets a hit. Yesterday, several pitches at the knees or lower made their way through the hole...

Humber Blanks Yanks


Really? The Bumbler one hits The Greatest Hitting Team Since the 27 Yankees(TM)? Really?

Cuddyer at Second?


Gardy is hinting that he will give the magic man another shot to prove that he's just too slow footed to play second base.

Souhan on Gardy's Catching Platoon


Fact: Joe Mauer was not in the line-up for the second game in six games yesterday. (Fortunately, it was rained out.) Fact: Joe Mauer is the best hitting catcher in baseball. Fact: Drew Butera is the worst hitting catcher in baseball. Fact: Joe Mauer is also a gold glove catcher. Fact: Drew Butera makes $22.6 million less than Joe Mauer per year. WTF? Also, this: With the pitching shuffle resulting from last night's rainout, Gardy hinted he will start Butera in the home opener to catch Carl Pavano and sit Mauer. When asked, Pavano said he "has no preference" and that they both do a good job behind the plate. Again. WTF?


Site issues on FireFox?

This is a short post. Yesterday, this site stopped displaying well in FireFox on Windows XP (at least on my machine). The CSS appears to be screwed up. I viewed it in Safari and it's fine. Have not...

Baker to Start, Slowey to Relieve


LEN III confirms what we have been predicting since December. Kevin Slowey will open the season in the bullpen.

Why the Royals Need Lefty Bullpen Help


I just found this story in the Strib funny. The second most successful reliever on the Royals staff last year seems destined for a spot on the Twins 25-man roster (Dusty Hughes) after the Royals inexplicably released him to claim a wild and ineffective Yankees minor leaguer off waivers. Moore-ons.

Anderson: Guerra "most improved pitcher in camp"


Buried in a good article by Tom Powers of the PiPress.

Nathan Throwing as Hard as He Usually Does This Time of Year


He threw his last bullpen session prior to going to spring training touching 91, which is typical for him this time of year.

Why Scott Baker Wasn't Getting that Good Downward Plane in 2010


Another great post by Parker Hageman. Reason for optimism in 2011: Baker got his elbow cleaned out in the offseason.

Brian Duensing's Offseason Marked by Tragedy


This is a must-read story by Joe Christensen. Duensing's wife Lisa was substitute teaching at Millard South High School in Omaha when a shooter opened fire in the principal's office, killing the assistant principal and critically wounding the principal. She is OK (physically) and returned to teach in part to help the school heal in the wake of the tragedy.

Twins Claim Hughes, DFA Delaney


Hughes throws pretty hard, is left handed and breathing.

Prospect Watch Releases its Top 10 Outfielder List


Hicks, Revere Ranked in the Top 10 Among MLB Outfield Prospects.

Twins Announce Nonroster Spring Training Invitees


Not many surprises here, except perhaps Brian Dozier, who bypassed several more experienced middle infielders in the system.

Parker Shows Pavano's Worth


Another great post. Upshot: Pavano will instantly upgrade our rotation significantly.

Nationals' Interest in Pavano Overstated


From Hardball Times: Nationals GM downplays interest in Pavano.

LEN3 has good news and bad news

The Good News: Nishioka is in town for physicals and a coming out party as a Minnesota Twin. The Bad News: He's not at the podium yet. The Good News: Scott Ullger and Steve Liddle are swapping jobs, meaning no more guys thrown out by 10 feet (last year he had guys thrown out at home by more than 10 feet at least 8 times) The Bad News: According to LEN3, so did Al Newman. Oh no he di'-'ent The Good News: Some in the organization don't want Nick Punto back The Bad News: Some in the organization wouldn't mind having Nick Punto back. Update: Twins trade Jose Morales to the Rockies for lefthander Paul Bargas. Bargas. 22, was 5-4 with a 3.59 ERA for Class A Asheville. In 67.2 innings, he gave up 57 hits and walked 19 with 64 strikeouts.

Robertson, Kurtz rejoin Twins Broadcast Lineup


The good news: Gordo will be on the air only a little more than half time. The better news: Two veteran Twins broadcasters will take most of his play-by-play duties.

Hardy has six suitors


LENII is not dead, contrary to the urban legend. He was just hibernating. He came out of hibernation to cover the Winter Meetings, and, presumably for a snack and a cigar.

Marthaler fails to mention Twins or Winter Meetings


Three links about soccer though, and one on rugby. Nice job.

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