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Hypothetical trade scenario for Cousins to Cavs for #1 + Waiters + Zeller (Insider)


This seems ridiculous, but if the Cavs offer this, I take it and don't think twice. I'd then turn around and try to top the third trade offer listed in this post (NO sends #6 + Vazquez to BOS for Rondo) using our #7. Thoughts? Are either of these trades realistic?


Watching tonight's game against LAC in DC

I don't know if there are any other Kings fans and/or Sacramento transplants on here living in DC, but if there are, my friend and I will be meeting at Ventnor Sports Cafe (18th and Belmont, right...

Latest Kings free-agency buzz from Amick


"The Kings are determined to re-sign Thornton and will likely do so, even as his agent, Tony Dutt, told this week that Thornton's former team, New Orleans, is among "four or five" interested clubs." "One final note on the Kings: Don't hold your breath for that spending spree I mentioned the other day. When the initial version of the tentatively agreed upon collective bargaining agreement had the new minimum payroll at 85 percent of the salary cap as opposed to the previous 75 percent, that meant the Kings would have to spend about $17 million to reach the salary floor. But according to a memo from union executive director Billy Hunter obtained by on Wednesday, the floor wound up being set at 80 percent for this season (and 85 next season and 90 percent thereafter), so the financial mark the Kings must hit is subsequently less. What's more, the fact that each team's payroll isn't determined until the end of the season means the Kings could operate under the payroll floor during much the season as long as they add enough salary at some point to make up the difference. If not, the amount in which they come up short must be evenly distributed to the team's current players."

Grizz-Wolves Draft Trade


Not real important but still.

FanHouse: Evans on short list to join USA National Team


This is pretty exciting news. First King since Richmond in 1996 to be on the national team?


thoughts from Section 110

(sorry for borrowing your shtick, section 214)   Anyways, wildly entertaining game. I kept thinking that the Cavs were going to finally pull away after getting up by a few buckets in the 2nd and at...


Why Rubio is Petrie's guy

(I posted this in a thread but figured it was long enough to stand on its own.)On why this is a giant, and hopefully masterful misdirection play on Petrie's part... - GP usually NEVER leaks this...

Chad Ford Mock 3.0


He has the Kings taking Holiday at 4 and Casspi at 23. Lawson falls to the Blazers at 24 in this scenario...if that looks like it may happen then I'd rather have the Kings take DeRozan at 4 and Lawson at 23.

One more player dropping out...


Looks like Calathes won't be available at 23 after all.

Rubio likely to enter 2009 draft


That's the signal that Chad Ford is getting, anyways. Good news for the Kings if he's right.

Artest gone?


As if today wasn't crazy enough...


Sonics-Clippers trade

Clippers trade #7 and a 2009 protected 1st rounder to the Sonics for their #4 - presumably, to make sure the Clippers get their choice of Gordon/Westbrook/Bayless. The Sonics, then, are probably...


notes from Kings/Rockets

I had the opportunity to work as a PR lackey yesterday as part of my internship at the Sacramento Bee. Thus, I got to talk to a few semi-important people and get a really good view of the...


when was the last win this good?

I can't really remember one that felt this good since Martin's buzzer-beater against San Antonio in the playoffs in 2006. This one pretty much had it all. What an exhilarating (and frustrating)...


The Beno kool-aid

I think we can all agree that Beno's producing about 70-80% of what Bibby would be, and for a significantly cheaper price. It makes sense then, if our season is going nowhere by the trade deadline,...

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