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Brees sees the long ball in his future


Interesting that we are the worst in the league in giving up the long ball.



Nice to get another Cy Young for the M's!!

Okung out for Sunday


And with that goes our chances of winning.

Is it just me or does that look like Charlie and Osi


Is it just me or does that look like Charlie and Osi

A Ram perspective


I don't see Forsett vs Laurinaitis as a key match up. But I do get the impression that they are sick and tired of losing to the Hawks.

The boys of fall Totally Off Topic


I'm not a country music fan, nor Kenny Chesney, but this sums up football pretty well.

Pinocchio numbers


I like the Pinocchio analogy

Interesting article on the Seattle D from Football Outsiders


"Seahawks are starting to put together some defensive ideas that could transcend short-term roster issues."

Looks like our secondary will be challenged deep.


"The NFL quarterback who led the league last weekend in big-play passes — those 25 yards or longer — wasn't Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or the other usual suspects. It was Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, who tossed five such completions in Sunday's opener at Jacksonville."

Okung still not running


Reading between the lines I think it might be a couple more weeks before we see him in a game. The fact that he still isn't running is disturbing.

Who should raise the 12th man Flag


I'm okay with everyone but Softy. That would make me violently ill.

Big play Babs is back


I'm glad he is back. Not so much that I think he will be a big part of our future, but it would be nice to see him retire as a Hawk, after all he has done.

Niner rookies might be impacted by Qwest Field Volume


Two rookies, from small colleges, starting on the O line. That should be good for at least two or three false starts.

JJ stays in Seattle


I hope it was a greatly reduced salary, otherwise I believe he should have been part of the purge.

Our Potential Trading Partners for TJ


Let's see, I'll take Matt Sanchez, Adrian Peterson, Phillip Rivers and Larry Fitzgerald please!

Nick Reed is Gone


I found this very surprising

Pete and a snake


Matt was the only non girl in the bunch

Injury Woes?


I am a little concerned that that the "Heater" had an MRI.

A little info on What Vincent Jackson wants


30 million guaranteed on a five year 50 million deal

The will Pete succeed discussion continues


He certainly has Lawyer Milloy on his side

Looking forward to seeing Leon


"We’re really excited about Leon playing this week," Carroll said. "And he’s had terrific preparation for hit. He’s been banged around plenty of times here, been knocked off his feet and has been tackled plenty of times here. He’s ready to go at this point, so we’ll see where he is."

A good article on LoJacks original draft!


Detroit Lion Blog that talks about LoJack being a surprise pick in the first round for Seattle. I think this was just a bad pick that didn't pan out.

Little perspective on backup QB's


Unlike all the fans clamoring for Touchdown Jesus to replace Matt, I think we got a good backup (not that Matt ever gets hurt) and a potential future starter

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