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Great Arnovitz write-up on the starting unit


nice write-up on espn about the offensive / defensive style & efficiency of your 2013/14 portland trail blazers.


I just finished watching the Wolves / Raptors game

and it was really depressing. Roy was getting the ball slapped away repeatedly every time he tried to move with it. he looked like he was moving ok but I never saw him jump and defenders were...


LaMarcus Aldridge is a top 20 player in the league according to ESPN

I don't know how many of you have been following NBA rank at ESPN. Today ranks 25 through 21 were revealed. I thought this might be where LMA would appear as he was 23 last year. He did not appear...


A reasonable trade all 3 teams would consider

The 3 teams being the Blazers, the Mavs & the Clippers. Here it is:


2010 - 2011 Standings+ Predictions

I did several searches assuming there must be a thread up about this already. i seem to recall one but I can't track it down now. anyway, if you haven't thrown your hat in the ring at predicting...


USA beats Spain + refs

  in a game who's officiating can only be described as interesting, the US prevails. on the final defensive series of the game kevin durant had back to back blocked shots including blocking the...


Interesting Article on the Importance of Superstars in the NBA

Superstar Theory i read this article a couple weeks back and then headed out of town. I assumed it would be linked here within hours and I was busy. I'm catching up on the news of the past few...


I think this Suns team is the most entertaing one yet

this occured to me somewhere during the 2nd quarter when i found myself once again glued to a game involve the suns this playoffs. for one I cannot recall a single time in a few decades of watching...


Moving On from the Oden Era

It's painful and it's really depressing but if pritchard has any sense then he must realize that it's time to admit that oden was a mistake and move on from this rather than exacerbate the...


Why I think any trades need to happen before the season...

There's a lot of talk now that the majority of the better UFA's have signed that there is no time pressure on the Blazers and they could make lopsided trades up until the deadline mid-season. I...


Changes I'd Like to See in Game 2

1. Start Greg Oden. i realize przybilla has earned the spot and this is not a condemnation of joel. however you slice it joel can't guard yao. we've seen this multiple times this year. i believe in...


Pulling a Popovich...

This may sound like sacrilege to some but even before i heard about the injuries to batum and aldridge i was weighing the merits of resting our starters for the clevelvand game. I see no way the...

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