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Why there should NEVER be another Super Bowl in NY -

The reason has nothing to do with the weather or NYC. The weather was fine and NYC was fine - well not nearly as good as Denver, but NYC was ok. The security checkpoints at the stadium were very...

NFL Rules Welkers hit on Talib was LEGAL


Belicheat is wrong again! Isn't this fun!

NFL Bans Backpacks, Large Purses, Etc.


Earlier, I read the Broncos are trying to make the in stadium experience better to compete against fans staying home and watching TV/Red Zone. Doubt this will help? Now when bad weather threatens, why would I want to try to individually carry in adequate weather protection options without a backpack? Now I'll stay home and be safe, warm, and dry - with lots of beer/food nearby and no 20 minute rest room line.

B Lloyd Released by Pats


Click on "" above for the article

Mays Suspension was Publicity Stunt by NFL


Most of us were very surprised by Mays suspension. Now we know why! The NFL was trying to delect attention away from the officiating issue and also show strong action against the "appearance" of a bad hit. The NFL has lost all credibility!

Rosters Expanded to 90 for offseason


limit includes unsigned draft choices


It was not a fumble - according to rule on

Tebow's "fumble" at the end of the first half was a terrible call. This a is rule from "A.R. 7.5 A runner (in full possession of the ball) is contacted by an opponent while he is...


DP's Mike Klis writes deceptive article minimizing Tebow's contract escalators. Why??

Todays Denver Post article, by Mike Klis titled Tebow's bonus for playing time is relatively affordable, is very deceptive, if not inaccurate. Why?? Is he attempting to deflect criticism from...

Is Doom Worth His New Contract? PFF Analysis


Khaled Elsayed article, on PFF, on his new deal.

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