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Reed good, but not great loss for White Sox

A quick scouting report summary of what the Diamondbacks are getting and what the White Sox are losing. Reed is a legitimate major league talent with two solid years of production under his belt. But he's just about reached his ceiling.

Santiago won't be too tough to replace

The White Sox and their fans will miss Hector Santiago's big heart, but his pitching will likely prove mostly replaceable.

Gamethread: Game 6 - #LACK vs. #WACH


#SLACK vs. #WANT but w/ pitcher names. Sorta. Whatever, it's a stretch. We need a  thread.

White Sox winning bidder for Abreu?

Buster Olney has the Sox at the top of the pile in the bidding for Jose Abreu at this point.

White Sox have uphill climb to compete in '15


While it's certainly doable, for the White Sox to compete in 2015 much will have to go their way. Their success developing pitchers will be on their side. Can they finally develop a few hitters to complement them?

White Sox Lose In Erik Johnson's Debut


Erik Johnson's debut for the White Sox went off with plenty of hitches, but that's not to say there wasn't anything to like.

The White Sox could stand to lose more games, no?


In 2007, the White Sox played above .500 ball down the stretch rather than tank it for a draft pick. How bad did it hurt them? Will 2013 be any different?

Danks struggling to control gopher balls

Danks has plenty of control, but could use a lot more command. He's putting a ton of pitches in the zone and batters know it. Something's got to give.


Gamethread: White Sox at Twins

Gavin Floyd's Elbow Problems Date Back To 2012

Check out this fancy graph that tells us that, in fact, Gavin's been struggling with his control for a while.

John Danks' Struggles Similar To Santana, Braden

John Danks isn't the first to struggle to come back from surgery for a torn shoulder capsule. While it's still early for him, others diagnosed are still battling to return to form.

A Few Thoughts On Gavin


It's not immediately obvious why the Sox would want to trade Gavin for Jason Kubel. One possibility is they're setting up further moves down the line.

The Chris Sale Project Is Struggling With A Sextant


Welcome! Another installment of The Chris Sale Project is at hand, ready to demystify the various aspects of the performance and, if you will, existence of Chris Sale. We CSPers took to the...

A Message From All Of Us At The Chris Sale Project


If Chris Sale is pitching and you own a tv, turn it on and sit down. There aren't better things to do.

The Chris Sale Project De-drydocks


Chris Sale is back, praise be, and he was dang good against the Royals. But how'd he do it? And what should we expect as the White Sox come down the home stretch?

Brushing Up On Francisco Liriano


The White Sox acquired Francisco Liriano for bits of string and a few bottle caps, but he's going to be worth more than that to an ailing staff.

Brushing Up On Whoever I Feel Like


An assortment of White Sox pitchers goes under the amateur scouting microscope for revealing or not assessments of their past performance and future projections. Huzzah!

The Chris Sale Project Commandeers A Ship


Chris Sale has been an ace so far. But how are we supposed to project him going forward given how little we know about him?

The Chris Sale Project Gets Mast


Against Minnesota yesterday, Chris Sale really didn't have his best anything. He wasn't laboring, but there did seem to be a hangover effect from going toe to toe with Zack Greinke. In any case,...

The Chris Sale Project Is Not A Ghost Ship


Chris Sale will be fine after his hiccup last week.


Oh Hey A Gamethread

The Chris Sale Project Luffs Less


Well that was better, no? It's not as if Chris Sale threw all that much harder against the Angels than in previous starts. But it did seem to be something of a difference maker nonetheless. And,...

The Chris Sale Project Issues The Full Ahead


Well that was a bit of a whirlwind adventure in media mismanagement wasn't it? When last I wrote, I expected not to be writing this column for a while. That was my expectation because the White...

The Chris Sale Project Abandons Ship


What exactly does Chris Sale's demotion mean for the White Sox? A lot more than you might think.

The Chris Sale Project Lists Ever So Slightly


Discussing White Sox Chris Sale's progress as a starting pitcher.

The Chris Sale Project Isn't A Schooner


Discussing how well Chris Sale is transitioning to a starting pitcher.

The Chris Sale Project Leaves The Harbor


Hello all and welcome to an exciting new feature this season on SSS we're inventively calling "The Chris Sale Project". As the title would suggest if I were more creative, I'll be following the...

SSS Community Projection 2012: The Hitters


And we're back for day two of the ever-important community projections. Today we peer collectively into one giant crystal ball and divine the future of White Sox hitters in 2012. Just like last...

SSS Community Projection 2012: The Pitchers


Hi everybody! It's that time of year, apparently. I would have completely forgot had KenWo not reminded me. But don't take that to mean the community projections don't mean anything to me. It's...

Gamethread: White Sox vs. Brewers


Free webcast today.Lineup per Sox' Twitter is: 2B Bridge C AJ RF Rios 1B Konerko SS Ramirez CF Danks 3B Morel LF Mitchell DH Kuhn SP Peavy

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