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I am the one who knocks.

Good afternoon AP. The best show that has ever been on television is 3 episodes away from its finale. Without any spoiler alerts, last Sundays finale is leaving very little doubt that shit...

The Onion's spin on Cheergate


KANSAS CITY—Several Chiefs players spoke out Monday about the cheering that occurred in Arrowhead Stadium when quarterback Brady Quinn replaced the injured Matt Cassel, expressing their utter disbelief that Kansas City fans would openly applaud the former Notre Dame signal caller. "That’s just sick, you know? People don’t do fucked up stuff like cheering for Brady Quinn," said Chiefs tackle Eric Winston, adding that human beings simply don’t roar with approval when a terrible player like Brady Quinn enters the game. "You cheer for a touchdown, a field goal, or even when a player you don’t like gets hurt, but you don’t cheer Brady Quinn. It’s basic human decency." Winston also told reporters he was extremely embarrassed to be playing for a team with despicable fans that would give Brady Quinn a raucous ovation.


Prediction Time

From the FanPosts -Joel Good morning Arrowhead Priders, Well it's time! If you are like me, each NFL offseason seems longer and longer and longggggeggerrrrrr, but FINALLY it's Christmas Morning! I...


Reminder: BBB Calgary Roundup

Tom: Thought I'd remind anyone within a day's travel of Calgary that we are getting together to watch the Jays game and have a beer or two tomorrow night. The details are below. Howdy Cowboys and...


The Curious Case of Hollywood Aiken_Drum.

Hello friends, and happy Friday. I’m going to tell y’all a strange tale. This is a tale this is unfolding before our very eyes although very few that actually aware it’s taking place. This is the...


You know what Grinds my Gears?

Hello friends, it’s been a pretty fun first quarter of Blue Jays baseball, we’re right in the thick of things and the Yankees and Red Sox are a respectfully 4th and 5th in the AL East. Life is...

Chiefs claim Chris Chambers off Waivers


The veteran Chambers, released Monday by the San Diego Chargers, was claimed off waivers by the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday. Originally a second-round pick by Miami in 2001, Chambers has made 111 starts with the Dolphins and Chargers and caught 482 passes for 6,827 yards and 53 touchdowns. Pretty good veteran pickup IMO to boster the WR group. Sure Bowe is a bona-fide stud, but Copper, Lance Long and Bobby Wade are just scrubs. GO CHIEFS!!!

Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft

Good day Football fans. My name is Craig and I come from the beautiful city of Calgary Alberta, Canada which of course is a hotbed for Kansas City Chiefs Football fandom. As most of you know, the...

The Packers are the 6th best team in the NFL?


Joe Theisman, after the Chiefs whooped the Packers, dropped them down to 6th in his power rankings...behind the Baltimore Ravens who were humiliated by the Chargers and Steelers who got shitcanned by Alex Smith. Normally I don't care about stuff like Power Rankings or what Media types think, but this is pretty rediculous.

You know what really grinds my gears? The whole “I don’t want Matt Barkley ‘cuz...


You know what really grinds my gears? The whole “I don’t want Matt Barkley ‘cuz USC QB’s suck” argument. I just….I don’t….I can’t even get words out this is such a ridiculous argument that I seem to hear every day. So who? RGIII? Ok sure, he seems like a fine prospect, and from the rich tradition of Baylor QB’s that have lit up the NFL? How come that doesn’t matter? Just because there has been A LOT of QB’s from USC because it is consistently one of the best recruiting schools they churn out a couple of John David Booty’s and all of a sudden USC QB’s all suck? ...and why does this only affect QB’s? I’ve never heard anyone say something like “Oh man, stay away from Justin Blackmon, because Oklahoma State WR’s suck”. It’s not like USC has some crazy gimmicky offense that doesn’t translate to the NFL. We haven’t had an NFL caliber QB in like 10 years and we could be in the position to get one, but that’s a bad idea because he came from a School that once featured Matt Leinart? If Barkley is on the board when we are in the position to take him, I personally like the fact he comes from a good school like USC and last I saw plays in the same conference as Andrew Luck. I’m not saying Barkley is as good as Luck, but because Luck comes from a program that featured John Elway and Barkley came from a program that featured JD Booty, Luck rules and Barkley sucks? I just don’t get it.


