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Royals - Up and At Them!


From the Simpsons episode "Married to the Blob," a familiar-looking baseball team shares a comic book with Radioactive Man in the background of the Android's Dungeon comic shop.


All work and no OT Thread makes cmkeller go crazy

OT Friday: All work and no OT Thread makes cmkeller go crazy No OT thread last week? I can't allow that to continue. 1) Who do you know personally (i.e., not some on-line poster that you never...


OT Friday: Welcome to Flushing edition

As the Royals are in my backyard this weekend, I figured I'd take a turn on the OT carousel. Unfortunately, the scheduling clods decided to being them in during the summer, when my family annually...

How many Royals can you name in an hour?


If you have infinite time to waste, try this Sporcle quiz, to name all major league baseball players in the history of the existing 30 franchises. It starts out giving you an hour, but you can get time bonuses for reaching certain benchmarks (e.g., naming all 500 HR hitters, naming 10,000 players). Personally, I concentrated on naming all Royals, and after several tries I managed to get them all. (Please don't hate me for killing all your free time.)


Friday OT Thread

Wow, it's 6:30 PM (Eastern, 5:30 for the majority of this board's membership, I'd suspect), and no one has posted a Friday OT thread? I guess I'll step up to the plate. 1) If you could erase one...

Is the xkcd cartoonist a Royals fan?


Interesting coincidence for Randall Munroe's web comic to be making a "Fresh Prince" joke on the same day that Will Smith is scheduled to make his debut.


Royals in Cooperstown

Yesterday, I took my 13-year old son to Cooperstown for a long-promised treat. I haven't been to the town since 1999 for George Brett's induction ceremony, and not in the museum itself since...I...

Most common last names in Royals History

  1. Jackson (5): Bo, Damian, Danny,Grant, Mike
  2. Johnson (5): Bob, Brian, Ron, Rondin, Rontrez
  3. Jones (5): Lynn, Mike, Ross, Ruppert, Steve
  4. Perez (5): Melido, Mike, Neifi, Odalis, Salvador
  5. Sanchez (4): Angel, Israel, Orlando, Rey

Encouraging signs from Moose?

As Mike Moustakas's batting average approaches the Mendoza line, I am not panicking. I am well familiar with his history of needing time to adjust to each new level as he's promoted, but then,...


OT: Minor League hockey for KC?

With the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, the AHL's Manitoba Moose will be looking for a new home. Would KC support an AHL team in the Sprint Center? (Perhaps they'd change the name to...


Jose Bautista - he could have been ours

So, it's taken me a while to realize that the guy in Toronto who's been tearing the cover off the ball for the last two seasons is the same Jose Bautista to whom the Royals gave a cup of coffee...

Royals 1st Round Draft picks on current roster

  1. Billy Butler, 2004
  2. Alex Gordon, 2005
  3. Luke Hochevar, 2006
  4. Eric Hosmer, 2008
  5. Aaron Crow, 2009

The Cell or the Jake?

Due to automotive issues, a trip my family had planned for this weekend must be postponed. We were going to visit relatives in South Bend, Indiana. Since we are postponing it, I am considering...

And Kendall came over to Kansas City from this place (the Brewers) and he was great for our team....


And Kendall came over to Kansas City from this place (the Brewers) and he was great for our team. I’m assuming that he got some of his attitude from being in this organization.

From Zack, telling the Milwaukee press why he wanted to be a Brewer. I guess Kendall must have been good for something after all.

Does Ned know these guys well?

A thought on the Grienke trade which I have not seen amongst the thousands of comments on here already: is it likely that we chose these Milwaukee players on the basis of recommendation from Ned...

There are two ex-Royals on the upcoming year's BBWAA ballot. For those who have not yet looked: can...


There are two ex-Royals on the upcoming year's BBWAA ballot. For those who have not yet looked: can you guess who they are? Hint: they played for the Royals in the same year.

Your 2010 Texas League Champions


Great post-season performances by Goivatella, Hosmer, Lamb and some others. Dare we have hope for the future?


David DeJesus's injury

Is there any manner in baseball of stopping play when it's clear that a player has gotten injured? Im thinking of Friday night when Jeter hit the ball that DDJ hurt himself jumping up to field it....

Royals no longer Onion's only punching bag


The Onion is picking on other teams' suckiness now. The process is working! Viva Dayton!

R.I.P. Chris Haney


For the orange wedge: what game designer confusingly shares a name with the 87th greatest Royal of all time?


A less cynical view of Kendall

I'd like to start the new year on a positive-thinking note. Many here have ridiculed the idea of Jason Kendall serving as a mentor for young catchers in the system, speaking of his "magical...

Our Girl Jenn


is one of the top Sports Pop Culture moments of the decade, according to Sports Illustrated.

Royals are an Onion joke again


I really wish they'd start picking on the Pirates for a change. Heck, at least we tied for last rather than taking the cellar outright this year.


10 Greatest moments in recent Royals history?

I saw a link to this article in Sports Illustrated, and I was wondering if we could come...


Apparently the Royals still hope to make the playoffs

I imagine I'm not the only one on this message board who's on the Royals' mailing list. Well, I found the opening line of the latest e-mail, which I received yesterday, interesting:   There is...


Radical idea to help Royals

I haven't seen this idea floated yet, but I think it would have some merit: Can we get Mark Grudzielanek back? It was a nice idea of Dayton Moore's to not re-sign him in order to try and snag an...

Another former Royal gets a managerial job


A. J. Hinch has replaced Doug Melvin as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was playing for us as a rookie in what, 2001? Now he's managing? I feel old.


Can we Boycott Farnsworth?

Is there any way, by internet and word-of-mouth, to get noticeable masses of Royals fans to exit the K whenever Kyle Farnsworth enters a game? Trey and Dayton can't possibly be stubborn enough to...


An optimist's perspective on yesterday's game

OK, I'm no happier with yesterday's blown game, with Hillman, with Farnsworth, maybe with Moore (remember, he's also responsible for Meche, so he might deserve more credit for yesterday's game than...

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