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History Rules


You have to watch an ad to be able to read the story, but it's well worth it. 1942 Rose Bowl, only time it's ever been played outside of Pasadena.

Gleason's story to be told on Superbowl Sunday during the pregame show


I bet this will be interesting and heartbreaking. Unfortunately the pregame show is about 7 hours long so who knows when this segment will air.

Bill Simmons picks the Seahawks


Some highlights: Before we get to my Round 2 picks, here were the most memorable things about Round 1, in no particular order … • Seattle reviving the "Nobody Believed In Us" theory so emphatically that it's hard to figure out how it isn't the Super Bowl favorite right now. The Seahawks even gave us a signature "Nobody believed in us!" NFL Films moment -- after beating the Saints, cameras caught Pete Carroll wrapping up his postgame speech by telling them they're going to shock the world a second time in Chicago, then saying, "Nobody thinks it's gonna happen, except the guys in this locker room -- AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!" That was followed by Lawyer Milloy chanting "We all we got!" and his teammates chanting back, "We all we need!" "We all we got!" "We all we need!" "We all we got!" "We all we need!" "We all we got!" "We all we need!" (And I'm supposed to pick against Seattle this week?) Relevant E-Mail (from Keith in Suffolk): "How could you bet against the Seahawks [in Round 1]? Don't you know that when Pete Carroll is allowed to coach on a Saturday and pay his players, he's practically impossible to beat?" For the record, Bears-Seahawks takes place on a Sunday.

Not exactly horse racing related


but wanted to mention it anyway as it is gambling related. Washington residents are no longer allowed to play for real money at pokerstars, thanks to our wonderful supreme court upholding a completely ridiculous court ruling. I think horse racing is safe(at least for now, who knows what could happen) but this is just really depressing for me. if anyone is interested in sending a letter to legislators to let them know you are opposed to the UIGEA and similar legislation, you can go here and type in your zip code and they have a nice little form letter you can send to your local representative or whoever. I think this link is only for washington state but the website is the Poker Player's Alliance website so for people from other areas you can also look around and find ways to contact rep's from your state(who knows, you could be next). sad day.


Pac 10 Prediction Thread

By not so popular demand, here's your chance to prove that you're smarter than the "hacks" who write about the Pac for a living. Hopefully we can remember to bump this at the end of the year to see...



This looks pretty interesting, David Milch was the creator of "Deadwood", Michael Mann was the producer of "Miami Vice" and some other movies('Heat").

Jerome Harrison


still battling for a starting job after his huge end of last season

97 year old race fan


never too old to enjoy the ponies.


Ed O'Bannon vs. the NCAA

Kind of an interesting story.  I'd probably want a cut of the loot if I was involved too.  The logistics of trying to track down everyone who might be owed some money would be quite a task though. ...

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