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Big Bama fan living in Deerfield Beach, Fl. (About 30 min. north of Miami).

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CBS sports .com has this compliance article online


It doesn't bring out anything new, but I hate any time it stirs in the public. I hate it, I hate it. Just keep it out of the public consciousness. RTR

Vote Eddie Lacy Offensive Rookie of the Year


He had carried the Alabama name well in te NFL. He has a real shot to win. Let's help him.

Banned Vehicle tags in Alabama (includes cool search at bottom)


Some are obvious, some hilarious, and many idiotic, but ALL are what makes me proud to be from Alabama. The little search mechanism at the bottom is coolest. You can enter a name and see if it is banned or not. Some that aren't included are liable to be caught by a human and banned at that point. I entered ballsak lol and it passed but got a note saying something basically like we reserve the right to nix any stupidity.


OJ Howard MAY be better and be a little more involved than we all may think. Here's my 2 cents on why:

LINK There is a pretty good layout today about AJ on al dot com. The link at the beginning jumps to an article with part of an interview with his father talking about AJ being elected 3rd team All...


To all the "new" folks in charge of RBR..............

I have to admit, I HATE change especially when it comes to what I (and many others I know) was THE most informative, plugged in and able set of writers of any CFB blog. I haven't posted anything...

Gregg Doyel, once again, whines about Coach Saban


I don't even know why I read what he writes. It just gets me irritated most every time. We all know why CNS does what he does in the press conferences. It's why he's a master motivator. And why we love him. Plus he wins a lot.

UM blogger says Bama, "already counting the win" Saban "predictable"


He also says Saban can't coach out of the box. Who knows, this may be a repeat of the 2000 UCLA game, but I don't see it. All I know is this guy got me riled. I love how he says that the 8 month prep time will benefit UM. I don't guess it will help Bama at all. Never does (sarcasm font all caps).

Richt really IS an idiot


The link is an ESPN Insider, but the gist is CMR is moving the best WR he has to CB. Malcolm Mitchell is a top-5 WR in the SEC in my opinion, maybe top-3. I know their CB situation seems pretty dire with the suspensions and transfers, but this guy is a true stud WR and the one guy who I hate we missed on a couple of years ago.

Former OSU coach Cooper butthurt by Bama; says Tide needs to be investigated


This guy makes me want to punch a hole in the nearest wall. He needs to watch his mouth. He basically accuses Bama ( and the rest of the SEC) of cheating. Never liked him before, pretty much hate him now.

Belue Delays Signing per Izzy per Newberg


Hope it gets cleared up and he gets here. Always need good DB's. On an unrelated note Sentimore is signing with UcheaT and Brandon Moore is going to sign with Texas. I think the Sentimore write up is on the SBN recruiting page and the Moore one is behind the wall at ESPN.

Fickell to Pitt?


I really don't care who the hell gets this job. All I care is it's anyone but Sunseri.

Lowe for Burnett?? Seriously Davidoff????


Read down to about the halfway point of this "article." I thought it was a joke at first, but he really is serious. I know Burnett cleaned it up towards the end of the season and the post season, but we've been down this road before....fool me once shame on you, fool me twice......

ESPN reporting Hart to UT


This is a sad day for Bama. Hart, as has been written here a few times, has been great in the day to day operations in the athletic department. I wish we could have had some sort of promise of succession for him to take over for Coach Moore in the future. He will be missed.

Bama gymnasts win 5th National Title


Chalk another one up for Sarah Patterson and crew.

Is Calloway Switching His Commitment?


This would totally freakin suck. I hope and pray this jackwagon has no idea what he's talking about. But it does scare me that he's re-announcing on TV. I know Trent did it, but he was always a soft verbal. This kid has supposedly been a pretty firm verbal. Maybe that guy (don't remember exactly which post it was, just that I read it around the time of the Under Armor game on RBR) who said Bama would expeience a roller coaster of emotions in the next month because of wavering commitments was right. All I know is my heart can't take this. As much as I don't want to pin so much emotion to 18 year old kids, my passion for Bama doesn't allow any half assed feelings about anything Alabama related. Roll Tide

Royals fans and old Braves


Saw this on this on the SB NATION site for the Royals while reading about the Greinke trade. Better them than us is all I can say.

Trooper's Plight


Trooper Taylor launches federal lawsuit vs. Auburn HS coach's no braid policy.

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