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Heather D (hahahaha): Wake will score 28.


First- don't bother clicking the link. Just a series of SWAGs But I thought I'd point out Heather's prediction for this game for laughs: "Florida State 35, Wake Forest 28: Ahh, the big one. With or without injured starting noseguard Nikita Whitlock in the lineup, the Deacs will be overmatched up front against the Noles’ rapidly improved offensive line. Wake will struggle to put pressure on quarterback EJ Manuel, and Florida State’s speed on the perimeter will be too much for the Deacs to overcome." Basically, she says Wake is over-matched, sings the praises of FSU, then promptly predicts Wake to score 28. Whatever, Heather.

Dolphins to honor Tebow and Gators at UM's Home Field.


Besides being an absurd marketing idea by the Dolphins to generate ticket sales, this is a good example of how bad it has become at UM. I'm guessing Al Golden won't be taken seriously if he uses that, "this is Our House... OUR HOUSE..." nonsense in a pregame talk. Pathetic situation for both the Dolphins and the Canes.

All ACC Lists

1st Team: Hudson, Jenkins 2nd Team: McMahon, Rhodes HM: Reid

In case you haven't had enough of Bobby lately, Tony Barnhart weighs in


So Bobby is afraid of becoming irrelevant. Someone might want to clue him in. "And the most important thing Bowden wants you to know that his greatest fear about leaving coaching–even surpassing the fears of his own mortality–has not come true. 'I thought that once I quit coaching nobody would be interested in what I had to say,' said Bowden when we talked by phone on Saturday. 'As it turns out, they still want to listen.' " And then there is this mystery: "I wasn’t ready to go out. I wanted to keep the battle going with Joe Paterno (for most career wins)," Bowden said. "But once the NCAA took those (14) wins away, it was over. But I’m not looking back. I don’t coach football any more but I haven’t retired. I want to stay busy." Whatever.

Buster Posey is on fire....


Giants are up 15-1 against the Brewers and Posey's 4 for 4 with 2 homers and 6 driven in. He's batting .331 now with an OPS of .886 I expected big things from Buster, but maybe not so soon.

Tony Barnhadt on Conference Expansion


If the Big 10 becomes the Big 16 and cherrypicks the NE schools from the Big East, do you want the leftovers in the ACC? Do you want to jump to the SEC? "What would happen to the other football playing schools in the Big East: West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida? Does the ACC take them in order to match the Big 16?" "Does the SEC get aggressive and pick up the phone call Texas? That’s the one school that would move the financial needle to improve the great deal the SEC already has. And if you take Texas, you have to take Texas A&M because of the politics. Does the SEC take another look at Florida State and Miami and see if those schools would be interested in leaving the ACC for a better financial deal?"

Christian Lemay discusses UGA Junior Day...


Sounds like Jimbo is going to have to roll out the spiritual carpet for Christian.

AJC holding out hope for Christian Green to UGA


Both Christians are keeping their decision close to the vest.

Democrat Recruiting Coverage Continues: Jarred "Scooter" Haggins


"They told me I'm going to have an opportunity to play, and that's all I ask for," said Haggins, who originally leaned to Ohio State but plans to sign with the Seminoles on Feb. 3. "I didn't get there just because my uncle is up there. I got there because of my skills and talents." That's his story and he's sticking to it. Seriously, his relationship with Odell may be good motivation for him to go above and beyond to prove he belongs. Time will tell. Not sure why his coach is trying to sell him as a QB- did anyone recruit him to play QB?

Democrat article on Amp McCloud


"McCloud, who is listed at 6-foot-3, 295 pounds, was actually closer to 315 pounds when he made it to Tallahassee. But he said he doesn't expect to have any problem working his way into playing shape; he is excited about participating in FSU's off-season conditioning program and spring practice. " 'We redshirted this year, so we didn't get to do too much conditioning,' McCloud said. 'That's why it's so great for us to get here early so we'll have time to get ready. By the time the season starts, we should be top notch.' " McCloud was lightly recruited out of high school because he wasn't expected to qualify academically, but he is expected to be in the mix for immediate playing time. Bainbridge High head football coach Ed Pilcher, who won five state titles during his 17-year stint at Central, said McCloud is the best defensive lineman he ever coached. "They really think he has a chance to come in and play right away, and I think he will too," Pilcher said. "FSU hasn't had that many of those big defensive linemen. This is a big kid that moves pretty good. He's gonna have a chance to come in and contribute right away. "He's got great flexibility and great explosion off the ball. He's strong, and he's got a lot of good football sense about him. He really understands the game." [Tomahawk Nation: the coaches had to expect that these guys would come in out of shape. But the coaches wanted them to redshirt this past year in JUCO so that they could come in with 3 years to play as redshirt sophomores. It's a trade off FSU was willing to accept, provided they came in this spring (which they did). They have 7 months until opening day and that should be plenty.]

