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Things I'm going to do instead of watching the Jays/A's series

  1. Not watch RSN Alternate programing. Poker is not a sport.
  2. Not call my local TV company begging to see my favourite team play
  3. Not watch Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  4. Seriously? The Jays game is on RSN1, and you are going to show that Red Bull Air race bullshit on RSN West?
  5. Really?, "Replay: The Series: Trenton VS Catholic" will attract more viewers than Morrow vs Braden? Go to Hell Rogers

Orioles hire Showalter


The Baltimore Orioles have hired ESPN analyst Buck Showalter as their next manager, a source confirmed Thursday. Showalter's first game as manager will be Tuesday against the Los Angeles Angels, the first game of a seven-game homestand. The Orioles, a major league-worst 31-70, fired manager Dave Trembley on June 4 and replaced him with Juan Samuel on an interim basis. Craig here: Hmmm, I sure thought Juan Samuel was doing a darn good job :)


Jose Bautista Facts.

In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Jose Bautista could use to hit a home run, including the room itself Bautista's baseball card has its own baseball card  NASA is testing his...


"The Right 53" vs "The Wrong 53"

Good vs Evil Character vs Talent Chiefs vs Bengals (Before you jump, anyone who knows me, knows I hate the Term "The Right 53"...its a term that's thrown around more than loonies at a Canadian...

Terrance Cody is a fat, fat man.


Though he presumably didn't run sans shirt, Ravens rookie nose tackle Terrence Cody was held out of the team's first training camp practice on Tuesday because he failed the conditioning test.

Obviousman's Take on the Chiefs

Chiefs fans are in love with their team, and I can't seem to figure out why. Every single team in the league starts with it's QB, and maybe that's why I'm not worried about the rest of the AFC West. Jason Campbell is alright, but he's 28 and still living off of his potential. Kyle Orton is okay, but nothing special. Matt Cassel is a catastrophe. I'd go comment, but I'm too banned to contribute.

You're on Notice

 Aaaaah the offseason. Not much to say, even less to debate, so I’m going to get on my soapbox and start ranting. I’m taking a page out of Stephen Colberts book and I’m putting together my list of...



Arizona Diamondbacks PITCHER Dan Haren went 1/4 today including a HR to lower his batting average to 435. (20/46) Lind and Hills combined average? .393

Blue Jays Top 30 (post draft) - Minor League Ball


Interesting new take on Jays Top 30 prospects after the draft. 1. Kyle Drabek 2. Travis D'Arnaud 3. Brett Wallace 4. Chad Jenkins 5. Adeiny Hechavarria 6. Adam Loewen 7. Deck McGuire 8. Zach Stewart 9. JP Arencibia 10. Asher Wojciechowski 11. Henderson Alvarez 12. Tim Collins 13. Chris Lubanski 14. Mike McDade 15. Brad Emaus 16. David Cooper 17. Aaron Sanchez 19. John Tolisano 20. Eric Thames 21. Ryan Schimpf 21. Trystan Magnuson 22. Gustavo Pierre 23. Ryan Schimpf 24. Alan Farina 25. Brad Mills 26. Tyler Pastornicky 27. Ryan Goins 28. Balbino Fuenmayor 29. Jake Marisnick 30. Kris Hobson

We're #325,443!!!


Alexa is the unofficial traffic meter for the internet and according to it, BBB is the 325,443rd most visited site on the internet. I have no idea if thats a good number or not. We are also 15,717th in Canada. If you were wondering, and I know you were 1. Google 2. Facebook 3. Youtube 4. Yahoo 5. Windows Live 6. Wikipedia 7. Baidu & (?) 8. 9. MSN 10. QQ. com 11. Twitter

