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Paul Konerko is slow?


How Konerko gets infield hits.


Kyle Cofield - welcome to the Sox!

Kyle Cofield is coming off his best K/BB season since his rookie year, 1.71, and he posted his best GB% at a sterling 63% of balls in play.  Of course, he was on the shelf from May 8 to June 28th...

White Sox Postseason Share 10k, 2010 version


In the news to me department, divisional second place, non-wild card teams receive a play off share. A full share for the White Sox came out to $10,885.57. Click through for details.

Dog bites man; Sox lead in DL time


Herm and his magic hands have kept the Sox healthy and playing for another year even with glass boy Q. They tied with the DBacks for fewest trips to the DL and lead everybody with total days spent on the DL. Once again, good job Herm. And to all of you fragile but possibly great free agents: come to Chicago for cheap! We'll patch you up for a big contract some place else!

Jack Cracker raps over a basic beat by making puns with baseball player names. The hook is a...


Jack Cracker raps over a basic beat by making puns with baseball player names. The hook is a sample from RBI baseball. I'm not sure something can be better.

When people go crazy... its fucking hilarious.


When people go crazy... its fucking hilarious.

Groupon Sox Tickets


45 bucks per ticket (including ticket master fees) for a lower reserved seat and a 2 hour patio party which includes food and drink. dates are all for June if some enterprising soul wants to quickly (only have 13 hours) set up a June meetup, have at it.

More Love for the Surge Protector!


D. Cameron offers unreserved praise for Santos. Yay for Sergio!


MT: mix tape swapping in the new millenium

We started talking about music in the Cy Loazia thread and there was a request for more of that action.  Lets do it with actual music this time.

Zambrano to bullpen, despite Silva's continued rotation spot


Zambrano has been an above average to elite starting pitched for the past 7 years and has been good this year except for absurdly high LD% and HR/FB ratios. Maybe this means Zambrano is done, but you have Carlos Silva, your "return" for Bradley. Bad Sweet Lou.

Even Candians Hate Cowley


Of course, what the DJF guys don't understand is that Cowley hates Toronto because Toronto nailed his wife WITH OCab. They even Eiffel towered her, sick bastards.

Send the nationals a beat writer


There is, currently, no beat writer for the Nationals. This is the recently laid off beat writer from the Washington Times; they cut the entire sports section. He's going to try and get down there through donations. Its baseball writing, and the more the merrier, even if you don't like the Nats.

Vazquez moves again


Javy Vasquez is on the move again. This time, back to the NYY with Boone Logan for Melky Carbrera, Mike Dunn and 300 k. I'm not sure if is an embarrassment of riches for the Yanks who now should have the best SP rotation in the game OR did they just create a Javy circa 2004 sized hole in their rotation. I do know the Yankees scare me now. They're some kind of metal and pincer based great player acquisition machine. Scary!

Buerhle 29th Greatest player of the 00's!


Rob Neyer ranks the top 100 players of the 00's. Arbitrary cutoff of a given 10 year span? Sure. But Buerhle is 29th overall and the 8th pitcher behind such luminaries as Doc, Johan and Mo. Congrats Mark!

Top Ten BR sponsorships


Top Ten list of b-ref sponsorships. Funny AND obscure. There may be a full house reference, no guarantees though.

Beane Count Analysis


If Rob Neyer's "Beane Count" is to be believed (, the White Sox were much better then their final record indicates. They did a tremendous job of being on the good side for walks and home runs for pitchers and hitters. So, uh, we need some defense.

From Keith Law (4:22 p.m. ET): Barring some major, last-minute turn of events, the Chicago White...


From Keith Law (4:22 p.m. ET): Barring some major, last-minute turn of events, the Chicago White Sox are not going to sign third-round pick Bryan Morgado. He will return to Tennessee as a redshirt junior, but won't turn 21 years old until December. Morgado has first-round stuff, but needs to improve his performance next year to bring his draft position in line with the quality of his pitches.

Morgado draft update Looks poorly for the White Sox signing Morgado.

M's call up Fister to replace Vargas

M's call up Fister to start Tuesday vs. White Sox in place of Vargas.

Another Twins Catcher Down


As the story says, after Redmond is Morales, with 4 career ML ABs. His minor league numbers look to peg him at around the same as Redmond offensively, I think. Some shifting in obp/slg to maintain his OPS on a repeat of AAA but a constant, and possibly out of whack high BA. Its higher then his younger years, which might mean an obp drop is expected; or he learned to watch more balls go by as his walks were up and SO's down. Looks like he split time with Ryan Jorgensen in AAA in a possible platoon, although Morales is a switch hitter. I have no insight on the defensive side. Any notes?

Tango Tiger Playing Time Forecast


Tom Tango has set up a survey to predict playing time for each team based on the wisdom of the crowds. Link is above. Takes about ~10 seconds, its all ranges.

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