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31, married, 3 kids. Chef for 15 years, run school lunch program at 5 schools currently.
Pistons are #1 all others are 2 or lower

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  • MLB Detroit Tigers
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  • NASCAR not a SPORT!!!
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  • Cycling one ball
  • Tennis the one cute chick that never won anything
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  • EPL Green and Gold baby
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User Blog

Update on Pistons GM search

From ESPN Rumors Once the Detroit Pistons secured the services of Stan Van Gundy by giving him full control as team president and head coach, Otis Smith quickly became the presumptive Pistons...


Mike Payne

As Shinons and I talked, I decided it was best just to delete the fan post. Mike, sorry I said "F- you" and "a-hole". I'm not normally the vulgar type. I hope my reputation backs that up. My...


a better rotation

How much would a better rotation help the pistons? I have no idea, but I'd like to see it changed anyway. This isn't a give 30 minutes a game to all the rookies post. In fact I've only included two...


Josh Smith getting better every month?

Maybe we can just wait and he'll be a 20/10 guy for us? Here's his numbers over the last three months Month FG% REB AST STL BLK PPG Dec 40.4% , ...


Newest Pistons Fan

via yeah I know, she's not in a Pistons outfit. It looks like it will be a little too big on her and she's too new for my wife to let me play dress up. Neither of my...


Money matters

I just wanted to throw a few things against the wall and see what sticks. With all this "we must trade Greg because he's not a max player" from one camp and the "smith is a bad player so you...


Dumars on the hot seat?

From Espn: Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News interviewed Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores and part of the conversation dealt with the status of Joe Dumars moving forward. Dumars' contract as...


Have you ever done this?

So I opened my browser and wanted to visit Normal stuff at 2:00pm. My day is slowing down, I'm done with orders and book keeping, it's time for DBB. Welllll, my mind must have...


ESPN Insider about the starting SG

Heading into training camp, Detroit had four players with a shot to earn regular minutes at shooting guard: Rodney Stuckey, Kyle Singler, Chauncey Billups and rookie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Now,...


Why so slow on Fridays?

Another wake up call... this one will be much easier Your heroes stare with glossy smiles (Friday's Angels) They always had that special style (Friday's Angels) Standing for a high five near...


Name that tune

Wake up, it's your Friday open thread, brought to you by DBB reader count that baby and a foul


The 237th reason I'm crazy

If you missed 1-236 don't worry, they're not important. REASON 237: I care more about watching my pistons play then I do about them winning the game. I'm an odd kind of fan, but I don't think...


Part 2 15 years cancer free today

This will have some highs and lows, be prepared for some sadness and also a few bits of triumph (watch for the tv movie to be released sometime this fall) j/k. Most people who know me would say...


The Big Picture, right or wrong?

Some people are upset. I get it, I am a die hard. I have not missed a Pistons game in years, that includes summer/preseason. I watch them all, I even watch some more then once if my wife is in...


The greatest stat ever made.

Not much going on for the next few weeks in basketball (other than moose and dre in Vegas, but I don't have nba tv so I wont get to see that on thursday) so I thought I would troll a bit and...


Kyle Korver no longer signing with Nets

via From ESPN Insider "Kyle Korver's signing with the Brooklyn Nets was said to be "in the bag" last week, but that apparently is no longer true, according to...

The case for Shabazz at No. 8

Not all DBB'ers are against the idea of drafting Shabazz Muhammad, it seems.

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