MLB Power Rankings: The "I hate the AL East" Edition

According to SBNation, 4 of the top 6 teams all reside in the AL East. 1. Tampa Bay Rays It seems that Tampa Bay is finally starting to hit a rough patch. The Rays have gone 3-6 since winning back-to-back games against the Astros, and they very nearly lost again on Tuesday. The pitching has come down a bit (Garza was lit up for six runs against the Red Sox) while the offense still hasn't quite clicked. Still, they have the best record in the majors, so it's important to understand the difference between concern and panic. A Rays team with holes is still one of the better teams of the decade. 2. New York Yankees After losing the New York Series against the Mets, the Yankees came back and won two series against the Twins and Indians. The offense is still clicking as the team scored 37 runs in four games against the Indians -- but still managed to lose game two. The Yankees have any easy stretch coming up, playing three of their next four sets against the Orioles and Astros. The O's and Indians have already given them their first three-game winning streak since early May. This is a golden opportunity for the league's most expensive team to leapfrog the league's most efficient. 5. Toronto Blue Jays While the Blue Jays continue to pound out the hits like they are wearing pinstripes, their pitching is going unnoticed -- and it should be noticed. Ricky Romero (2.78) and Shaun Marcum (3.14) are 2nd and 4th, respectively, in the AL in FIP. While the offense seems to not want to go away, the jury is still out on the starting pitching. If these two can hang on and put up good numbers the rest of the way, the American League East will be a Wild West show through September. 6. Boston Red Sox The Red Sox finished May with an 18-11 record and put themselves right back into the thick of things in the American League. Just when things started to look good, however, things turned worse again. Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron came off the disabled list and then Ellsbury went back on. Now Cameron is sitting another game because of "abdominal soreness." The jury is still out if the Sox can put it all together with healthy pieces.

Doc Halladay throws perfect game (In the wrong uniform)


Congrats Doc. Today is a bitter sweet moment for me, I am proud and happy for him but wish it was done with a Blue Jay on his jersey. Doc might be the best player I've ever cheered for, I wonder this is how i'd feel if Tony G wins the SuperBowl with Atlanta.

AL HR Leaders


1. Jose Bautista - 15 3. Vernon Wells - 13 T9. Alex Gonzalez - 10 T21. John Buck - 8 T21. Aaron Hill - 8 T25. Edwin Encarnacion - 7 T25. Adam Lind - 7 T34. Lyle Overbay - 6 T34. Travis Snider - 6 Thats 9 Jays in the top 34. Thats pretty damn good


Vomiting and Tailgating

Man. I was at this Chiefs game last year and the night before I got piss drunk on Zima and Jag Bombs. Last thing I remember I was slow dancing with an 81 year old named Beatrice with busy hands....


Calling all Calgarians.

Hello. In yesterdays gamethread, Tom and I was throwing around the possibility of watching a Jays game next week. My question to you is, if these things are of interest to you, what are you doing...


Summary of Blue Jays Power Rankings

Good day BBB! I was doing some interweb perusing this morning and trying to get a vibe about the "National Media's" perception of our heroic azure-tinged corvidae. I decided to share my findings...

Jared Allen cuts his mullet :(


Jared Allen did the a terrible thing this week, he cut his mullet. Apparently looking good for his wedding is more important than winning a Super Bowl. Samson lost all of his strength once his hair was cut, the same will happen to Jared Allen. Allen will lose all of his ability to play football, not sure who the Vikings are going to pick up at DE.

Another reason to hate the Yankees


Boo hoo hooo. We couldn't possibly lost a game up 5-1 in the 8th inning, so we better protest it. Do they honestly think they will replay the game from that point? I looked and there has only been one successful protest ant that was because an ump prematurely called a game because of a rain delay.

Jose Bautista: Great 3rd Baseman, or Greatest 3rd Baseman?

Jose Bautista: Great 3rd Baseman, or Greatest 3rd Baseman?

Cowboys 192 - Chiefs 0


When flipping through the "Guinness World Records 2010: Gamer's Edition," one feat in particular jumps out at me. It's the mark for largest winning margin in "Madden NFL 09" for the Wii. According to the book, a former professional wrestler named Patrick Scott Patterson (who also holds over 370 additional video game records, including marks in "Super Mario Bros." and "Lode Runner"), beat the computer 192-0 on Pro difficulty playing 5 minute quarters (that's 48 points every 5 minutes!). Patrick was playing as the "Madden" juggernaut Cowboys and decided to take his frustrations out on the polygonal pushovers known as the Kansas City Chiefs.