2011 QB Power Rankings.

 Well folks, if you are like me, you are getting pretty sick of watching football this year which is too bad because there is some pretty unbelievable QB play around the NFL. Instead of focusing on...





Ask Arrowhead Pride. Or don't, whatever. I'm bored at work.

I wonder if I'll leave that title, when I do hit "publish"? Anyways, it's Wednesday and instead of doing my FY2012 Buisness plan, I thought I'd come over here and chat about football. I joined the...


SNF Open Thread

♫♫♫♫ I've been waiting all day, for Sunday Night ♫♫♫♫♫


SNF - Open thread

If you are like me, you wouldn't mind watching a couple good teams play to take your mind off the awful Chiefs. Ugggg, I can't believe we have 3 Primetime games this year, can't wait to show off...



Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost Fanpost...


Prediction Time

G'afternoon Arrowhead Priders Well over the last couple days I've made a couple (what people feel) outlandish predictions about the upcoming NFL season regarding various award winners, so I thought...


BBB POSTING OLYMPICS: Craig's submission.

 I’ve been hoo’ing and haw’ing  all morning, trying to decide what my final entry should be in the World Renowned BBB Posting Olympics. While daydreaming, saw the Banner across Blue Bird Banter...

Cassel cracked rib?


Ruh-roh Nick Wright "scooping" that Cassel is uncertain for week 1


The man, the myth, the legend: Johnnie Morton.

The NFL has had many very good players in their history. They’ve had players who have been selected to double digit Probowls, players who have won multiple MVP awards and players who have as many...

Walter Footballs take on the Players Top 100


This list has been dissected and dissected, here is one more dissection. He mentions that Brandon Flowers should have been somewhere between 25-50, but wasn't so high on our Rookie Safety: 93. Eric Berry: I realize this list is for 2011, but Eric Berry wasn't very good as a rookie. Of course, the players wouldn't know this, since all they can remember is the draft hype surrounding Berry. Did you know that Berry surrendered more touchdown passes (7) than any other safety in the NFL in 2010? Also, Berry missed 11 tackles - which would put him amongst the league leaders in that dubious category.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian Comrades!


Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian Comrades!

The Empty, Empty Rogers Centre

Toronto is the fourth largest city in the majors and the Blue Jays are owned by multi-billion dollar corporation — so why haven't they made the playoffs for almost two decades? Interesting read on Bill Simmons' new website "Grantland" about the Bluejays, attendance and the Skydome Rogers Centre. General manager Alex Anthopoulos has embarked on an ambitious plan, a kind of hybrid between Tampa Bay's self-sustaining architecture and the free spending of the Yankees and Red Sox. He's built the biggest scouting staff in the game. He's signing more international players. He's focusing intensely on the draft, especially pitchers. He's in the process of building a core of smart, quality players — with Lind and Bautista at the heart of it — and then, as they mature, and build toward something better, and the fans start to return, Rogers has promised that the money will come rushing in, that a payroll north of $100 million is a distinct possibility, and the finishing pieces can be added, right on time like a train

Rogers Centre worst ballpark in baseball?


I have to admit, I've never been to Rogers Centre or Skydome, but it looks pretty good on TV when the roof is open. How it would be ranked lower than TB's piece of crap is beyond me. I've always liked SF's ballpark and think Fenway is rad, but too gimmicke for my tastes.


Want to destroy Arrowhead Pride?

Is there a post you don't like? Want it to go away? Well, now there is a way how. Cut and paste the following URL in the address bar when you are in the page you want to destroy and the page TURNS...


Edwin EncanaciO's

Well, apparently the Fanpost section has become a recipe book, so I thought I'd throw up one of my recipes. Today's recipe is everyone's favourite Breakfast cereal, Edwin EncaraciO's. Much like the...


Top 10 Football Movies

I bring you the next series of my world renowned Top 10 series that has featured such classics as Top 10 Football mustaches, Top 10 Football wives and Top 10 Football players named Tim Tebow.

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