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Is it Panic Blanket Time for Curtis?

via 2014 is off to a typical Mets start. Kind of like Forrest Gump's infamous box of chocolates. There was getting swept in the Opening Series and looking like a club with a 70...


The Most Important Number?

OK. Since it's the time of year to have fun with small samples I'll spin the wheel. But rather than looking at numbers with two digits I'll peek at one of the six-figure sort. It's the...


Mets-Yanks Farm System Disparity - Will the Yanks Take It Sitting Down?

Rooting for a club with a Top Six farm system has its perks – especially when your cross-town rivals slot at #20. But as we all know prospects can break your hearts and checks can fill all...


Hey Santa! How Much Longer?

Five straight losing seasons of coal in our stockings has taken a toll. Hopefully we're just a player or two away from contention for several years to come. Or not. We'll see. As bad...


A Look Back at Top 50 Prospects

With the Ike Davis trade market developing at a slower pace than a Barolo Colon inside-the-park-homer there's been lots of speculation around here about what constitutes a reasonable return for...

What's the Mets' Baseline?

What can we reasonably expect from the Mets in 2014?


Losing Our 2nd Draft Pick - Catastrophe or Yawner?

I love draft picks. I've been tracking them for roughly 20 years. I saw Gaby Hernandez 2005 no-hitter for the Hagerstown Suns in person and was convinced that he and teammates Grant...


So You Wanna Sign a Big Bat? In Search of Patterns from Last Year's Marquee Free Agent Hitters

We need bats. Bats cost a lot. So should Sandy spend all his dough on a single bat that could be a piece for the anticipated 2015/2016 "win-window"? Even if it means treading water on...


Can U Cano? Or What Does Steamer Say About 2014 Value Targets?

Suppose Robinson Cano were one of the most cost-efficient ways to add WAR in the off-season . . . would you favor blowing the entire off-season budget on him? Below is a table that...


Could the 2013 Mets Have Been Contendas?

I did this exercise about mid-way through last season and figured it was worth another look. What would have happened if the 2013 Mets consisted exclusively of guys the club originally signed and...


A Little Draft Pick Cushion

A protected first round pick would be sweet. Budget willing, it’d give Sandy more flexibility to pursue pretty much any free agent upgrade. Options are good ergo a protected pick is good. S...

Why losing a draft pick might be a good thing

Is a hot September from Wilmer Flores and other youngsters more important than protecting next year's first round draft pick?


Ike Davis and the 30 by 25 Club

Yesterday's "Can the Mets Trust Ike Davis" editorial by Michael Donato ignited a vigorous discussion that featured the entire range of passionate opinions about the slugging/washed-up/in need of...


Pitching Depth - More Than Just Words

We're all set! Matt Harvey's a legit ace, Zack Wheeler's hot on his heels. Jon Niese is the solid, proven southpaw vet, Jenry Mejia's the electric wildcard and Dillon Gee has a lower ERA than...


Does How You Lose Matter?

After getting swept out of LA the Mets find themselves at an even 10 games under .500 with a 54-64 mark/.458 winning percentage. It sure seems like the club has been playing better after a...


Finding Average Outfielders - Not as Easy as You'd Think

Having rooted for a team that's managed to play .500 baseball for the last 60 games it's easy to get excited about the coming off-season in the hopes that a few shrewd moves could...


Trends and Tovar: Sell high or a long-term play?

Most seasons I adopt a minor leaguer to track and pull for. Many wash-out before hitting legal drinking age (remember Dante Brinkley - well he could drink by the time he washed out)...

Mets catcher John Buck: "Then all of the sudden I felt like I had a big wiener over me."

Apparently Buck inadvertently interfered w/the Sausage race the other day. Funniest line of the year so far - hard to imagine anyone beating it!


Splitsville: Will the "Vegas Effect" Set Wilmer Up for a Big Fail?

The variations may differ but the cries are growing louder: "Promote Wilmer, he's raking" "Plug Flores into 2B and Trade Murph he's earned a promotion" "Deal Ike, slide Murph over and hand 2nd...


Is the Mets' rotation better than we think?

It seems to be feast or famine with our starting rotation. Can advanced metrics give us any insight into what we've really got on our hands?


Why Don't We Know The Super Two Date? An Attempt at an Explanation

The "sweep ‘n get swept" of the past week suggests that not much is certain about the current season. But what is certain is that we want Zack Wheeler up as soon as possible and that...


"Original Mets" - Better Than The Current Ones

A recent thread featured some respectful back and forth on whether the Mets sucked at the draft. My position was we're probably about average, especially if you include IFA signings, but I...


Vegas in Queens: Snake Eyes

So we've got a new shortstop. The "Anyone's gonna be better than Gee Ike Hefner Byrd Tejada" crowd is excited by Q's studly .333/.419/.484 line at Vegas. While even they don't expect Q to...


The DH IS bad - but can't be stopped. A proposal for a less evil one.

First off I don't want the DH. I thoroughly oppose it. The fight against it is a worth engaging but will ultimately prove futile. So if we're stuck with a DH is there a way to make it less...

F! DFA'd by Astros

Very sad. And a cautionary tale about even the highest rated prospects.


Walkin' Wheeler: Will What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas?

There's a line of thinking that Zack Wheeler might be better served by skipping AAA because the park effect of pitching in Vegas could destroy his psyche or mechanics or something from which he...


It's A Monthly Thing: In Search of What to Make of Ike Davis

Another maddening day at the ballpark included some very mixed signals from everybody's favorite slick fielding, cleanup number 6 hitter Ike Davis. After a tap out to the pitcher and two more...

Matt Harvey NL Player of Week

Congrats Matt! Hopefully it's the first of many more.

Great Interview w/Mets Dir Of Scouting

Fascinating in-depth interview w/the Mets Director of Scouting Tommy Tanous about the nuts and bolts of scouting and running a scouting department. No huge trade secrets about the Mets criterion but a must read if you're interested in some of the realities of scouting.

Cano Jumps from Boras to Jayzee

Hmmm. Jayzee has a partnership w/CAA and they've landed Robinson Cano as their first client. If there are any tea leaves to be read I'd guess it'd be that staying in NYC is a clear if not preferred option. Whether that includes Queens is less clear . . .

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