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What Up Ike?

Barring a sweep of the D-backs or Matt "Hang -em High" Harvey notching double digit K's every fifth day, the pennant race probably won't feature the Mets. But those games will still be critical...


If you were David Wright

and the club finishes 2012 with fewer than 80 wins would you even consider signing an extension this off-season? I wouldn't even hold discussions. I'd go into "show me" mode for 2013. If the...


What Is Jordany Valdespin?

It's rough right now. Tailspins always suck and they're particularly draining this time of year. While it sure looks like the b*tch known as regression has stomped out those dreams of an underdog...


Post-Surgery Johan: Blip or Wall?

Our plucky fight-till-the-last-out gang gave us another entertaining effort but the hole was just a little too deep. It was the upside down game . . . 6 innings of one run ball from the bullpen...



What a game! Great, fun, exciting and IMPORTANT win. But one only witnessed by 28,409 which is 1,198 fewer than the season average of 29,607. It's officially summer, the best story of the year was toeing the rubber, the hated Phils were the opposition . . . sure it was a Thursday but it's not like a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday . . . Would be nice to see RA sell more tickets for the long-term health of the club. I guess outside us junkies, casual fans have yet to buy the hype . . .


Butts In Seats

Is this one of those seasons where anything is possible? First the first no-hitter. Then back-to-back sweeps - one good and one bad. And not to be outdone, RA takes the path less traveled - would...


Greatest Mets Pitching Performance Ever?

Holy cow . . . when did the Mets pitching staff go from huge question mark to scary-good?!?! How did RA Dickey do that? Making a major league team - with a .565 win pct at that - look like a bunch...

Mets - Cecchini Agree to Terms


According to Adam Rubin at ESPN. He's supposedly tweeted he's on his way to NYC!


Why It Had To Be Johan

Wow - I'm still buzzing after a night's sleep. It finally happened. And what a back story: Genuine pre-game buildup - about Beltran's return. A disputed call off his bat that proves the Baseball...

In Japan, Milledge Continues to Underwhelm


NY Times update on Lastings season in Japan.

Recent Records on this date

  1. 2012 27-22 .551
  2. 2011 24-28 .462 finished 77-85 .475
  3. 2010 25-25 .500 finished 79-83 .488
  4. 2009 27-20 .574 finished 70-92 .432

Production by position

I've ordered this by OPS so it's not designed to be a definitive ranking but the surprises remain. Back in March how many would anyone have imagined left field as our 2nd highest ops position...


3 "Gap" HRs

Looked to me like all 3 of the Mets HR's today would not have left the park a year ago. All 3 likely would have hit off the wall but it seemed like they all fell short of the 2011 dimensions. ...


Corner IF Production: Will Up Go Down if Down Climbs Up?

We all hope that sooner or later Ike Davis will recover his lost form - and when he does the offense will start to carry the club right? But what if it turns out that David Wright isn't going to be...


On Pace For . . .

One-fifth of the season is in the books. Not a terribly reliable statistical sample but big enough to have some fun. And since I'm mathematically challenged the idea of simply multiplying by five...


Run Differential: Small Sample or Red Flag?

The better than expected start has made for a fun spring. Johan's guile and Capt. Kirk's style have meant I pretty much forgot about Jose when the Marlins ain't in town. This could be a blast of...

Schwinden Makes "Verducci Effect List"


Chris Schwinden, 24, Mets (+43). He became the Mets' version of Axelrod -- or their next version of Dillon Gee, whom I red flagged last year before he hit a second-half wall (5.25 ERA). The Mets were supposed to give one courtesy September appearance to Schwinden, a guy with an underwhelming fastball who has become an overachiever, but because of injuries on the staff he made four of them to go well beyond his previous high, from 2009.

Passan absolutely rips Wilpon (and paints an ugly pic for 2012 to boot)


Last half of last graph of a very depressing story: If Wilpon wanted what was best for the Mets, he’d sell now and give the club a chance to avoid the wrecking ball barreling toward him. Instead, this is about him and his family and their team, and so he olés the wrecking ball, knowing its target is the team onto which he so desperately wants to hold. It’s sad really, this proud franchise sullied by a man whose greed overwhelmed the greater good of the thing he purportedly loved. Sounds a lot, in fact, like someone with whom Fred Wilpon was intimately familiar: Bernie Madoff.

Familia Takes Cespedes DOWN!


Last night Adam Rubin re-tweeted an Ariel Mancebo spanish language tweet that Juerys Familia struck Cespedes out with three 95 mph fastballs in the DWL. Sounds like the Cespedes market could be much softer than expected if he's decided to play the DWL at this late date.

Barry Larkin Elected to Hall of Fame


Barry is the only player elected on the writer's ballot, he'll join Ron Santo who was selected by the veteran's committee in being inducted into Cooperstown this summer.


A Plea to Mr. David Einhorn

You know better than any of us whether or not the Wilpon's can crawl out from under their current leverage burden.I'm guessing it's an iffy proposition for you to have been interested to begin...

Matt Harvey Write-Up at Seedlings to Stars


Not much new ground broken - they project him anywhere from a #1 to #3.

Shoppach to sign w/BoSox


$1.35m according to Crasnick.


The Rising

Can't see nothin' in front of me Can't see nothing coming up behind I make my way through this darkness I can't feel nothing but this chain that binds me Lost track of how far I've gone How far...

Fangraphs Cameron: Big Ticket Signings Don’t Drive Attendance


Seems fans come to see winning teams not individual players. What's the official over/under on that Marlins fire sale?

Marlins were high bidders for Pujols & CJ Wilson


Not everyone was feel the Marlin love enough to toss common sense to the wind.

My Solution for Catcher (Jesus) is Off the Board


At the end of the season it looked like the Nats were going to cut Jesus Flores loose and I had visions of a homecoming. He wants to start but now WPost reports they're dumping IRod, and keeping giving Jesus the backup role with which he will not be happy. What would folks think of him being part of a return for a Jon Niese (plus prospects of course.) He's raking in Winter Ball and will be under $1m this year.

Back of Pen 2011 v. 2012

  1. K-Rod 42.2ip, 9.7/3.38 k/bb9, 0.63 HR/9, 3.34 xfip
  2. Fran-Fran 50.2ip, 9.4/3.2 k/bb9, 1.24 HR/9, 3.36 xfip
  3. Izzy 46.2ip, 8.49/4.63 k/bb9, 1.16 HR/9, 4.36 xfip
  4. Ram-Ram 68.2ip, 8.65/3.41 k/bb9, 0.76 HR/9, 3.47 xfip

Payroll Overview - Post Bullpen Reconstruction Edition

So after night's "Bullpen Infrastructure Plan" I'm hungry for more new faces and wonder if there's any budget left. Here's where I think we stand. Some notes: I've tried to be a little high on...


A Market Deal Isn't Always A Smart Deal

In the fallout over the loss of Jose, many critics claim that matching the Marlins offer was a no-brainer because it's nothing more than a "fair market" deal. The implication is that Mets...

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