Good Story on Cam Erving by Ira Schoffel


"Odell has done an outstanding job," Propst said. "They were the first ones to come in and say, 'Hey, what about this kid?'" -Colquitt County Head Coach Rush Propst I like his attitude: "Oh my goodness, am I?" Erving said. "I'm happy that I'm going to get a free education. And I'm just ready for the experience. I'm ready to make my own decisions and see how I react to things. And I'm really ready to play some more football."

Apparently, Sunseri likes working... You hear that, Chuck??


"He brings pro football techniques and teaching with him," said Mike Gottfried, on whose staff Sunseri served at the University of Pittsburgh from 1986 to'89. "He coached under John Fox. There are different schemes in the pro game. He brings that to Alabama: stopping the pass, improving the pass rush. ..."

They say, 'I went to school there. That's my alma mater. I worked four hard years there. Dadgumit,...


They say, 'I went to school there. That's my alma mater. I worked four hard years there. Dadgumit, I don't like what's happening there.' "Well I've been here 34 years. They were there four. I've been here 34. This is my school, too. They don't realize I love the school, too."

Questions for Mark Richt applied to Bowden...

I've always respected the work Tony Barnhart does and his article today in the AJC reminds me of something I would read on TN.  He poses five questions for Mark Richt that go beyond the calls to...

Raycom Sports Coverage Information for FSU/NC State Game


Also on ESPN 360, but if you prefer the quality of a Raycom production, please see the local listings for a station near you.


Coal Miners and Chief Executives: An E! True Hollywood Story

So the interview with Coach Bowden that ESPN ran during the game on Saturday had me thinking: "I wonder if Coach Bowden has been told/encouraged by the other coaches to take a more passive role...

Former BC HC, Jeff Jagodzinski fired from Tampa Bay Bucs as their OC


You may remember he was fired from BC for interviewing with the Jets. I always thought he was a decent coach... interesting.

Atlanta Folks: Watch Byrnes play in Gwinnett


Byrnes vs. C. Gwinnett & Prattville vs. N. Gwinnett

Seminole commit, Ed Christian, makes AJC Super 11


The AJC does an annual ranking of the 11 best HS seniors and Ed made the list this year. You will recognize others on the list, such as Alec Olgretree and Markeith Ambles.

"I heard commentators saying, 'They deserve it. They deserve it.' Why do we deserve it? I mean, why...


"I heard commentators saying, 'They deserve it. They deserve it.' Why do we deserve it? I mean, why do our coaches deserve it? "We didn't know anything about it." -Bobby Bowden

Haggins would like Dawkins, who was a defensive end before injuries ended his first season, to...


Haggins would like Dawkins, who was a defensive end before injuries ended his first season, to reach about 263 pounds before the 2009 season starts. "But it don't matter with me," Haggins said. "As long as they can play football. I played at 235."

Steve Ellis Article today... I guess CaStauch was right about Haggins thinking Dawkins can play DT at WDE weight.... c'mon Odell... this isn't 1988

Percy Harvin to get mellow........


The NFL Combine always offers new insights to true heights, speeds, weights, strengths, and casual habits... like smoking the reefer... I can hear an NFL attorney calling Percy Harvin and saying... "Do you know why I am calling you?" "Uh... Littering?" "Littering And... Littering And... Littering And... Littering And....Smoking the Reefer!" Oh and uh, Clay Matthews Jr. and Brian Cushing wanted to get buff.

Preston Parker Arrested


Passed out at the wheel of a McDonalds Whacky Weed and Alcohol in his system.... I wonder if Debose wants to fill those shoes

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