Top 10 Football Wives (NSFW)

Good Afternoon AP. Well in the light of recent unfortunate stories about dirtbag football players (LT, Big Ben), I thought I'd write a post hilighting some of the more beautiful wives (and...

8,001st Fanshot! These are my favourite cereals:

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios
  2. Frosted Flakes
  3. Fruit Loops
  4. Lucky Charms
  5. Kelloggs Sugar Smacks

Truly the End Of an Era


Giants' punter Jeff Feagles announced his retirement from the NFL on Friday. Normally I wouldn't care about this, but this is a big announcement for one simple reason. Feagles is the last player from "Tecmo Super Bowl" for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (released in 1991) to retire from the NFL. And, for that, the 8-bit flag should be flying at half-staff in the hearts of twenty and thirty-somethings everywhere


Arrowhead Love

Good evening. I was debating even doing this because I usually try to pride myself on only putting out well written Fanposts but I have something I have to say. This fanpost has nothing to do with...

Draft expert fired for publishing several inaccurate mock drafts

11 writer Pete Prisco was fired by the website today for publishing a series of mock drafts in the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft that turned out to be fraught with errors. "We hold our writers to a high standard and Pete’s recent work was wildly inaccurate," said managing editor Dave Dambrow. "I mean, more than half of his last mock draft turned out to be wrong. More than half! And Jimmy Clausen to the 49ers? The guy didn’t even go in the first round. That’s just terrible. We’re journalists. Our readers expect facts from us." Prisco said he is sorry for the inaccuracy of his mock drafts, but stressed to management that he did his best to get it right. "I’ve been publishing a new mock draft approximately every seven hours since February," said Prisco. "I’ve done 1,329 mock drafts in that time. I’m sure that one of those in there somewhere along the way was pretty close to being right. It's basic statistics."

13 Ways to Shorten MLB Games

Everybody is complaining about the length of baseball games these days, from fat umpires to self-righteous journalists, to…well, that’s about it. Here a few ways to shorten the national pastime so we can stop listening to people complain about it. Click on the link to see how.

For the love of God, enough with the signatures. Arrowhead Pride is a busy enough place that I...


For the love of God, enough with the signatures. Arrowhead Pride is a busy enough place that I don't think the hundreds of comments need to be bogged down with the 5, 10, 15 line long signatures. I know you are proud of your predictions or analysis, but you can stick this shit in your profile or comment about it in the threads. I think there should be a limit of 2 or 3 lines for signatures. Thank you for your time.

Scouting The Sleepers Of The 2010 NFL Draft

Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh are getting all the attention, but NFL scouts look to the late rounds for hidden talent. Here are the players they should be keeping an eye on: Devin McCourtey, CB, Rutgers: Didn't really appear on anybody's radar until he took off his shirt during the combine and his supple, sinewy muscles just glistened in the stadium lights as the sweat shimmered off his body, and his pecs—oh, my God, his pecs Tim Tebow, QB, Florida: It cannot be 100 percent completely ruled out that he could possibly do something worthwhile in the NFL Zane Beadles, OT, Utah: If it comes down to drafting another guy named Mike Williams or a guy named Zane Beadles, you know the general manager is going to say "Fuck it, let's draft Zane Beadles" Dennis Pitta, TE, BYU: Though some consider Pitta a sleeper, he has turned several teams off by telling scouts "my blocking sucks and it always will" Ciron Black, OT, LSU: Can fill the need of any NFL team looking for players to add to its final roster cuts Vladimir Ducasse, OT, Massachusetts: Faced with criticism that he is too small for the NFL, plucky overachiever Ducasse has put on 475 pounds since the end of the season Pat Grace, QB, Northern Iowa: May never start, but kicking-game experts note he has the well-rounded knees, bent back, and quick fingertips of a natural holder Ryan Reynolds, ILB, Oklahoma: Stock skyrocketed during the bench-press segment of the NFL Combine when he accidentally dropped a 45-pound plate and crushed the skulls of the top six inside linebacker prospects
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