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My oh My, Wilson to Felix


Russel Wilson to Felix, priceless!

The boys are getting bigger.


Makes you wonder what happened in the 80's to cause such a spike

Kids doing the Sherman interview


Not quite sure what I think about this....but it entertained the hell out of me!

Doug Baldwins Shoulder


Damn, that is just too fricking painful to look at.

Love my skittles


His Mom started this when he was a kid.

Looks like T-Jack is back!!


Sounds like Charlie is going to be riding the pine.

OT: Packer fans have it made


They win championships and have cheap beer!

Given Pete some flack over Lebron. Personally I enjoyed the tweets


Given Pete some flack over Lebron. Personally I enjoyed the tweets

Who would you vote for?


Tough call, toss up for me between Curry and Spencer

Cable has surgery, watches practice via skype


Pretty impressive.

No fine for Kam


At least the NFL got this one right.

Week 3 QBR


About middle of the pack for Tarvaris. And he had a better week than several higher profile QB's.

Who should raise the 12th Man flag?


I am okay with everyone on this list. Any additions?

Head to the game early on Sunday!!


Sounds like a good reason to get there early and have a couple extra pregame beverages.

Crazy NFL fans


I am digging the Seahawk Cthulhu

OT: Stay Classy San Diego


Pretty amazing all the money was returned

A little Seahawk history


I'm old enough to remember Jacob Green....and this article demonstrates how much more there is to football than the game itself. " All I could remember was crying on the field during the game. I remember crying during warm-ups. But once the game started, I was there. Then after the game I remember crying in the locker room."

A little perspective on the roster churn and youth movement


I like the fact that we are committing to change and getting younger. It might not work out, but better than being the M's of late.

Lawyer for Whitehurst


According to PFT PC will talk to Lawyer in private about this

Nate Robinson?


Any interest fellow fieldgulls?

Raheem Brock arrested


Doesn't sound like a big deal.

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