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Love playing basketball and writing about it! I have visited several countries for basketball reasons and have a roommate who plays in the NBA. love it.

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
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  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NHL Washington Capitals
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  • Golf Webb Simpson
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The Cialis Palace

WARNING: the following post is somewhat satire and meant to be taken as a joke, not a real recommendation. If you are easily offended, or everything you read is taken literally, please stop and...


Has the ROSE GARDEN lost its touch?

Has the Rose Garden lost its touch? When the Lakers came to town the other night, my eyes were opened. Opponents used to fear the Rose Garden. We had made a name for ourselves as being a...


Rashad Mccants... Why not?

We have all heard the rumors. He is crazy (how crazy? Ron Artest, er I mean World Peace crazy?). He isn't all there (like Stephon "I eat vasoline" Marbury?). He is a bad teammate (did he sleep...


1st NBA Game - Swiss Perspective (Blazers v Nets)

So this last week, my cousin surprised me by flying in from Switzerland. Having traveled the world myself (see my puerto rico, haiti or china fanposts), I felt it was important to share as much as...

Shavlik Randolph works out with Miami Heat


Shavlik Randolph, back from the Chinese Basketball Association had a work out today with the miami Heat.

JR Smith's Sister chokes woman in China


I heard a rumor about this early this morning, but couldn't find anything online. I knew it was only a matter of time before photos / video came out. JR Smiths Sister chokes a woman in china, during a brawl, involving the same team that georgetown fought.

Flagrant Foul NO CALLS at Washington State school


this is a video of some flagrant no calls (I don't agree with all of them, but definitely no play on the ball) from a school in Tri-Cities I believe. you do this to me one time its an accident. twice we will have problems. I won't need a ref to help me intervene lol.


Will a Blazer Make the All-Star Team?

As most of you know the NBA All-Star Ballots came out this week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that 6 of our blazers were named on the ballot for the Western Conference. However, I wanted to...

NBA's Most Hated Player


Apologies if someone already posted this, but Yahoo has some ridiculous article on the NBA's most hated player. personally I think this is a joke and written by Mama Kardashian. And how is KG not on this list? you ask the nba players themselves and I guarantee he is on this list....


Who Takes the Final Shot? (Poll)

In years past with the trailblazers it was usually pretty much decided who would take the final shot. In the 2008-2009 glory days (yes the best season of 54 wins) the assignment was handed to...


China or Bust Part 4 (with Pictures)

Instead of focusing totally on basketball I thought I would share more about living in China as a foreigner (side note I get back to Portland on the 19th!). Malls: the stores here have every...


China or Bust: Part 3 (panda express version)

This is part 3 of my China experience while visiting with the Dongguan New Century Leopards. Reason it is panda express version is because I love panda, however, after eating rice and noodles for...


China or Bust Part 2

This is part 2 fanpost about life in the Chinese basketball association. If you have any questions (opt out, quality of bball etc) just comment below! Life in the CBA is much different than the...


China or Bust Part 1

Wow.  After the longest flight ever (PDX to LA to Seoul, South Korea to Guangzhou, China) I have finally started settling in here in China.  The hardest part was getting used to the time difference...


China or bust

Alright, I am bored with this lockout stuff.  Will they agree?  Won't they agree?  There are only so many charity scrimmages I can handle.  I am leaving saturday to go check out the basketball...


What I Learned from All-Star Weekend

Just a few observations I learned over all-star weekend.... enjoy 1) Dunk Contest - has become more about showmanship and production versus actual dunking It is disappointing to watch athletic...


Pickup Basketball in Haiti (updated with a pictures link)

Not sure how many of you have read "the pickup diaries" @ basketbawful.com, but I thought I would share a story with you that related to that particular blog;   But first you have to know a little...


You be the GM

I'm 29 years old.  That means I missed out on the 77' 'chip that most blazer fans recall when reliving the best days of being a blazer fan.  However, I lived thru the Drexler / Porter / Robinson...

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