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Scouting John Danks


Table data taken from Texas Leaguers for the 2011 season. Four-seamer and two-seamer got combined since I don't actually think he has a two-seamer. Slider got renamed for better illustration...

Scouting stuff: an amateur attempt to figure out pitching, part 2


So now we know about fastballs for the most part, right? No? You've forgotten already? Howsabout another Dave Allen graph: So right, more run values. Negative is good for the pitcher, positive...

Scouting stuff: an amateur attempt to figure out pitching, part 1


These posts would be almost totally lacking in actual data and evidence without Dave Allen, Bojan Koprivica and Trip Somers. There are more I've read since Pitch F/x was born and I could start a...

John Danks extension official, terms disclosed


The White Sox officially announced the terms of John Danks' five-year, $65 million contract on Thursday.

Return on rebuild might be a little disappointing


As I argued last week, it really doesn't seem like the Sox are in position to do much other than rebuild. But who should they swap? And who can they expect to get in return? Neither question...

White Sox are stuck with a rebuild


The White Sox have no choice but to rebuild in 2012.

The future has changed!


Projecting Chris Sale's 2012 performance.

Picking Up Jason Frasor's Option Was Stupid


Kenny Williams really should not have given Jason Frasor more money.

The Padded Cell: Adam Interlude


TP invited me to take the reins for a bit.  The flat screen is his.  The old name brand recliner mottled with beer and pizza stains from way back when, his.  The glass topped coffee table, the big...

No Defense For Lack...Of Defense


We all know the White Sox pitching has been lights out in recent history, so why has the team struggled so much? The easy answer: the rest of the team has been horrible.

The Kenny Williams (and Don Cooper and Herm Schneider) Decade


How does Kenny Williams actually stack up against the money he's spent over the past decade? SSS crunches the numbers and they don't look pretty.

I Just Watched Addison Reed's Major League Career To Date


I've been selectively paying attention to the Sox lately.  Every time I check in, something crappy is happening.  Unless you count angling for a better draft pick.  I'm down for that in the...


Brian Kelly's Finest Constraint Plays: Messing With Alley Defenders

BK's Finest Constraint Plays: Messing With Alley Defenders - Brian Kelly's 4 Verts and its complements.

Bring Out Yer Dead


The 2011 Sox are pining for the fjords.  They were all "I think I'll go for a walk" but then the Tigers were all "you'll be stone dead in a moment," clubbed them in the head and threw them on the...

Flowers For Tdogg


I'm nothing if not accommodating; it's time to provisionally scout Tyler Flowers.  I went back and watched his last 17 plate appearances to try to nail down exactly what's lead to his sweet sweet...

Fan Scouting Report is back for 2011!


Y'all know what to do. And as Tango says, "Try to judge 'average' not as an average player at that position, but an average player at any position. If you think that Ben Zobrist has an average arm, then mark him as average, regardless if you've seen him play 2B, SS, 3B, or RF. DO NOT CONSIDER THE POSITION THE PLAYER PLAYS! DO NOT CONSIDER THE POSITION THE PLAYER PLAYS! DO NOT CONSIDER THE POSITION THE PLAYER PLAYS!"

It's Maybe Probably Not Just My Fault


I haven't watched the Sox much lately out of concern for my own well-being, but from what I have seen the story hasn't changed much.  Aside from the fact there are fewer and fewer and fewer games...

Ubaldo Jimenez Is Trouble


Even if the Indians have played well over their heads just to be a tick over .500 (and they have), acquiring Ubaldo Jimenez is an absolute good.  For one, the Tribe handed over pitching prospects...

Zach Stewart Is Either Awesome Or Terrible


So this Zach Stewart fella pitched on Saturday and actually looked pretty decent.  I've already made at least one Jeff Marquez joke at Stewart's expense, so it's only fair to go back and check if...

Kenny Williams Can't Find Value


  You sign a free agent and he doesn't work out, you can't trade him.  He's not the player the market thought he was, it's not gonna want him at the price you bought.  So you have to send him off...

Whither De Aza?


This just in: the White Sox have a serious Alex Rios problem.  The guy is owed about $4M for the rest of this season and $38M from 2012 until Kenny can mercifully buy Rios out at the end of the...

Gordon's Leg Explains It All


One of the surprising outcomes--to me anyway; thought you guys were a bunch of homers-- of the SSS community projections turned out to be our collective opinion of Gordon Beckham as a hitter.  A...

Brushing Up On Sergio Santos


Scouting Sergio Santos!

Umps From Last Night


Brian O'Nora apparently doesn't care about Questec, as was fairly obvious last night. I wonder how much that impacts the scoring in his games.

The Best Thing About Baseball


The video says nothing.  I don't feel slower.  I'm still seeing the ball... At this point we all know the story.  Model of consistency collapses completely.  Everyone wants to know what the...

Big Time Matchup Factor: Jake Peavy vs. Cubs


Welcome back to Big Time Matchup Factor, where we've never heard of a seamless segue.  Jake Peavy is back on the bump again tonight against the hated Northsiders after yet another stint on the DL....


This Is A Hastily Thrown Together Gamethread

Feel the excitement!

Carlos Quentin's Last 15 HR


On Carlos Quentin, home runs, swing mechanics and being just a little more zen.

Paul Konerko's Last 11 HR


The first incarnation of these went over better than I expected and since someone in the last comment thread asked, I figured I'd oblige and investigate Paulie's HR.  It's the last 11 this...

Alexei Ramirez's Last 10 Home Runs


Since it's a lot more difficult to actually watch video for hitters on and make any use of pitch f/x with them, I haven't ever really done scouting reports for hitters, ours or theirs. ...

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